Hi there !

First : check the previous news and blog posts, there’s been a lot of changes and improvments lately ! 
The pace has gone down on improvments, last days.
Between all that has been done and all that you gave me to think about, some time will be needed to come back in top position ! ;-)

So, as I have difficulties to bring a new update as big as the previous ones, I decided to post what I have instead of making you wait.

A bunch of small stuff, so, with some unsatisfiying ones but whatever, feel free to comment and critic as always :

- +6 new types of eyes for girls.
- +2 new types of nose.
- +3 new types of ears
- +2 new types of eye shades
- +3 new faces expression for girls
- +13 new eyeballs (it seems my previous addition get erase somehow, so it’s “half new”, in fact)
- +1 new type of tattoo (go fish :p)
- +2 new haircuts (a little crappy, but still), + 1 alternate haircut (on long long hair), +3 … I don’t know the name, “fringes” ? Maybe.
- +2 new dudes head (1 crappy and one much better)
- Demon skin for dudes/futa girl (a fifth color, if you prefer)
- A climax moan for futa-girl character.
- Fix change-pose during climax sequence
- New creampie panel
- I took back the new creampie sequence on deeper pose, will reintroduce it as an option later.

The only big stuff is : the end of fivesome pose !
(it took a lot more time than I thought, lol ! Tensome will be a little hell to program…)

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)
(new link ! The game is now proudly sponsored by !!)


Ok so for the tchit-tchat :

1) Big thx for all the comments ! They are most welcome ! Keep going on them !

2) You gave a very lot to think about, as I was saying in the beginning, so next step on the game will be to re-do the global gameplay and add a lot of fun and tweaks in it.
But it will takes time, and end-of-year’s celebrations are coming to drain my personnal time, so I hope you will not grow greedy and impatients.
Cross fingers I can figure out ways to do all that need to be done very quickly and with much inspiration !

3) I will try to do half-way news to keep you entertained, but as always I don’t promise anything (it would be the best way to disappoint you, and we sure don’t want that)

Have faith, you seen it pays !

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