New game : the Sex Pit !

Hi, my beautiful ones !
After a lot of trouble to make it work, last hentai game to date is here !
Using animations from KoPC, I make my first attempt in business/management games ! (it was freaking hard, lol !)
Come to town, and build your little business in an abandonned warehouse.
Make tons of money, get your reputation to sky limit, and get the hell out before the cops get in!

business going very well !

Here goes THE SEX PIT, a brand new hentai management game !

Proudly sponsored by, once again, enjoy and spread the word !

(sorry, forgot to do some screenshots, with all the fight)

Have fun with that, and don’t forget the forum, comments, donations, feedbacks, and everything !
Excelsior !

  • Onyx says:

    Game is mostly unplayable in current form. Night goes too fast and is too hectic to manage. Very little indication of what the guys want. Hard to match that to specific girl types on the fly. Night probably needs to not last less than a minute and be allowed to go at the player’s desired pace. Everything is too expensive, and money comes in too slowly to even pay for maintenance on girls. I dunno. Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t get anywhere in this game. Perhaps it needs a better tutorial?

    • Mattis says:

      Yeah, maybe I should drop on trying to do this kind of game.
      My mistake, sorry.

      For this one, though, did you check all in-game helps ?
      It’s pretty much self-explanatory, anyway.
      Compared to freakingly dumb and assisted games nowadays, maybe not that much, but compared to completely obscure and confuse usual management games (slave maker, breeding thingy, or any non-hentai one, etc…), it’s really not that hard, and you can play it by just bruteforce everything, anyway.

      Too bad it doesn’t please.
      First and last game of that kind, no problem, I will not try it anymore.

      • Lars R says:

        Hi Mattis,

        Don’t stop trying to make this! It’s great!
        It may need some tweaking, but it’s a great management game. Better than a lot of what is out there already!

        And you’re learning, so you’ll eventually make a great game out of this, I’m sure! Don’t give up so easily. You can do this, you’ve proven it enough! You think you’re bad at this, while you’re not bad. And that’s actually a good sign, if you’re unhappy with the result, you keep trying to improve ;-)

        Also, some people just don’t like this “management” game style. It’s just a preference, don’t let them discourage you.

        As I said, the game could use some twaeking. So here’s some hopefully helpfull feedback:
        - The night is too fast. I think the best thing to do would be to remove the time limit completely, and make it more “turn based”. This is more typical of a management game, and I think people that like to play these games like this slower and “I am in control” pace of game better.
        - Girl upgrades are too expensive and do too little. I would improve the efficiency of the upgrades from 10% to at least add 25%, maybe even more. Or maybe random between 20% and 40%.
        - Sorting girls is not easy. Perhaps that could be improved.

        But overall, great game!

        (Does it have any cheats? ;-) )

      • bstunt10190 says:

        I have to respectfully disagree with Onyx. I like these types of games. I agree with Lars R, don’t get discouraged, you are great at these games, just because it needs some tweaking only means you are committed to only the best. That is a great attribute. great workm keep it up.

      • Mr. Manguy says:

        Don’t abandon the game entirelly, it just needs some improvement. I think it has the potential to at least be as good as KOPC someday, just not yet. Don’t get discouraged just because the first attemt failed, it’s just part of the learning process.

      • lunaticbob says:

        Gotta agree with everyone saying that this could be great with some tweaking. In its current form, it’s an unplayable mess, and I say this even after encountering a $NaN glitch that allowed me to make all of the girls healthy, clean and pretty effortlessly. Sometimes I’ll drag a perfect match and be told “Not what I ordered” and other times I’ll have no resemblance and be accepted. Don’t abandon it, just work on making it more fun and fair.

      • PM says:

        Game is great, please don’t stop working on it!

        Some (hopefully useful) tips:
        -bug: fifth bed is invisible (at least I can’t see it, same for clients using it).
        -suggestion: maybe the summary window after “client served” could pause game? Otherwise we don’t have time for reading the information.

      • Onyx says:

        Just to clarify, I don’t think the game is awful. Its just not currently at a point where I think you can get anywhere. Its got great potential so long as (just as you said) there are some tweaks done. I’m a big fan of your work, and this has the potential to be at least as good KoPC.

  • bigfan says:

    hey man,

    Its a great game but i think you gain risk a little bit too easy and plus you don’t get that great of a start either .

    big fan keep it up

  • Adam_beast says:

    I think, that the game has potential.
    There are some glitches:
    1. Pulling interface sometimes leaves girl’s head in wrong place.
    2. Too rebel occurs much to often, even with girls with 0 rebel status. Also guys who want rebel girls also give you ‘too rebel’. Because of that fame often drops.
    3. There is no bonus for providing virgins. They should have at least x3 multiplier in cash.
    4. There is no evident effect of fame or risk.
    5. Girls should have limit of how much then can be improved with makeup, otherwise there is no point of hunting, except for virgins.
    6. Improvements to warehouse should state what bonus they provide (cash, time etc)
    7. More anal – everything is better with anal :)
    8. Maybe some goal? Achievements, special customers, buying stuff for yourself, extra fucks on side,
    9. Maybe add some blood fetish with virgins or periods?

    Generally i think that this game can be quite fun if glithes are removed – don’t give up on it yet.

  • Arti says:

    Hey man i rly like the YTPP games and KOPC but this one i cant say i like it its not bad but hard enough not to enjoy it

  • GBCliff says:

    Great Game, just needs some tweaking. Keep it up.

  • GBCliff says:

    Also, if the night runs out while girl is with client, let them finish and pay me.

  • GBCliff says:

    lower cost of cleaning and makeup for girls. keep doctor cost high to push expendability angle.

  • GBCliff says:

    Maybe create a bribe function so you can reduce risk for cash so they game can be extended. beating up girl should cost health, not money. maybe pause timer when client takes bed and makes request so you have time to choose. warehouse improvements could also increase night timer.

  • GBCliff says:

    Spread beds a little further apart so you do not drop girl on wrong bed. Currently only 4 beds, but can upgrade 5 times. remove fame penalty for not service clients, its nearly impossible to serve all.

  • Valkner says:

    Actually, I liked this game… for this games of “management” you need to use a little more your brain.

    Actually, the biggest problem that I found is the “too rebel”, even with girls with 0 rebel status… and that’s what makes my fame drop every time… and maybe make the night longer, but aside of that, I found it great…

    ps, sorry my bad english

  • Boombox says:

    The version with some fixes is actually almost playable, i really like your style und the game, the only problem for me, after those fixes the game crashed two times, but until the ccrash it´s always nice to play.
    Don´t give up, you are doing good work and i enjoy your games.

    And of course sorry for my english, i know it´s pretty bad

  • sl7475 says:

    seems like a good start. one question: can the game be saved from session to session, similar to other business games? some times we do not always have a whole afternoon or evening to dedicate to playing. if the game conditions cannot be saved and there does not seem to be a cookie, perhaps you can include a save game button on the next release?

    thank you for all of your hard work! looking forward to the next release of KoPC too!

  • ShiroNeo says:

    Hey man, what’s up? it’s been a while.

    I think this is my favorite one you’ve done thus far. It’s pretty great.

    It’s also pretty hard. It took me a few nights to figure out that I had to drag and drop on the clients.

    Seems like all the comments are about mechanics and difficulty, but as far as I can tell most of the issues are actually from the UI. Like when a client finishes, it pops up a screen that freezes everything. If I’m dragging a girl while this happens I get frozen girl screens floating around on the screen.

    Also, remember when you first released KoP and the clicking timer was nearly impossible to do without some people smashing their mouse button in? Maybe the timer on this one has the same issue? Not entirely sure, but it doesn’t even last 30 seconds on my computer. I can get through about 1 or 2 clients if I’m lucky. (assuming they don’t ‘reject’ it)

    And yes, I think I’ll have to agree with the person who commented before on when you start servicing a client and the night ends, it simply cuts out. Perhaps we should as least make a portion of the money? Dunno, up to you I guess.

    Keep up the great work.

    And while I’ll be a little sad if you discontinue this one, you can bet that I’ll definitely be there to pick up your latest release of whatever you decide to make.


  • ladyfiaran says:

    Excuse me, how do you start playing the game? I’m on the first screen on the first day and how do you get the girl to appear and the game to start? I’m clicking all over the screen and not getting anything.

  • jb1 says:

    Major Bug:

    After “Risk” hits 100, every night thereafter appears to re-start the game, which permits you to NOT “hunt” anymore, re-fills up your “Stock” with 4-5+ additional/initial girls. It kind of breaks the game after you hit 100 risk.

    Also, there appears to be no way to make your Risk become lower, at all.

    Other than that, it might be another KoPC-quality game. Great job.

  • Lazram says:

    I have only one thing to say about this game… ADDICTIVE!!! Thank you Mattis, you’ve done it again! I love it! By the end of my game I had all of my girls pregnant :)

  • Lazram says:

    Hello Mattis,

    I have been reading some of the comments people have made about the new game and I am shocked! Especially ones at places like Games of desire and My sex games. People can be complete jerks! I hate how they are trashing and complaining so badly about a game that is just starting.

    Personally I love it. I have lost track of time playing it for 2 consecutive nights now!

    Yes I wish I could save my game, yes I wish the nights were longer. The game pausing when you got an after intercourse report would also be nice so you could take time to read it. BUT Overall I think its fantastic! Its a lot of fun, and I love the impregnations!!! (at the end of my game I try to have all my girls pregnant. Last night I missed by one!)

    I also like that it is a little difficult to get started. Everyone wants everything to be so easy for them. They don’t take the time to learn how to play better. I think the challenge is appropriate. At the end og the game last night I had over $175,000. If I can do that, anyone can. 12 girls is fine. If you want more variety you SHOULD have to hunt for them. i think that game mechanic is highly appropriate. You can’t please everyone all the time. One thing I do agree with is that a girl with 0% temper should not be turned down because she is too rebellious.

    In any case, I love the game so much that I am sending you $20 via Paypal to help with development. This game is fun and ADDICTIVE! I love it! Keep up the great work!

    P.S. Some people have asked for anal. I don’t think the game needs it. You can’t get a girl pregnant that way and pregnancies are exciting and a good way to make money. (Thats and I like to watch the pregnant girls fuck!)

    Thans again!

  • WC Gordan says:

    Ok… I mastered game… It is pretty easy… just keep them clean and healthy and you will have tons of cash…
    On my second try game got stuck on 6-th day.
    Fame 70… Timer appeared on day 5, then on day 6 again and game gets stuck… Though I already have more cash than I know what to do with… Game is far from balanced yet.

    By the way you allow 5 bed number upgrades, but 5-th bed is nowhere to be seen. Maybe game is stuck because one of the guys is on it and I can’t see him?

  • william says:

    I think it’s a better game than KOPC but there are some bugs:

    Sometimes when a girl is 0% on temper the clients say that she is too rebel

    Same thing when a girl is 100% on healt the cliens say that they got STD

    When I try to upgrade the thug team and I have the healt status at 100% instead of incress the other satatus healt status incress

  • Anon says:

    Just discovered this game. This game is AWESOME please do not let the nitpickers get you down :( (and nitpickers stop ruining this for everyone!!). I love that its sex game but yet it has a strategy/business feel to it. OF course there are some minor tweaks that can be made. I dont really understand hwo risk works and how you get it? Mine seems to go up randomly and I dont understand why its going up. Maybe better explanation on how to avoid it or decrease it. Otherwise its great and Ill be donating.

    • Mattis says:

      Will try, thx for your support, that’s really needed and appreciated!!
      (and donations as well, of course!)

      About “risk”, as explained here and there in the game (but it seems to have been overlooked or misunderstood), there’s no way to avoid it.
      It grows with thugs getting caught, clients getting STDs, days passing, etc…
      The point of the game isn’t to influence risk value, but to make the best out of the time you have before the end (at 100 risk).
      It’s just a timer, and you have to make the highest score possible, like in old game, in a limited “time”.
      Even if you can try to “slow” your growth of risk by having cleaner girls or skilled thugs, it’s not meant to be stopped or reduced : you WILL get to 100 risk, with time, and that’s the whole point.

      Just like it’s also “normal” you lose girls and never have perfect ones pleasing clients every time, with very high cost for every upgrades : the game is MEANT to force you to “make the best out of the crap you have”.
      Lot of players didn’t got the hint of that, seeing the structure of the game, and try their asses off to have perfect invincible girls with 100% clients satisfied : it’s just impossible, it’s not meant that way!

      So, just some misunderstandings ;)

  • John John says:

    I agree that “too rebel” is a game killer. If shows up far too often, and isn’t very true to life.

    The thing that concerns me far more than that is that No matter how many times I clear all cookies and restart the game from scratch, I get 5 girls – all with “STD’s”. What the hell!!! No matter how clean I make them or how many times I take them to the doctor, the cards are stacked against me before I get started. I will end up with a risk factor of at least 80 before I even start to improve the place – other than another, and better bed.

    It makes a guy feal like never playing again if he can’t at least start with disease free girls. Every time I get a client, I get another risk point – right from the start.

    Again, what the hell!!! between “too rebel” and starting every time with shitty girls, I don’t stand a chance.

    I do like the rest of the game though.

  • John John says:

    I clicked on the link above for “Full and Newest” I saved up my money to buy “univesity” girls. I got 3 virgins – so why the “STD’s”. I have about had it with this game. I mean, when even the $3000 virgins, who I first took to the hospital, cleaned up, etc., have “STD’s”, again, WHAT THE Hell?!!!!!!

    • Mattis says:

      Lol, nice to know you’re still enjoying the game, even as frustrating as it is ;)
      About the STD’s, though : it’s not a characteristic of the girls (like virgin or pregnant), it’s a random chance based on hygiene at the end of each sex scene. (just like temper thingy)
      So that means the same girl, having a hundred sex scene, can have just 4 or 5 “STD” ending out of 100, if she’s perfectly clean, or up to 50 “STD ending” out of 100, if completely crap !

      I don’t remember the algorithm for them, I just remember who hateful people were from “temper” & “std”, and that those events were almost smashed to the ground after with the update.

      That said, it still seems you have a awfully gigantic bad luck, lol ! ^^
      But don’t worry about the virginity, restarting or erasing cookies, anyway : it has nothing to do with that, it’s just random events based on “Hygiene” characteristic.
      If a girl gives STD, just continue, the whole game is about statistically optimizing the randomness, there’s no “perfect control over outcomes”. It’s not a chess type game, it’s more like a cards one ;)
      (usually people don’t like games when you can control the outcome, because that means when they lose, it’s completely because of them and their lack of skills & smartness, it’s much more frustrating !)

      But I see the logic behind your visualization of the game.
      Just complete bad luck, I promise ! :D
      Some people told me they were getting amazing score very easily, after all the updates.
      Not most of them, but enough for me to trust this is working and doable.

  • John John says:

    I finally got some good girls to start with. Keep them good – get rid of the ones with STD’s immediately. Gather your stock from the University. Get up to 10 girls fast – good ones. Most importantly – make ggod choices to keep your fame up to 45-50. This will keep multitudes of customers coming. Still playing. My fame is 45 and my risk is 20. I have exceeded 160,000. I have just traded girl, and don’t like what I got, but didn’t dare to keep my favorites once they got STD’s. Sorry about the comments earlier, but I had to keep trying many times before I got disease free girls to start. Don’t buy cheap girls and imediately dispose of the diseased ones – no matter how great they seem. I am getting tired of playing now, but will try to finish this game – in that I finally got a good one. I hope to clear 500,000.

    • John John says:

      244,200 so far. fame 44 risk 27. This one’s a long game, but I like it. Thanks Mattis.

      • Mattis says:

        Lol, you didn’t read what I responded, and still don’t get STDs are not a girl status/characteristic, so you don’t have to drop girls that get this random event, lol.

        The way you play the game is WAAYYYY harder than the normal game is.
        As EVERY girl WILL have, statistically, a bad event at some point, dropping them just because of that is creating a completely unecessary and drastically impossible challenge to play with !

        Take the time to understand how the game really works, and what I explained in my answer, you’re making all this faaaar more difficult than it really is, lol !
        (basically, it would be like throwing your mouse to trash each time you miss a click on your computer, and buying a new one, instead of just clicking again. You BET it’s hard, to play like that, lol !)

      • John John says:

        I’m sitting on 326,901. My fame is 44, but my risk is only 38. I’ve been going for hours and am worn out. It looks like 1,000,000 is very possible. Thanks again Mattis. I do like this game – once I get a good start. “Too rebel” is still driving me nuts. I think that about half or more of the risk comes from that.

        • John John says:

          By the way, I noticed another bug. If I’m dragging a girl through the center of the screen as another one gets done, if I try to click on the yellow dot to reset the finishing girls stats – without first taking the girl I’m dragging back to the bottom, her icon can get stuck at the position of the yellow dot until all men have finished. The girl is still playable from there – except perhaps to the centr bed. This happened to me twice in about 5 minutes.

  • John John says:

    I like this game. I finished with a score of 772,773. My fame is 45.

    A few notes: I ended up with a very fair skinned orangish-redhead virgin named Alara. Absolutely noboby would take her.

    I lost a lot of trys and therfore greatly raised my risk by the wrong guy would get, abd then refuse the girl. This would happen when there were two guys in a row. I would drag the girl to th whit girl-reqest circle, and the guy standing behind would steal her – so to speak. The way to avoid this was to drop her on the guys legs instead – but I would forget and lose another customer. Just one of the glitches that would happen when two guys in close proximity both wanted a girl at the same time. I expect that I may have well exceeded 1,000,000 – if I would not have repeatedly lost customers this way.

    Anyway, thanks again Mattis.

    • Mattis says:

      Yep, there’s a few bugs here and there on handling the stuff, superposition of poses and girl’s avatar getting lost.
      It’s a very very ambitious game, for my lack of skills and as I am a one-man-army to developp those games ;)
      Still, I prefer players to be able to play something than nothing, even if this something isn’t as good as it could be ;) (what is, really ?)

      And for girl’s STD and temper problems : yep, you got it.
      But it’s not time related, it’s really just a random event tested when the sex is finished. So you can still have 2 or 3 STD’s in a row with the same girl, then nothing for 10 times, or stuff like that. It’s all about statistics.
      Point is : getting the best hygiene reduce at max the chances of a STD happening, but don’t get down when it happens, just play along with it, it’s just a few customers among tons of others ;)

      It’s like some of the players that tried at maximum to keep the starting girls alive, like they were the only ones in the game !
      They just didn’t get the game drives you to dismiss and choose new girls as you want, to collect a better pool or just new girls when some are down.
      You understood it quickly, so it’s not a problem for you, but those guys weren’t getting that, and were saying “it’s a bug ! You can’t win with starting girls ! They always disappear too quickly and it cost far too much to keep them alive !”
      No guys, it’s just you try to play a game NOT like it’s meant to be : gathering new girls doesn’t cost much, and health goes down quickly, get the hint !
      It’s like resident evil : when you don’t find more than 10 bullets in the first hour of play, and each zombie takes 4 bullets to die, get the hint : you’re not supposed to kill them all, it’s not a bug !

      But I get it’s not an easy game to understand, but that’s why there’s so much help panels, lol ;)

      Too bad leaderboard doesn’t work on current version, I would have looooved for players to compete with each other !

  • Chris says:

    where can i get the patreon codes ???

    • Mattis says:

      Well, on patreon, lol!
      Pledge at least 1$ there to support the game making, wait a month to be charged for real, and gain your access to the Code Redeemer program containing all the codes to be exchanged proportionnally to your contribution! ;)
      Have fun!