Hi everyone !

Just a heads up, to say I got a new update ready to release, but I wait for some answers in a discussion with our new sponsor,, before being sure to release it !

So, it should comes quickly after that.
And during the wait, here’s some appetizers…

3 new hair styles, and 2 new hair colors  !
(white and black with pink… dies. Is that the word ?)

Goth outfit stuff (tattoos, shirts, piercing, lipstick, etc…)
+ goth stage + new dude customisation !
Of course, a new pose… and maybe more ? Who knows ;)

It’s not all, there’s a lot of other stuff, but I just listed some main contents.
And credit for a lot of those works goes for you all commentators who gave me ideas !
Well… I already got thousands of ideas, but you are good supporters of your owns ;)


And as I got time to work on another update waiting for our sponsor response, I started working on some… little special candy for the end of year ;)

Well… who is this ?


Also, be sure to read all other people comments if you want to know what’s already on my list or not.
As I usually answer almost everyone, you will know exactly what to expect or not for future updates, and what’s already been asked several times or never !

Keep supporting and sorry for the wait or development time !
It’s a one man’s job on his spare time, and as I often repeat, I’m far from a professionnal or skilled guy !

  • Jinx says:

    Yes, Mattis. "Dyes" is the word, "dIes" is for death. Very excited for Santa and dude customization, so please let us know when the game is updated!

  • Mert says:

    hi mattis. you are doing great work and im visiting your blog often. i just wanted to tell you something that bothered me on your KOPC game. its that when you play free you can do every position to any kind of girl ( i mean you can do a young girl in a adult position but the problem is girls changing size). or a adult woman become so small when you do other positions. i have no idea about making games so i dont know if fixing this is hard :) i hope you understand what i meant. keep up the good work! :) and thx to you for sharing these with us :)

  • Mattis says:

    Thx, lol, I was not sure of this ;)
    (I could have googled it, though)

    Updates coming soon, I hope !

  • Mattis says:

    Hi mert.
    Good point.
    The fact is the size of the woman is linked to the sex pose.
    So whether you play a girl or a grown-up woman don't change anything about those pose.
    Only thing I could do is suppress the adult poses option if the girl is young, and suppress young poses if the girl is grown-up.

    Would that work for you ?

  • Mert says:

    I see. its not a big deal it can stay like this :) i just wanted to know if you can make poses for both adult and young without changing their sizes. but its ok, im looking forward to new update to see

  • Irish Red says:

    Alright Mattis!

    Looking good bro!

    I, for one, love the full size poses over the little girl size poses. Personally I think that by making a size difference here you are inviting the "child porn" crowd, and the wrath of the "anti-child porn crowd". Neither of these would be good for your fame. Just my thoughts.
    Still spreading the word of this.. and checking in here every day. Thank you!

  • Mattis says:

    Good point, yes !
    But aside from those reefs (I don't use the words associated. Search engine would find this blog too quickly), the atmosphere I depict works better with some "domination advantage for men" : physical (male bigger body structure and/or female smaller body structure), or psychological (older men and/or, and that's our problem case, younger women)

    Another point is I'm french (or european, that works too), and women in my country are REALLY smaller than men !
    I barely know no men under 1.70 meters high (with some buddy at 1.90 or even 2 meters high), and don't really know any women higher than 1.60 meters (with an average in my own family at 1.50 meters)
    For those with no metric system, that means a man on his knees is the same size as a woman standing up, more or less.
    So I'm sorry, I depict normal sized women, and some of them are even very very tall, lol :-) )

    I agree that could be accounted as bullshit excuses, but I don't make excuses on this point : I know I'm border-line with this game, but as far as it goes, I didn't break any rules ;-) (there's a lot of hentai games far worse than mine, on all those stuff)

    All in all, I don't force the point of view, everyone can enjoy it as one wants, it's open to several interpretations I don't like stuff with no story at all, but I don't like stuff with too much story either, imposing you the fetish ! That's why random girls and custom options are for.

    But thx for the debate opener ;-)

  • Mattis says:

    Hello to you too, sir.

    You're so kind to suggest ideas without imposing me anything and with some polite formulation.
    It's nice to see people that understand this game is a lot of hard work, and as there's not much of any good stuff released those days on the internet, the creators that offer those kind of precious games (and for free !) should be thanked to invest their time for the community !

    Because both of us of course know they don't do it to be shooted at with thousands of requests like some work slaves, no one like that, and because they could be fragile enough to give up and drop any effort at the first unpolite comment.
    If they were to give up, given there's so few of those creators left, who would provide us any new free games, after that ?

    I agree with you, internet is a harsh and ungrateful place. People already disgust 70% of game creators to do anything public, and now we are just stranded on a desert numeric island with no hentai food.
    How far will it goes until someone understand the balance and the human aspect ? Good point, sir :-)

    Aside from that : it's already planned, dude, don't worry :-) )

  • anetos akoma says:

    I finished the game again from the start to check on any new bugs and i found this: if you choose the guy to be black, fat, and bald, he is black and fat at the pick-a-girl scene but his face is the first face you can pick from (i can't explain that in more detail) and he is bald only at the humiliation-fucking scene.

    Now, another suggestion is either to put more upgrades, or to make their cost higher. After a certain point you can easily beat every stage and you got all the upgrades already.

    Having that said, the cost of unlocking a new stage is too high so you have to replay old stages more than once. It gets kind of boring to click on older stages knowing what you're gonna get. However you can't just let the new stages free. So i'd suggest this: Each time you unlock a stage you automatically have to play that stage. If you can't unlock a new stage you cannot pick an older stage, but you can play one randomly. I imagined this as a "mission" tab or something like that, like a mail on a computer you can click on, and it shows you like 3 missions each time to pick from, or sends you randomly to an older stage.

    Another suggestion is achievements. Everyone, when playing a game, like to have a reward for a difficult task. So far the only reward is the standard money and the ability to play freely on a level. The achievements in such a game would be fairly easy to accomplish, so i thought they would be better kept secret. One example is to have sex with Rebecca alone, and last (after having sex with all other women in the stage). The achievement's name could be "last but not least" or "kept for last" or "kept for dessert" or something like that. But anyway that's just an example. I don't know what other secrets you could incorporate or if they could unlock secret stages (that could be cool as well) or secret powerups?

    Anyway. Something else is a police and/or resting factor. This would require a passing day/month system though. What i mean by this is that if you have too many stages with a high perversion factor the police might get you, so you have to stop and/or hide (by resting?). If the passing system is a month one, then after you impregnate a woman, after 9 months you get some sort of notification that your baby has been born and/or the police is looking for you. Now this could have the following effect: the more babies are born by you (or the more girls are pregnant) the higher the perversion factor, but also the higher the chance the police will find you. If they do find you, then you could bribe them (a large amount of money) and they go away.

    Anyway I'm just throwing ideas now, you may have wanted the game to be as it is now. I just thought it would be cool to have other elements as well, so as to make it more of a "game" if you get me.

    Great work as always

    Take care.

  • Mattis says:

    New version about to get out, and maybe black/fat/bald problem is fixed there, but I noted that anyway to check it (you gave me enough details so I can work on reproducing the bug, so way to go !)

    For more coherent progression : next update will fix that a little.
    But don't forget we are in an "evolutive game" + "try, fall, do better" method (given I'm a complete amateur), meaning the system will always be revised at some point, wether it's "buggy and need to be fixed", or "perfect but the game got much more content and need readjustment".
    Somehow it's surely not the last time I will work on that ;)

    For mission tab : good idea, but complicated for now.
    As there's a lot of requests about sex contents, those kind of engine tweak/candy should wait for the moment.

    Achievments : very fun and interesting, of course, but that's the kind of stuff you can work on when you have big budgets and professionnal teams.
    I don't even have a small budget or an amateur team, so it's not the kind of stuff I will work on, in KoPC, even if that would be nice, yes.
    (maybe if the project is finished, some day, and another start elsewhere. Then adding an achievement system, on a closed game, is more do-able)

    Police factor : I like the idea !
    But I also like the "police cannot do anything for you" dimension of the second part of the game.
    I mean we only have half the stages I planned at the beginning, for now. Those I call "private beginnings", where the dude is kind of hiding, and where police problems could be nice.
    The second part (school should have been part of it) is "public invasion", where the dude is just too powerful and controlling the city powers, and can now rape women in the open without being really worried.
    (search for city swimming pool screenshots in my first post, for example)
    So I don't know, but it would be very nice to add that police dimension anyway.
    Maybe on a three steps gameplay :
    1) when you fuck too much girls, random appareance of police men can occurs, where the dude have to fight them to escape (level restarts, with loss of course)
    2) same conditions, but dude can avoid being busted by bribing (with risks) the policemen or try to lie is way out.
    3) dude got too powerful, and policemen, when they are called by distress girls, just join the dude and do whatever he says (leaving, helping him, participating, whatever)

    This could be sooooooo much fun ! :-)

    And I just soooooooo don't know when I will be able to find all the time needed to do it, or simply the skills ! lol !