New game out : Teens in Trouble, episode 1 !

Hi, my gorgeous hentai enjoyers!

So, as announced, the new game is out!!
A month ago one of you contact me to propose me some drawing help for KoPC.
It happens from time to time : people propose help, and it’s most welcome!
Problem is it’s often not followed or not “adequat” to “help” me, and would bring far more work than it spares, so it just doesn’t happen, alas.
It was the case here, but this guy agrees to jump the gap, and comes to a place of much more usefulness, so we could try something new, together.
So I tried to teach him the basics I know about flash vector drawing, and the magic happens!

And now, you can enjoy our first collab work!
So, big round of applause for Crazy-X, people!
Enjoy his drawing talent, in this new serie of hentai flash games!
Congratulate his effort, and we will push this further, there’s tons of ideas left to do, if we follow-up on them and support it!

For this first episode, we try something easy, to learn to know each other.
So I directed it in a comfort zone, without too much new challenge, given this first collab’ was already a very big one in itself on so many levels for both of us.
Ended up with a very “YTPP 3″ thingy, you’ll see, but I wanted this serie to be apart, so Crazy-X work can be clearly identified, if in the future we pull out lots of games together.

Anyway, back to the present, enjoy what’s at hand!

Here goes Teens in Trouble episode 1 : Daring Girl, Rude Lunch !

Proudly sponsored by, once again, enjoy and spread the word !

Nom nom nom, have a good lunch, Rude!

Nom nom nom, have a good lunch, Rude!

Have fun with that, don’t forget to tell us what you like in it, support the hard work, and eat vegetables! (or not, lol :p)
Excelsior !

  • Stormy says:

    good to see colab’s I have a question on this one though, I unlocked bonus at the end, clicked it and it seems to turn everyone hair pink, so I played through and once it got to the egg and sperm it just locked on that minigame, no matter how many times hit it never progressed further, is there a difference in the bonus aside from it being stuck in that mini just before the end?

    • Mattis says:

      Bonus mode block certain stuff, but should offer you tons of additionnal custom buttons to play with. (like prego mode, stripping option, juice everytime if wanted, unlimited access to scenes, etc…)

  • deus says:

    I havent played it yet…
    But the game keeps getting better..
    I mean each new game, the details and drawings are getting better…
    I love it..

  • Anynywhat says:

    Hey, im wondering KOPC and all your other game are legit, right? (im from canada)

    • Mattis says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by that.
      You mean are they legal ?
      To that : no.
      At least not that I know, because they depicted rape (among other stuff), which is forbidden by law in almost all country.

      Still the same old problem : the laws are the same for “drawings & hentai” and “real porn”.
      So, all that is strictly forbidden in porn (”porn” meaning in that case “productions on any media shared/sold to adult public for any purpose whatsoever”) : rape, underage depiction, bestiality, etc… is also forbidden in hentai.

      Oh, and all stuff involving potential exchange of body fluids, too.
      Meaning…. all kind of unprotected sex whatsoever, for example.
      Yep, completely forbidden in almost every country, too.
      Eye opener, right ?

      In the end, I don’t risk a lot.
      So much porn & hentai everywhere, and I’m not a big fish.
      But strictly speaking, no, my games aren’t legal.
      And I just facepalm every time I hear “but everyone does it, so it’s ok!” : face court, you will see how much this argument will convince them and avoid you prison time and tremendous fines, lol!
      No, it’s not ok, yes, it’s still illegal, but I’m adult, I assume, I take the risk, and do my games.
      But I refuse to hide between easy lies, because it convinced people, with time, that all of this WAS legal, when it has never been.

      But maybe I misunderstood the question ?

  • Max says:

    Really like the girl’s face in this one and the Breakout mini game,
    Not sure about the way he’s ‘roided out more then usual, but its a great collabaration from the both of you.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the feedback ;)
      He’s roided more because Crazy-X was able to draw it properly, that’s all ;)
      It’s how Rude is supposed to look like ;)
      (less some body hairs)

  • WC Gordan says:

    Now this is the most gross variation of Breakout that I have ever seen.

    • Mattis says:

      It’s just a prototype, you haven’t seen nothin’ ;)
      (even if some stuff were alas impossible to do, like making the bricks looks like the clothes, so you can destroy them brick by brick)

  • HaHaHa no says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that you don’t actually have to play the minigames in this game to get to the next stage? all ya gotta do is hit launch and it does the rest for ya.
    Oh and good work as always. :3
    although the Ronald Mcdonald mod scares me… ._.” wish there was a way to turn it off lol.

    • Mattis says:

      As it seems players got a very hard time playing my minigames (all of them have received numerous complains), I thought doing a regular breakout would kill everyone, lol.
      So, I adapted it. But touching the bottom still slow the ball down each time, which multiply the time needed to complete.

      And for clown skin, just click “change skin” button, lol ;)

  • hartaberherzlich says:

    Congratulations to your first collaboration! The graphics of Crazy-X is very well done. I love the hidden features. Keep the good work going! I am waiting to see the results of your next cooperation.

  • Ronaldo says:

    awesome game

  • Savare says:

    Did not enjoy.

  • Masturminator says:

    Hi, the game is very difficult but good. I want more positions and rape. Thanks much.

  • zacx666 says:

    What’s the music used for the game?

    also, nice game ;)

  • Jaccq says:

    I love these and I like to see the way they improve every game. This is probably one of my favorites of yours, and now Crazy-x too! I can’t wait for more.