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Ok, here’s the update I was talking about in the previous post !
(already lost ? Tss, get a map :-p)

First : thx to everyone who take the time to find and explain precisely those bugs here and there, it’s priceless !!! 

Still no big big contents, but there was a lot of programming invisible stuff redone, for the big changes coming our way ;)
It makes the game a little lighter, faster, and less buggy !

List of news :
- Fix on a animation bug in “stay put” threesome pose.
- Fix on “birthday party” stage about the first girl name (need “Rebecca”)
- Fix on a x-some issue : when finishing a girl in x-some, then coming back on the first girl, guy couldn’t creampie anymore.
- Age limit : 80 yo. (bouya !)
- Goth outfit/accessories/tattoos/make-up/clothes.
- Goth stage.
- 3 new hair style
- 2 hair colors (white and black with pink dyes)
- Suck pose rectified
- Left hand graphics (for dude as for girls) instead of a right hand clone.
- Fix on some superposition issue between stages elements.
- Extended dude’s head customisation (now we have all colors on all heads, + all hair colors on all heads)
- In anal mode : no more pregnancy.
- Several options put in cookies memory (x-ray view, see preg/cream view, anal/vaginal switch)
- Condom management redone (simplify a lot the structure, which could lead to cock customisation)
- New pregnancy-splash messages, as well as situation management (vaginal, anal, condom) !
- New pose : adult suck 69 !
- New threesome pose named “topper” !

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)

(The game is still proudly sponsored by !!)


1) Coming soon…
Aside from all your ideas I noted, some of them will be released soon :
- Prego fuck (harder than it looks, but I should be able to pull it out)
- Santa special (don’t expect a total revolution, but I work on a fun santa skin for the dude !)
- Tons of small special sex poses…. but I don’t promise anything yet, I’m not sure when I will be done with that.

2) It goes without saying…
… but as you still asking, I should clarify this : of course I will add tons of stages, scenarios, gangbangs, public participation, more dude customisation options, younger dude sex poses, and everything else ! :-)
It’s just that I can’t work on everything at the same time, so I just try to get the most work possible done, on every domain at the same time, to be able to release good and quick updates.

2) Getting big…
It’s always about a lot of small issues and additions, but as you can see, the game is getting bigger and much more consistent with time !
That’s the way it will be : never really astonishing in it’s step by step, but never getting smaller and always growing, so in the end we will have a freaking awesome huge engine, offering tons of fetish, custom options and poses !
Just count how much sex poses we already have, if you’re not convinced… I add them one at a time, but in the end we have tons of them anyway !
And those who will have been here since the beginning will be able to say “I was here when it was a crappy small game, dumbass, now pay respect to those who got onboard the adventure from the start !”
Because there’s lesser value in helping a big game than in supporting a small one.
If the game is that size today, it’s because of you, I would never had done it without your support !
So thx to you all, and let’s get back to work ;-)

  • eloro says:

    Hi Mattis! Found your game a while back, but didnt find your blog until recently. Great game, love the updates and for this one, some awesome stuff! :) The goth girls in particular.

    As an oral fan, i really like the suck poses you have, especially the forced deepthroat positions. A question/suggestion: Would it be possible to cum in her throat as well, or does that detract from the game goal too much?

    Would love to see cum in mouth finishes.

    Even more, as another poster mentioned before: What i would love to see most is a facial finish option. To be able to cum on the girls face. Might go well with the degradation aspect of the game?

    Anyway, thanks for a great game, and love the new hairstyles, too. More variety is always fun!

  • keyote says:

    First liking the development of the game. Wishing it could go faster, but you gotta eat.

    Suggestions: Getting points when using anal. Increase in perversion level maybe? Vaginal mode you get the pregnancy points, but in Anal mode you don't get any additional points. Especially in Free play mode, you can still get points off of pregnancy, but you don't get have any chance of points in Anal mode.

    Suggestion 2: Put a little strategy into the game, make it important what order you take the girls in to maximize your chances to impregnate all the girls.

  • faxalexda says:

    hey i just found this game yesterday, its excelent! it would also rock to be able to have more dialoge options :D

  • Mattis says:

    Thx ! :-)

    You bet your ass I would love to program throat-cum and facials/cum covered body, lol !
    But it's more difficult than it seems, with this kind of dynamic games, so, stay tuned, it will come as soon as I figure out how to do it !

    (and good if you like the hairstyles, too, always good to say those things !)

  • Mattis says:

    Yeah, I wish it would go faster too ! The main problem of one-man-small-production…

    Hmm… it would be nice to have several goals to achieve, yes.
    It would complicate the game, but it would be nice…

    But the use of word "strategy" isn't that good, because I aim to do some day a real big porn strategy games, like theme-park or theme-hospital stuff, but about a porn-zoo or a big slavery tycoon.
    I don't understand why nobody never really did this (aside from "lula's wet empire", maybe), a full RTS-like porn game, or even small tower-defense porn game !
    It's not that complicated, but the offer is inexistent in all those fields !
    It's been 15 years I think about a game like that, where you buy new thematic rooms, capture girls, handle management of dozen of girls and hundreds of customers, in some deviant porn-theme-park allowing public of any kind to visit and participate in lots of "fun" and deviant stuff !

    Sorry, I lose it a little, it's just that nowadays productions seems so poor and non-original at all, it's very frustrating, don't you think ?

  • Mattis says:

    Like what ?
    You know you can help on the dialogs, if you want this aspect to grow faster, don't you ? :-)

  • Cliff says:

    Hey Mattis,

    First of all, love the game. Its killer. Second, How do we submit bug reports? Do you have an email we can use? I didn't think you wanted them in the comments.

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for the compliment !

    For bug report, you can put it in comments, if you like.
    If not, my email is, feel free to detail ! :-)

  • jedijay says:

    Heyo Mattis! Super good work my friend! Loving the new Goth chicks very, very hot!

    Some suggestions for ya.

    1) Have you thought about making a slut/innocent option. So you can change the girl's personality. This could tie in with the female dialogue if you ever decide to include it? i.e 'Yes yes fuck me more' etc Versus 'No no. Please, your cock is too big!'

    This could then allow for the pleasure mouth and eye options that I suggested in a previous post.

    2) Have you got any other female voice audio? The grunts and moans are great as they are, but as always – more variety is better!

    Tied with this, have you thought about adding a female orgasm/scream audio for when the dude creams?

    3) Any chance of double/triple suck poses? or alternate titfuck poses?

    Hope these are of interest to you!

    If you're looking for dialogue suggestions do we post them here or what?

    Cheers for all the good work!

    Keep it up!

  • MySharona says:

    I just found the game, and i already played it twice :P by accident, clicked reset without knowing.

    Great job, im really enjoying playing it, but one thing that bothered me was when the body of the Man is fat you cant see his cock in some poses because the belly is on the way.

    Something I'd love to see is more realistic or even interactive witnesses, like the father, the boyfriend or the audience.

    As for new scenarios, how about a plane? could be different flights to different places, and any kind or type of girl would work.

  • Mattis says:

    Thx man !

    1) I'm not fan at all of "slut" aspect, so no I didn't plan anything on that.
    It's part of what really disturb me in men attitudes nowadays, projecting a fake image of slutty women in every western countries to excuse their brutality against women, in spirit and words, always reducing them and humiliated them.
    A psychological war that just devastate women's mind and well-being since generations.
    I don't say that don't exist, I say it should be a choice, not a global forced and enforced thinking, that just mess up the cards.

    Sorry, I digress, so, skip to the point : I'm not really at ease with that, but will try.

    2) Irish send me a huge sound database, some months ago, but even if I found some interesting ones, the fact remains it's really hard to find the stuff I want.
    Western girls sounds are rare, and all that exists is "slutty" stuff, and very heavy files.
    So if you got something, I'm all ears !

    3) yes, yes, and not for the moment. (what kind of alternate titfuck would you want ?)

    4) For dialogues, the more the marrier ! Janko already giving a hand on that, and you're welcome to join in !
    For the moment, we just try to complete scenario-related dialogues in the prime atmosphere of the game.

    For all details and files sharing, my e-mail :

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for enjoying it :-)

    For fat-man, I know, but as it's just alternative skins on fixed animations, so it's hard to make fat-men and thin-men work at the same time.
    If you got any solution on that problem, I'm all ears, it would be nice to make this work !

    For interactive witnesses, as said in this very post and here and there on this blog : it's planned !
    It's just I didn't figure out how to handle the thing well, for the moment, it will be a big work.

    For new stages, I'm not searching ideas, I'm already behind on tons of requests for stages, lol !
    But as "airport" was already asked, why not add a "plane stage", yes.
    I put it on the list !

  • MySharona says:

    Oh, ok, sounds great!
    Yeah, i figured the man's height and weight wouldn't have an easy solution, if i manage to come up with something i'll let you know.
    Keep up the good work! :) I'm playing Leisure Suit Larry at the moment too, and god do i wish it was a lot more NSFW, more like your game.

  • sweetsallyc says:

    Liking the new update – very glad the anal pregnancies, x-ray turning off and mysteriously missing Rebecca issues have been fixed. ;)

    A few bugs that have appeared, though;

    1. In the warehouse stages, the guy first appears wearing shades no matter what you select for his head

    2. The pregnancy-splash screens happen every time, (including when no pregnancy happens)

    3. Any time the guy is facing left, the pregnancy-splash screens are reversed

    4. Where there are multiple girls, they'll disappear once they're finished in all locations after the first time you do a threesome (or more) in any location

    5. If the guy puts the condom on again, he'll always take it off as he climaxes…at least, I assume this is a bug ;)

  • faxalexda says:

    uhmm, sure, i can help if you want to, tell me what you want me to write and ill give it a shot, i cant promise quality but if it helps im in :)

  • Mattis says:

    If you come up with something, yes we would all be thankful, I think ;-)

    For Leisure Suit Larry, yes, it's frustrating, but that's a nice way to hybrid a game and be able to release it among lots of people, as it is.
    What I prefer, in those kind of "safe" stuff, is to try finding illustrator names, and then do intensive research to find what they surely release in a lot more NSFW domain !
    There's absolutely no way someone able to draw a beautiful woman or a beautiful man didn't try at least once to draw some sexual stuff ;)
    (JABcomix is an example : those guys really look like they work in a cartoon industry, on daylight ^^)

  • Mattis says:

    You're welcome for the fixes.

    As I crossed updates, with the delayed release, I don't remember if I already fixed 1), 3) and 5) and you find new bugs, or if I fixed them afterwards and those bugs would disappear on the next version… o_O
    We will have to test those again a little later…

    2) Not a bug. Got screens for any case, now, so it always appears.

    4) Not sure I understand what you describe. You mean those girls don't re-appears where they should ? Or don't re-appears at all ? Or don't re-appears ever ?

  • Mattis says:

    For the moment we focus on finishing scenario-related dialogs, given the prime atmosphere of the game.

    If you want to help or to expose your own ideas with more details, feel free to write me at !

  • sweetsallyc says:

    Thanks for the reply and explanation.

    For 2), its still a bug – if the idea is that there's always a splash screen, then the game is loading the wrong splash screens. Just tested again and "You're a great babymaker", "Fertilised" and "Knocked up" all came up, even though the next screen said that no pregnancy happened. ;)

    For 4), usually when there are multiple girls, once a guy has finished with one she'll reappear in the room looking pregnant.

    What happened in this case was that they didn't reappear in the room – they just vanished.

    However, I haven't been able to make it happen again today, so it might just have been something weird going on yesterday.

  • Jinx says:

    1, 3, and 5 have happened before but they seem to have reappeared on this version.

  • luke manner says:

    I had put comments on the game on an older post,but when i went down i saw newer post, i know you may not look back at the older post comments so i will repeat what i wrote, can you add cumming in mouth and also customize mode for the height and weight and penis size to make it big or huge for stomach bulgue action,bear with me on these ideas,when you get experience points adding a skill the makes the girls you are forcing to have sex love the sex instead of crying ,and making the male into a alien or a monster and making sexy alien and moster girls, by doing that you would have to change the name of your game to (King Of Porn of the universal galaxy) now the would be the perfect sex game you would every make.i like devil man you added you should add wings on him aswhile to him look like a real devil.

  • Mattis says:

    2) Will be fixed in the next update, thx !

    4) don't remember if I corrected this bug or not.
    Like 1/3/5, I have memories of those bugs, meaning I try to fix them, but I don't remember if that was in the current updates (meaning there's new bugs) or in the next one (meaning it's already been fixed, but not available for users for the moment)

  • MITESH123 says:

    Could you make a version of this game where theres one girl is the main character and goes around fucking all the guys instead adn there are still threesomes and ect exept 2 guys banging 1 girl and she doesnt get pregnant

  • luke manner says:

    why is the guy head up and he is laughing on every stage?

  • luke manner says:

    You said that you want to be original and other games already have aliens and stomach bulgue, then be original with the ideas,i know you will not late me neither those that love your game down,for this game is originally your idea so make the aliens and monsters original,you can see i use original 5 times, so dont look at what other games focus on your game and moving beyond what you have made, and i will always be looking for updates on the your game. and keep movig froward couse we know (the gamers)you can make this game better.

  • Black Roger says:

    Hello, i'm passing by, i'm liking to see the game develop, all the button things seens so simple but i can't imagine how hard the flash animating thing must be

    i really would enjoy to se some cum options on tit/oral, maybe some anal wold be cool too


  • Mattis says:

    Hi, flash is kind of hard, yes, but that's because I didn't know anything about it when I started !
    Aside, it's mainly because there's nothing to tell you where exactly you made mistakes, or why stuff don't work the way you want them to !
    If there was, it would be easier !

    For cum options, anal already exist, and the rest should come one day, don't worry ;-)

  • Mattis says:

    You have a strong good point of argumentation here.
    Will see what I can do or not ;-)

    For guy laughing, what do you mean exactly ? (details and screenshots ?)

  • Mattis says:

    Hello to you too.
    Already been asked, and I said I would think about it.

    But basically, you just ask for the complete opposite game that I am programming, so that's kind of… odd.
    I'm doing a game with a male, you request a woman.
    I'm doing a game where you fuck women, you request the contrary.
    And I'm doing a game where the point is to cumulate pregnancies, and you request the contrary too.
    Are you sure that's logical, lol ?

    Whatever, I already said I would develop gangbang with several men as soon as possible, so just hang tight until then :-)

  • sweetsallyc says:

    For what my view is worth, I think Mattis had it right when saying that King of Porn Galaxy would work better as a separate game rather than a future set of scenarios within KoPC.

    That would give more of a chance to do something new / original on the aliens and monsters theme, and wouldn't force it to have to fit with everything already in KoPC.

    Also, not everyone necessarily likes the alien and monster theme, so keeping it separate would avoid a lot of future arguments. ;)

  • Mattis says:

    Aside from the fact I don't know how to draw monsters and aliens, it could be fun to have some shoot'em'up engine where you capture alien girls, and where monsters try to capture human females.
    Or some kind of mutation gameplay, where sex scenes change because aliens evolve during sex, splitting into different parts, tentacles, shapes or whatever, affecting girls outside as inside, or this kind of things.
    But that would mean a completely different engine, for those ideas, which cannot be include in the current one. (technically everything is always possible, but with a crew of 250 professionnal graphists and programmers, not all by my amateur self !)

    For what it's worth ;)

  • luke manner says:

    From the start of the new version of the game befor you go to the girl his head is facing up and he is laughing, and i dont like tentacle games that much, but if the alien/monster had different size penis that would work and the girl dont need a whole make over just an alien colour look and maybe diffrent ear or something that will make her look more like an alien with out changing to many things in the game, and plus can you add penis customizetion that allow the play to change the size of his penis either to mid/big/huge, and i would really like to see some new upgrade when you get points from the game like

    1.brake her_which give you the skill in the game to make her cum before you cum, changing her facial rape face to a pleasure face.

    2.cum everywhere_(first i must say we have an anal cum shot in the game)what we need is oral and body cum shots, like facial cum shots and breast cum shots.

    3.its to huge to fit_this give you the stomach bulgue skill and changing the size of your penis.

    4.she likes it hard_this skill gives you the ablity to make the girl cum more then once in the game, making it easier for to get pragnant even in a low percent rate.

    5.bigger is better_(this should be a skill that you use your points to in the game)it is the repeat sex if a girl does not get praggo in the game you can have sex with again with the big belly and all. on fire_ this skill when activeted allows you to change positions, from wall to bed anything that you can have sex on you can.

    7.big boss_this skill makes the girls cum befor you even touch them making them want to get pragenant more.

    8.kiss and tell_making you a master in blackmailing, giving you the ablity to have sex with the girls that are already pragnent from another stage.

    thats all i can think of now, but i know you might have better ideas then this,but if you do add them in the game.

  • Mattis says:

    No in fact it's quite interesting, the bunch of ideas you get there.
    It's not all perfect or my kind of stuff, but there's matter to work on and it's kind of coherent.
    I will note all that (even if most of the stuff are already planned since the beginning) to give it time and thoughts.

  • Mattis says:

    Oh, and your "laughing head" is a bug, but no one else had it, and I never had this problem myself, so I don't really know where that could come from.
    The new version will be out today, try to reproduce the bug there, and to make a screenshot of it to send it to me (so I can figure out the environnemental conditions where you get it)