It’s coming, it’s coming, uuughh!

Hi, my beautiful ones!

Quick note to keep you posted : next game is almost finished, should be out in a few days!
It’s an attempt on teamworking with a wonderful guy, we both learned tons of stuff doing it, but I think it looks ultra nice, you will have fun with that ;)

After that, I will get back to KoPC, it’s time for an update! (even if we are not at full funding, we’ll not nitpick, let’s have fun!)

A hot gooey mess, don't you think ?

A hot gooey mess, don't you think ?

Also, I’d like to really thank all of you for all the support, positive feedback, donations and everything.
It’s really the heart of the matter, the fuel that keeps me going, and allows me to put so much energy, time and inspiration in all that !
Too many people out there on the web forget “amateur games” are done by very few human beings (when not alone), in a very fragile balance where we (creators) got no protection or “fall back position” against harsh critics or lack of “positive motivation” that only other people can bring.
We’re not big corporations or society where “work ambiance” or salaries can compensate conditions, or where there’s a specific “customer service” and “communication staff” to handle things on one side while “developpers” work peacefully on the other. It’s all in the open, direct, and brutal, one way or another.
Too many people forget that, but not you.
And for that, I thank you.
(I thank you with games, I know, but I like to add verbal thanks. Just like “silent people” don’t count in the end, “silent creators” don’t count either !)

In addition : I don’t answer to everyone, but be sure I read everything.
I would like to answer, but I spend this time working hard on pulling out new hentai stuff, for now.

Ok, get back to work.
(and a little teaser screenshot)

  • Lazram says:

    Your blogs make me smile :)

  • CoyoteLounge says:

    Keep up the good work, Mattis. Work ethic is just as important as skill and you have both. As a member of a porn game forum, I see lots of programmers who create a wonderful alpha build with awesome art and potential and then nothing ever happens with it and it remains unfinished forever. I’m glad you keep at this and post constant updates. You’re one of the few! Cant wait to see the new game and the next update to KOPC (I hope to see my assjob and Asian Milf scene in it, but it’s okay if they’re not).

    • Mattis says:

      Interesting point, but I don’t have work ethic, lol, I have personnal standards and gratifications ;)
      I mean I keep working because people give me positive and good stuff in return.
      And I try to make quality work because I’m that kind of person.

      But it’s not work ethic, purely speaking.
      And I know it because that’s the mistake my previous community made : betting some kind of “work ethic” would make me continue and accept every order and cold critic, without any kind of gratification going with it.
      At least not from them (I was personnally happy of the good work I did), so there was quickly nothing left to keep me going.
      If I HAD work ethic, I would have continue.
      Given I DON’T really (or at least not anymore, lol), I just gave up.

      Weirdest thing is they probably feel like victims, abandonned, in all that, lol. Even if they were not bad people at all, I really don’t see where THEY could be victims, in all that. Even me, I was just a volunteer slave, none of them forced me to accept what they gave (or don’t gave) me.

      Anyway, it’s just a detail, but I think it’s important.
      Because I just want people to realize kindness isn’t always an intimate choice in comfort, and objective cold critics not always a moral obligation.
      It’s usually how internet works, those days, and I would like people to see it the other way around, sometimes.
      Realizing they don’t have to “unconditionnally love” me or my work to support it, and could just observe “kindness” bring more updates and games, even imperfect ones, than pointing out every obvious and atrocious flaws until no creator tries anymore.
      Imagine the reverse situation, lol ;) (that’s not weirder than actual one !)

      Anyway, usual thing : we try to build something else, here, and it’s obviously working great, that’s all ;)

      Thx for the support, and yes, good thing to remind me about the assjob.
      Should be in next update ;)

  • Ridge says:

    Hi Mattis !

    You are great ! Keep it up ! I had the experience to enjoy your games and very nice -mail- conversations with you, and i was able to see that you have amazing direction (and imagination) and that you are an extremely down to earth person.

    Passing by to wish some luck and success to the coming “chef d’oeuvres ;)

    J’espere que tu arrives a garder le rythme entre sortir du lit le matin, et rentrer faire des oeuvres hentai haha :) !

    2 ans deja que je te suis ! Merci !

    (en espérant un jour avoir une version Gay de Kopc ^_^)

    Je te souhaites un bonne continuation

    • Mattis says:

      Héhéhé ;)

      And yeah, a gay version is planned.
      Freaking engine problem, that’s all !
      But if I pull out a reverse version “girl on men”, “men on men” would really not be complicated. (even if that’s not my taste)
      So, keep faith !

  • CoyoteLounge says:

    Hey, I’d also like to point out that I don’t know what the beef was with Sex Pit, but it’s threatening to be the better game in my opinion. I know KOPC is your magnum opus and the progenitor of Sex Pit, but I love that game and have played it several times since the new update (the timed one was kind of difficult and frustrating). I compare it favorably to Sim Brothel, only it is animated and more streamlined. I would probably like it better if the player could pick from a selection of girls or customize them, but I completely understand the random generated ones just being easier to implement. It’s great!

    • Mattis says:

      Yep, it seems it pleases a lot players, even if on my part it was very hard to do and just considered as a side project.
      The fact it’s not original at all and very heavy and slow to work on my computer doesn’t help ;)
      But I understand and will take expectations of players into account.
      If I find a way to make it easier to work with, there’s plenty of interesting ideas to add to it.
      Will see what the future will bring to it!