Brace your shelves, update is coming…

Hi my beautiful ones!

Just to inform you I’m doing last work on next KoPC update!
It doesn’t come up as quick as I would want it too, but it’s a matter of days, now.
I try to finish up new locations, to pack up last good visible things before release, after working so hard on the engine.
You should have fun with the new stuff, and tons of new scenarios and campaigns to explore, lol ;)

That’s all folks, I get back to work!

  • N7 says:

    I really love your games great work fucking girls till they’re Pregnant and even Pregnant girls is awesome also cant wait for the next KoPC update.Btw few lil crasy thoughts of mine see i really love the Dog scene at the Subway tho would be great to have the option to move the Dog to other locations. Another thought is; see the game has so many taboos and brakes so many rules in a horny way ;) why not get the age at 16 or for those who like below or Brother Sister stuff also for those who like and i think that are many out there ??? Anyway great work and congratulation for nearly 2 million views – kinda shows you’ve done everything right =D

    • Mattis says:

      Update is coming, uploading on sponsor site seems to take more time than expected, lol ;)

      Thx for the support, nice to see the hard work pleasing so much and so many people ;) (even if I have no idea where you get your “2 millions views”)

      For dog, occasions to use it elsewhere are plenty, it’s just one of those countless things I focus on or not when working on KoPC, there’s no real problem to diversify its use.
      Will try, next time ;)

      For taboos : taboos aren’t all equals, lol ;)
      Regarding everything, but regarding law especially.

      For incest : there’s already some incest scenarios here and there. Just not a specific campaign about it.
      And it would just be illogic for Rude character to have some sisters he didn’t already fucked ages ago, for main campaign, that’s why I tend to use more ‘distant’ relatives to keep the possibility ‘realist’.

  • N7 says:

    KoPC got 1.900.255 views on the Sponsorpage well almost 2 million lol.Anyway im looking foreward to the update.Thanks for the anwser keep the good work up ;) Btw youre right to always keep an eye on the Law.

  • john says:

    And it’s up now.