Hi there !

First : check the previous news and blog posts, there’s been a lot of changes and improvments lately ! 
The pace has gone down on improvments, last days.
Between all that has been done and all that you gave me to think about, some time will be needed to come back in top position ! ;-)

So, as I have difficulties to bring a new update as big as the previous ones, I decided to post what I have instead of making you wait.

A bunch of small stuff, so, with some unsatisfiying ones but whatever, feel free to comment and critic as always :

- +6 new types of eyes for girls.
- +2 new types of nose.
- +3 new types of ears
- +2 new types of eye shades
- +3 new faces expression for girls
- +13 new eyeballs (it seems my previous addition get erase somehow, so it’s “half new”, in fact)
- +1 new type of tattoo (go fish :p)
- +2 new haircuts (a little crappy, but still), + 1 alternate haircut (on long long hair), +3 … I don’t know the name, “fringes” ? Maybe.
- +2 new dudes head (1 crappy and one much better)
- Demon skin for dudes/futa girl (a fifth color, if you prefer)
- A climax moan for futa-girl character.
- Fix change-pose during climax sequence
- New creampie panel
- I took back the new creampie sequence on deeper pose, will reintroduce it as an option later.

The only big stuff is : the end of fivesome pose !
(it took a lot more time than I thought, lol ! Tensome will be a little hell to program…)

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)
(new link ! The game is now proudly sponsored by !!)


Ok so for the tchit-tchat :

1) Big thx for all the comments ! They are most welcome ! Keep going on them !

2) You gave a very lot to think about, as I was saying in the beginning, so next step on the game will be to re-do the global gameplay and add a lot of fun and tweaks in it.
But it will takes time, and end-of-year’s celebrations are coming to drain my personnal time, so I hope you will not grow greedy and impatients.
Cross fingers I can figure out ways to do all that need to be done very quickly and with much inspiration !

3) I will try to do half-way news to keep you entertained, but as always I don’t promise anything (it would be the best way to disappoint you, and we sure don’t want that)

Have faith, you seen it pays !

  • I'm happy about comments.Finally this game seen
    by other people.I like demon face.I agree with you.Now,you should make big stuffs.
    Keep the good work : )

  • Geo says:

    The 4-th version of the 5-some scene is buggy. His cock is in fron of her, not inside…

    I can't seem to get to the creampie sequence at all. Not sure what I'm missing.

    Otherwise a nice update :-)

  • Purgy says:

    Not bad and i like so how many updates will you do for this game?

  • Mattis says:

    Thx ! But I don't like the fact it will take some time to be done… As we were on a roll, I'm afraid it will uselessly cool down people…

  • Mattis says:

    Oh and thx for the demon skin, I was not sure it would please anyone ;-)

  • Mattis says:

    Cool ! I was insure it would please anyone but me, lol !

  • Mattis says:

    I got no freaking idea, lol !
    I have some experience in making other kind of internet games.
    Only thing I learn is a game is never finish, you can always improve it with time, step by step.

    So, the better thing to do is to enjoy the fact this game will never be really over, and people will always be able to suggest new stuff to put in it, until it's a gigantic fuck fest with countless options for everyone !

  • Mattis says:

    Oh, good one, on the fourth girl of 5-some !
    I fix that right one and put the updated file instead of the old one.

    For the creampie, not sure I understand the problem ? (but maybe I fixed it with the 5-some's cock problem ?)

  • HSoul says:

    Great work once again, man! :)
    Update is great!
    Not fan of "futa" thing myself, but know few people, who may like it. :) But, uh… with head like this… More options on that will be great.
    Demons is cool thing. :) I like it! More heads for them would be nice too.
    Customisation in this kind of game is always a good thing.

    Still… if I have to choose: more sex options or customisation… well, you get the idea. X)

    So far so good. I like where this game is going. :)

  • Geo says:

    I'm sorry. Creampie thing was a language issue for me :-) Keep up the good work!

  • anetos akoma says:

    So i just played this game, i think had seen it a while ago when it was on-the-making and i had completely forgotten about it. Anyway, the result is awesome (and i can't stretch this part enough) however i have to say a few things:

    1. When you're doing a threesome there is a bug. If you pick a girl, then pick the second one, then you start having sex with the first one you picked in the new animation. If you choose to continue with the second one instead and finish, then you automatically start having sex with the first one after that (you don't need to pick her again). That was awesome (i hope that worked with all x-somes without having to do that "trick") however it seems that even if the last girl has 100% fertility you do not impregnate her. Weird but anyway.

    2. There are a few glitches when it comes to free play. I only chose that option to basically see the different costumes and such, so i didn't pay much attention.

    3. There is a minimum age, however there is no maximum age. In free play i put 150 age on the girl, thought it was funny. So i'd think there should be a maximum age as well. I'd also like the woman to change according to the new age-although that's not entirely important.

    4. Is there any point to the total impregnations? I thought that if you reach 100 there would be some easter egg or something, like you see an ending with your army of children conquering the world or something, however i didn't get anything apart from the last 0 showing up half

    5. Is there any ending at all ? I finished all the "missions" impregnated every girl in every mission (really easy to do with the shop items) and that was it, no ending.

    6. I played the flash version i found here and a 5-some wasn't possible. Unless you mean you and 4 girls, yeah, that was possible. I'm guessing now that's what you meant…

    7. I'd like if there was also an x-some in the pre-sex scene, but that's just a suggestion.

    8. It seems that you can tit-fuck and have sex with a girl while she's wearing all of her clothes – even jeans. I'd think you'd have to grey-out tit-fuck if she's wearing her shirt, and remove her pants automatically in the sex scene, unless it's a skirt?

    9. I'd prefer a bar showing the options i have in free-play. Also, a loop when i reach the end of a selection series.

  • anetos akoma says:

    10. the minimum boob size is no boobs ? The body had no nipples at all.

    11. I'd like the option to have other males joining in the action, if you wish so. Perhaps with certain disadvantages and certain advantages, like, adding a male lowers the timer, highers the click, or something like that.

    12. The models kind of glitch out in certain suck scenes.

    13. I'd like a screen where you see all the women you've impregnated. Yeah, i know, that would take a lot of programming. And would serve no gameplay purpose.

    14. Some other role elements would be nice. Like how nice or evil you are towards what situations could affect what happens later in the game (or the ending). Also, some things could change to your advantage each time you have sex or get a girl pregnant or something. kinda like xp in rpg games.

    15. bdsm? This stuff could be unlockable once you finish the game or once you complete a stage (kinda like free play but you have the option). I don't mean extreme things like whipping or whatever, i mean the outfits (like mouth gags, or spike bracelets etc). Also it would be nice if you could purchase whore tattoos and include them.

    16. free play should only be unlocked once you finish all stages.

    17. Goth girls? You have every single type of girl apart from them goth/emo/scene – generally "alternative" ones. Which leads me to piercings. But those are just aesthetics again.

    18. Ability to include girls you've already impregnated (in the same stage) in the threesome?

    19. Ability to use items found in the scene for different outcomes. This could be a bit tricky 'cause it would either frustrate the gamer or make him even more eager to play. However when i played it i tried clicking around for potential items. That's why i said it.

    20. last but not least, something i mentioned in 1. When you're having a threesome or foursome or whatever, the ability to keep on having sex with the next girl without having to click on her again. So a foursome becomes a threesome etc.

    Anyway i think these are enough suggestions and problem/bug reports. I wish you all the best :)

  • Geo says:

    Your game is on! Not sure if you allowed that or not… Anyways, I would expect a lot more traffic to this blog now :-)

    @anetos akoma – some nice ideas here, although I wouldn't consider whipping (if done in the sexual way) extreme :-)

  • anetos akoma says:

    I just don't think that's what's important out of the whole bdsm area. There are many games out there that include such "extreme" acts, that actually focus on those, so i think what's important is to have the sexiness of the outfits rather than the pain-driven obedience.

    but still, what needs work first is really the bugs/glitches. Or stuff like number 3, the unlimited max age, xD

  • anetos akoma says:

    21. A mute button. As it is now you can mute the music but nothing else. I would suggest that you make the X button mute stuff depending on how many times you click it. Once mutes music. Twice mutes all. Three times restores everything ?

  • ThatOneGuy says:

    You should make it so when you cream a girl in free mode, it stays. You could have it so that when you are done with one girl, you click a "finished" button or something. I don't know about everyone else, but I don't like how I have to quickly select another position near the end of the creampie so the customized girl doesn't go away.

  • ThatOneGuy says:

    Also, loving the new hair and the demon skin.

  • Mattis says:

    note : futa/strap-on, the two options are available.

    So, more heads for "the dude/dudess" ?
    Ok, noted. :-)

    "Still… if I have to choose: more sex options or customisation… well, you get the idea. X)"

    Loool, I get the idea, yep.
    You understand the main problem in developping games : it's not about having ideas, it's about picking the most urgent or quick ones to do among thousands ;-)

  • Mattis says:

    Wow, big bunch of comments !
    Ok, reply step by step.

    " Anyway, the result is awesome (and i can't stretch this part enough) "
    …But you anyway, because motivation is always the weak link in the chain of developing projects like that, so never hesitate to refuel the engine ;-)

    1. just to say : whatever the x-some, if you don't "finish" the first girl picked but another one, all other are always dismissed and the animation come back to first one.
    I know it's a shame, but I don't figure out how to make things work on this yet.
    But on the problem you describe : you mean you can't get pregnant any girl at anytime, or you mean you can't get the first one pregnant after having done a threesome session ?

    2. there's glitches all over the game, hélas, flash is a freaking hell to program with, given my level of skills.
    Sorry for that, I do my best ;-)

    3. yeah, I kind of focus on urgent and quick stuff, for now. For the side details it will come with time. (but I note it for later)
    Note also that on freeplay, there's no real control on customizing, so you can get out of program limits and make parts disappear and all.
    But as you can come back, I didn't lose time on smashing my head on the wall to make it work perfectly.

    4. no end of any kind for now. It's already been suggested, of course, and there's plenty of ideas for fun stuff and all, but I just didn't have the time yet.
    And as I still have to add scenarios, stages, sets or have to do some changes on final panels and all…

    5. see 4.

    6. Yes. As 'threesome' is usually considered as one guy + two girls, fivesome is one guy + four girls.
    (I know, people common sense is no fun, threesome should always have meant one guy + three girls, lol !)

    7. noted.

    8. I like fuck scene with clothes, personnally, and some always imagine a small hole in clothes. (and I don't even talk about japan clothed stuff)
    So, all in all, I could automatically remove clothes, but it would mean more programming, it could mean more glitches, etc…
    With the x-ray we've got, I figure it would be quicker to get along with it, as it doesn't seems to be the most bothering thing on my game, among users.

    9. What do you mean a bar ? For the rest : see 2.

    10. It's because of off-limits customizing. see 2.

    11. Of course it's planned, but if you read some previous posts of the game, it's far more complicated and difficult than I thought, so for the moment I don't have the solution for this.

    12. Like how ?

    13. But it's still a fun idea, yes. :-)
    I note that, maybe one day I will figure an easy way to do that and make it.

    14. yeah, I know… but unlikely to happen, unfortunately. I'm alone, not skilled at all and do all that on my spare time in a busy life.
    Expecting a full-time-full-team RPG work out of this, it's fun but unlikely.
    Aside from that, there's plenty of small hentai RPG out there. And I feel like it would be a big waste of time to do one more, when there's so much other stuff to do that is never done ! (where are the fucking animated and customized tensome ??? It should be the base of any game, yooooo !)

    15. Loool, whipping is "extreme" ? But I get your point, and as it's already been asked, I will work on that.
    What are "whore tattoos" ? Oh, never mind, I figure.

    16. but I need it to test stuff I program, looool ! (no time to program backdoors)

    17. noted. It's just I have no idea on how to add clothes of that kind. A black shirt, black jean and black hair with big eyeliner option, that doesn't make it ?
    Yeah, no, maybe some more tattoos, black lipstick and spike stuff, you're right.

    18. Hmm, could be tricky, and "ahoy, animation glitches ahead, captain !", but could be done.

    19. No I think about it too, don't worry.

    20. see my answer to 1. :-)

    21. elegant and useful. Noted.

  • Mattis says:

    For bdsm, agree with both of you, lol !

    Geo : as sponsors don't want my game (what is wrong with people out there ?? … say the guy who program rape games, lol), and as funny-games logo were already on my game, it's cool he put it on his site.

  • Mattis says:

    Thx !

    I will try to program a "continue" option, yes, it seems to me also it could be more fun like that !

  • anetos akoma says:

    1. So let's say you got 2 girls on the stage, girl A and girl B both with 100% fertility.

    You pick girl A, pass the humiliation stage, then you are allowed the threesome.

    So in the sex stage you pick girl B. Now you are still fucking girl A, but girl B has also joined.

    Now you switch (via the controls below the sex animation (i don't mean the "switch" button, i mean the buttons that appear below the animation)) from girl A to girl B.

    So now you are fucking girl B instead. Now, if you finish with girl B, you get her pregnant, and the sex animation will continue with girl A (you don't have to pick her again or pass the humiliation stage again it just jumps to the sex stage). Now, if you continue and finish with girl A you won't get her pregnant. In the beggining i thought it was just their fertility, but i've tried it over and over to confirm it and i'm positive it's a bug.

    8. I also preferred the clothed version tbh especially in some cases, however it seemed like it was just my imagination helping. I would prefer it if you could actually choose "tear a hole" or "undress" before the sex scene, (and also include auto-1 or auto-2) not because i want to have the option, but because i want to be sure that's what's meant to be happening, you know ? It kinda adds to the whole "the maker has thought about this ;) " area. I mean you still won't get to see it, (although you could after you finish with them, say, with cum leaking?) but you will know for certain that that's what's happening.

    It's like the "knocked up" phrase appearing. If you have unprotected vaginal sex with a woman, it's most likely you'll get her pregnant. But the phrase actually makes it certain that that's what's happened. I don't know if you get me :)

    In titfucks i guess the hole would be unnecessary since you can do it with the clothes on anyway. Anyway though, this is a minor issue.

    11. Is it? I've played glitchy games like the "crystal" adventure thingie (don't remember the name, but i mean the newer adventure style one where you get to choose your character between a human warrior, a fox space marshal and a rabbit wizard?) and there are tons of scenes were other characters join in. Maybe get some ideas from there?

    12. I basically mean that for example when you are holding a girl upside down and forcing her onto the dick, at some point her face is covered by the male model's leg. The model's leg however looks kinda "chopped up".

    14. Yeah you're right. It's cool enough it has upgrades to be honest. Gotta love those.

    15. By whore tattoos i don't mean slutty tattoos (although of course that's cool) I mean tattoos that you forced her to have by blackmailing or whatever before, or after, you had sex with her.

    16. Many people will be upset with me if you change this, but i feel it's "too easy" to just get a scene you want without finishing the game. I think that the player should have to finish the whole game before being able to choose the scene he wants. Or, he would have to unlock different races for the girls, or tattoos, or whatever, i don't know. I just think the free mode should be (at least a bit) difficult to get.

    Of course if you need it to test your game out, you can keep a free version for you (and testers), and a locked version for the players.

  • anetos akoma says:

    17. Yes, goths/emo/etc don't just wear black everything. Their makeup would consist of weird colors/combinations of colors (usually purple and black do the trick) and their hair can mostly be black but have other colors as well (like black with pink dyes here and there, etc.). Also, their clothes, usually have a band, or a skull, or whatever. In the stage "babysitter" where you have a "woman of a teenager" that's what i was expecting.

    18. They could just be included as watching, since i doubt they'd like the same thing again, or even trying to stop you to no avail. This could also be done automatically and raise the difficulty bar a bit. Also, after you've impregnated them, if they're to sit in the background, they could be animated. The simplest animation i can think of is their tears running instead of staying stable.

    PS: about your game being awesome, i do indeed think that, otherwise i wouldn't get into the trouble of saying my suggestions. I've played other games that i thought were good but didn't so much like the main idea. Anyway, personally, i prefer animated porn, (images and games – not movies) because no harm is done, and no money goes to people who do nothing but are just having sex. This comes with the exception of scenario-based porn movies which usually have a tremendous input towards their scenario (such as most of salieri films), which i also consider art. However, i'd still prefer those to be animated or game-like, rather than having real "actors". Like a line in family guy said "It's not prostitution if you're filming it" i also think it's ridiculous. You can have a cartoon do whatever the hell you want it to do, just don't do it to a human person (and it's being done even if it's their choice). Sorry about this whole philosophical monologue.

    I also thought about something else. I've seen in games, when you change pose and the transition isn't animated, a "puff" plays the role of the transition. When i say "puff" i mean something like an animated cloud, for a very short time, covering the models. Anyway.

    That's all, thanks for listening (again) :)

  • wizao says:

    This game is so AWESOME !!!!
    Oh please please please make lots of anal !!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ♥

  • Jinx says:

    Mattis: Don't remember if I said before but I love the demon skin.

    I had an idea for the x-some: Have girls eat each other's pussies in a line, insert the guy at any place. He can fuck the girl in front and have the girl in back rim him as the rest eat each other out.

    Also random observation: some of the "fat guy" animations have the cock going through his stomach. Any way to remedy those?

  • Mattis says:

    11. Yeah, I invite you to read previous posts to get the one about public participation.

    In the game you talk about, it's the same as my threesome poses : main character remains the central one, so the game structure don't change.
    In KOPC, the problem is other dudes could take the place of the main character, which can lead to a tons of bugs or complicate situations.

    Take a simple spit roasting pose : one guy is sucked, one guy fucked.
    If fucking-guy is not the main character, does the game should allow click-progressing ?
    If sucked-guy is main character, does this count as foreplay pose ?
    What if you want to put two non-main characters ?
    What if you AND another guy are fucking the girl : click-progressing should make which one cum in first ?
    Whatever the choice, what if you want the opposite, or both, or none ?
    What if you want non-main character to be able to impregnant the girl ?
    What about swapping, like in x-some ?

    Tons of situations, none of them stupid, all of them interesting to make work.
    So, big problem that need a lot of thinking before making anything too quickly and being unable to come back to it.
    But just like x-some, with time I'm sure I'll be able to think about a good, efficient and simple way to make it all work !

    It's all about patience, with KoPC ;-)


    For philosophical discussion about porn, I would love to dig deeper in, but it's a very complicated debate (I would have more success convincing people the sun is purple with green dots, I think), and I'm hypersensitive and shocked on the subject (given the kind of sick stuff I find enjoyable in hentai and my absence of limits, believe me, my porn traumas are not result of a naive, ignorant and puritan state of mind…)

    So, let's skip it and just say I agree with your premisses ;-)


    For the rest, I noted and will think about everything, thx for the extended commentary ! :-)

  • Mattis says:

    Thx big time for the support !!
    You should be able to obtain anal x-ray sex by clicking on the "switch" button at the bottom left, on all sex poses (and active x-ray option of course).
    For the moment that's all we have, I hope you like it !

  • Mattis says:

    Yeah, fat guy limbs are a problem.
    In fact, all limbs are a problem, given how I stretch them in all ways possible.
    Maybe I could find time to animate the big belly separatly, one day ? (it could dodge the problem)

    For pussies in line, I'm not sure I get it.
    Could you give me a screenshot or draw some picture to help me get the stuff ?

  • Rebby says:

    any plans on making a game with a female main character having sex with multiple male ones?

  • Rebby says:

    Edit: like a "Queen of whores" type

  • anetos akoma says:

    Hmm you are right about these questions. Since the main character is supposed to be the one who impregnates, then it should be that noone else does. That is to say, they are either just sucked, or, if they are about to cum inside and you're the one who's being sucked (and you're also about to cum), your character automatically hits them and cums inside instead.

    I also think that at any point, you could either have an x-some with males and one female, or females and one male. That would solve a lot of stuff. Also, in cases where the public isn't present, you could introduce other pre-made characters who are friends or relatives of the main one. (and he just calls them up) or something. But there should be some sort of penalty for using them (like they can only be used once per three stages played, or they are unlocked the more stages you buy, etc.)

    click progressing should always make the main character come inside first – since that's what the game's about. the other characters would either be sucked off, or prevented to come inside by the main character (who could, like i said, hit them and take their place automatically in the last sequence).

    the non-main character can never impregnate the girl, simply because you want your seed to be passed on, not theirs. I'm not so sure though if that's the line you were aiming to follow. Anyway.

  • I love this game please include a BDSM, a gangbang, more rape scenes, a office work sex, a bunny hose, a brothel, more pose for adult and young, a thresoome, foursome dick sucking and well the posibilito to chance a girl when hes sucking.
    i love this game

  • Mattis says:

    Is that it ? Loool, what a machine-gun of requests you got here :-)

    For gangbang and threesome : the game already contain threesomes, foursome and fivesome. Just dig deeper in it.

    For bunny hose : what is it ? You got a picture of this ? If you talk about bunny costume scene, there's two scenario with it, already in the game.

    For brothel/BDSM : there's already plenty of hentai games depicting brothel and BDSM stuff, so it's not my priority for the moment.
    But I don't say I will not do it, I just say if it comes, it will come a little after some more original or urgent stuff.

    For office work sex : noted.

    For more poses : already planned.

    For dick sucking : I'm not sure what you describe, but x-some foreplay positions already been asked, so don't worry it will come.

  • Mattis says:

    Already been asked by a girl user.
    It could be done (more likely if a lot of people ask for it), but as it's not the main concept of the game, it's difficult.
    A lot of games start with a girl character having sex with a lot of dudes.
    As my game starts with the opposite, it will imply doing a lot of work, from creating every men, re-doing every scenario (because they talk about girls), creating every pose, and mostly changing the goal of the game (getting women pregnant, with all upgrades, scores and impregnation counts)

    That quite a entirely new game, somehow.

    So I'm not saying I will not try to do it someday, I just say it could takes time and it's not easy.

    But suggest women/men scenarios that fit in the game spirit, maybe it will give me enough ideas or atmosphere insight to be able to work efficiently on it !

  • Mattis says:

    It's a point of view and obvious way of dealing with those questions, of course.

    But neither your idea of it nor mine are relevant, as it's obvious whatever we do, people will want the rest of options we didn't do.

    So it's more of a "how to offer every possibility of gameplay imaginable in one simple game".
    It's not impossible, but it takes time, for me, to figure out those stuff.
    So let's be patient, one day will come when we will have everything ;-)

  • anetos akoma says:

    You're generally right, people will always want the stuff you didn't do. However, in rock-candy games for example, the creator never does vaginal. And in one game, he had the option for vaginal but when you clicked it the button would break down for instance, or something else would prevent you, and it was his way of saying "f-off" you know?

    in the end, our art is ours alone. The rest of the world may like it or dislike it according to their own tastes. The only thing they can provide us with is their feedback and suggestions. But they can never say "this game is shit because it doesn't have this particular thing i wanted" because if it doesn't, then it's not for that person :P

    But do you want to make a game that applies to absolutely everyone ? That is possible, of course, but at what cost? The game would take ages of hard work with minimum income from it. And what about "less pleasant" and "more extreme" fetishes? Clearly, each one is entitled to his/her views, but this shouldn't shackle you, the creator. Even if you wanted to say "right, this is the final version of this game, now f-off and if i have something new i'll post it" that would be fine by me, since "you're the boss" and if you think that, then maybe that's the way it has to be :)

    Anyway, i've gone into philosophical discussions again. I'll stop here. See you around man

  • Mattis says:

    Good point. Already thought about that since years, although, so this is hardly new concepts, lol :-)

    My position in all this is somewhere between all that.
    It's all a matter of compromises, time and timing.
    Given time, all you could do become slowly all you already did. So experience tell me I can't say anything for the future, so we better rise our expectations, 'cause maybe it will happen !

  • luke manner says:

    You add a davil, why not add alien girls and to add too the brutaly he should be able to have sex with the preganet girls aswhile.

  • A couple of things:
    In Stage 5 of the Miss Cutie Contest, it should be "Awards" instead of "Rewards" on the Chalkboard. However, it is a bit of a reward for the "hero" (for lack of a better word), but I think the scene is meant to set up the girls.

    In the stand-up pose with two girls, his dick looks like it's outside the girl.

  • janko hrasko says:

    Hi. At first I must thank you for your awesome work! Seriously it is the best adult game I have ever played(who needs perfect graphics with so many custom possibilities and story yay)! Sex animations give much more freedom of creation than movies and I appreciate you do use it perfectly(in legal limits) and I am also fan of some unconventional stuff ;)

    I would like to offer some of my personal ideas, desires for the game.

    > new scenes
    -locker rooms: space for trainer+cheerleaders,sport players,… type of scenarios
    not original, I admit, but with quite wide use for story as they can be placed at almost any place(airport, school, swim. pool,..)
    -park, bus/metro station
    place for various people in various situations ;)
    second unoriginal idea.. But hey, how can anyone dislike stripbar?! :D

    > new costumes: some ideas connected with stated scenes
    -cheerleader,goth, ripped jeans, ripped Tshirt, ripped stocks/I like the sound of word "ripped" xD/, corset, nightgown,knee-high boots, maybe toga

    > new guy stuff:
    -tatoos (can be implemented as new type of body hair to avoid adding new custom model parts/also with and without hairs for max customization ;) )
    -new faces: sry, not very specific but appreciated(especially for black skin guy) and I must not forget BEARD! I really do miss it in guy customization

    >more scene-customized dialogues for main character, maybe even female chat bubbles. In my opinion this detail might improve overall atmosphere of the scene,scenario

    >scenario ideas, topics
    - my personal preferences for story ideas are similar to 1st, 2nd and 4th serie of lvls – specificaly some forced impregnation, teens, also some family contact/to avoid trouble just legally distant relatives or step-relatives/, old+young, cuckold and would like to see more of it

    > BDSM – in my opinion it fits perfectly in the game concept /I know I am not first one but I want to show there is one more fan of it ;)

    PS – I can offer some help with writing additional dialogues or maybe even offer some scanned hand-drawn sketches if you find it useful, just send me an email to

  • sweetsallyc says:

    Firstly, loving both the game and the concept. Really great work! As you've been inviting comments, here are a few thoughts for you. ;)

    1. Its a bit strange that when you 'switch' to the anal position and do a creampie, its possible to get the girl pregnant from it…intuitively, it should either work the same as putting the condom back on (ie, no pregnancy) or a separate bonus should apply – e.g. +0.1 to perversion multiplier. You could possibly still roll against the fertility percentage for success, but with something like "humiliated" in place of the floating pregnancy-related success texts?

    2. Fertility upgrades. At the moment, two of these seem out of place with the setting – aside from a couple of rare situations, its not clear why a fake impotency certificate would be relevant…or how the guy is going to magically ensure the girls are not on birth control. ;)

    As an alternative, you could consider upgrades aimed at directly the guy's ability to get the girls pregnant; if you wanted to add some customisation, the other the amount of cum the guy produces and the depth he can go to would be options – admittedly, only a bonus for those of us who turn on x-ray.

    3. On the x-ray note, can you make it persistent? Its a bit of a pain to have to keep turning it back on all the time. ;)

    4. The School. Everywhere else so far always has the guy putting the girls in an unwanted situation. The School is the exact opposite – the descriptions (and the fact that the class is always watching from the front row) gives the impression that the guy has been invited in quite willingly.

    Not sure if that was intentional, but some small tweaks could bring it back in line with the rest, such as ambushing one of the students after a sex ed class to give her a personal lesson, collecting a debt from the teacher by taking her in front of her class, etc. I'd default to not having the class watching from the front in most cases, although a couple peeking round the door in some scenes could be good…

    Also, some surprising missed opportunities for an event with the teacher and a student (or two), rival cheerleaders and jumping some girls before/after the prom (admittedly, might require a new clothing set). I'd personally be happy to lose Fame and Pride, Punishment and Miss Cutie for those three. ;)

    4. Scene ideas. Three scenes for you to think about; one where a husband has to watch his wife and two daughters get a pounding; one where a younger guy has to watch his sister get taken, and a wedding party with the bride and bridesmaids…

    5. Names. Is it possible to make these editable in Free mode? Also, why isn't the birthday girl Rebecca actually at her own birthday party? ;)

    6. Other guys. Already been suggested (including by you), but just wanted to agree it'd be great to have crowd involvement and/or another guy on the scene in some situations.

    7. Other settings. Maybe at the beach, so you can make a bit more use of the swimwear clothing (and get some tourists in trouble while you're at it). Something with a car at the side of the road might work well too – amazing the sticky situations girls can get into behind the wheel. Plus it'd make a convenient place for the guy to take a couple of teenagers away from their families.

    And if you're do go with Draco's suggestion of an office (please do!), make sure that that the boss's or a friend's daughters end up on the menu after the guy has promised to look after them while he's working late or on a lunch break. Kind person that he is. ;)


  • Mattis says:

    Hmm, good point.
    I note that, will see what I can do !

  • Mattis says:

    I have put down all this, much thx for the support !!
    I would be glad to receive some help, and I will contact you for more discussion about that :-)

  • Mattis says:

    1. good point, I completely silver screen that ! Will be fixed !

    2. another good point ! I don't think I can really tweak animations for amount of cum or deep thing, but I should give it thoughts.

    3. Already planned, yes, it annoys me too :-)

    4. All scenarios are first shoots and raw material, don't forget all the game, options, scenarios and everything else are rushed since the beginning of the game.
    I never really had the time to do anything quite good enough.
    That's why I usually come back on a lot of stuff and improving tons of small details at each upgrades.

    For something as inspiring as "the school" concept, for example, we could add tons of new scenarios, of course, and it will surely happen with time.

    Aside from that, there's always "the creator view" problem (I love the "watching classroom" and the twisted reality of "public somehow admitted rape"), but I'm not close to addition, as you saw, and more classic japanese "after school special scenarii" could be add in the future, I got no problem with that. (except I find this less fun, but that's not a reason not to do it)

    4. Yeah, love the ideas ! (even if bride stuff would require a ton of work) Just try to be patient, I go as fast as I can to catch up with the dozen ideas of everyone (and hundreds of my own ideas too)

    5. Rebecca's a bug, will fix it.
    For the rest, throw me names if you want, I can add them.
    But you would prefer a free custom option ?
    That's more difficult, mainly because people will want to create their own name database, right after that, and I'm not sure I could program that.

    6. Always good to weight in, it helps me prioritize ideas.

    7. Noted ! (it seems people have more ideas of sets than everything else. I got at least 12 more sets to do, lol !)

  • anetos akoma says:

    I wanted to ask something out of the game "king of porn city" but i don't know where to put it. So i'm just going to ask here.
    Will there be any other game like "take turns" ?
    Would you include that scene-style in this game ?
    Though i understand this is a huge project for you, i'd look forward to another game in that style (preferably larger/with more options than that/a scenario maybe). I once saw an rpg game (gloryhole rpg?) where you were in control of a girl sucking off guys in gloryholes for money to get into university. That was quite poor in terms of complexity but was really well made with good (for a free game at least) gameplay. Would you consider doing something like that?

    I know you probably have enough work with this game as it is, but i'm asking because i think "take turns" would be a cool game if it was something more than what it is.

  • Mattis says:

    Gloryhole (as well as a most of meet'n'fuck modern games) was quite impressive and entertaining, yes !
    Among the best ones I've played on those kind of stuff, even if it's not mainly my taste.

    So, for your question : I make KoPC because I'm not capable of /good at making small games like "take turns".
    What is the most difficult for me is to draw the main characters.
    It's freaking annoying and hard for me, it takes most of my energy. That and the main interface.
    (I tried to find solutions to make the process easier countless times, but never find anything, hélas…)

    That done, tweaking the stuff I already have is easier, and the more is done, the easier it gets.
    So that's why it's easier for me to add 6 poses, 2 modes, 12 custom options and 4 scenarii in KoPC than to do a simple girl animation like "take turns". (I exagerate, but you get the idea)

    So I'm not saying "never" or "impossible", but it's unlikely, as it's far more fun and easier for me, for now at least, to improve KoPC.

    But as I always did, I will come back on trying anyway, I know myself. So who knows ?

  • itssomeguy says:

    Amazing game so far! I only have two possible requests.

    1. The ability to have sex and cum in the women you've already gotten pregnant in that stage.

    2. The option for an animation showing their belly swelling as you cum in them. You already have them instantly getting pregnant so why not add a hot transition?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for your support ! (keep it coming !)

    1. already been asked several times, and already approved !
    I can even say it's worked on and could be release soon !

    2. you mean like rock-candy stuff ?
    Hmm… uneasy to do, because like cum drowling out of holes, KoPC engine do not handle the body angles.
    I mean there are tons of sex poses, in which bellies are upside down, or inverted, or at 45°, or 67°, or 5,3364°.
    Swelling bellies would mean to know where the floor is, each time, to know if the swelling must goes up, down, drop, and at what angle and speed.
    It's a problem I try to solve since the beginning, because I would love to see vaginas dripping with cum (which is essentially the same thing), for example, but I never found a way to do it easily. (because yes, I could spend entire weeks working on a "pose by pose" swelling, but that's not a good option if we want to get somewhere with this game, lol)

    So… unlikely for now, except if you find a way to solve this "gravity" problem with a surprising and efficient solution. :/

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