Photo shoot

Hi there !

First : check the previous news and blog posts, there’s been a lot of changes and improvments lately ! 
Then, today’s news : 
- Fix on custom freckles (unable to disappear)
- Small corrections on dialog/pregnant panels that weren’t in the right places.
- Custom age/fertility !
- New adult stand/sit poses ! (better visual effect, lol)
- Glasses and 2 tattoos added for girls ! (in game and in custom)
- 2 additionnal hair color for girls !
- Hair color choice for dudes ! 
And big cheese : 
- Photo studio stage added, with its 4 scenarii !!
- New pose : adult top back !!
- New pose : suck 69 !! (young version, no adult version for the moment)
- Half new pose : first part of “fivesome” !!! (meaning you can have five some, but you can’t fuck third and fourth girl for the moment, it takes hours to animate those stuff !)

So, all and all, a bunch of my own ideas and a bunch of yours.
Hope you like that, and hope you will say it !

(Reload previous ‘kopc_25.swf’ for changes)

Diving down the gullet ! 

Looking great, isn’t it ?

Those hips don’t lie…



1) – Comments !!! Thousand of comments !!! (thx for those who gave some !!!)

2) – Spread the word about the game and send it everywhere you can !!! (thx for those who take time to do that !!!)

3) – I made a new creampie sequence on ‘deeper’ pose, and ask you what you think of it (do we keep it and apply to every other pose ? Do we forget it ?)
No one answered.
Please don’t skip my questions like that, it just slows down the process of making this game even better ! 
So buckle up, test the pose and answer !!!

  • keyote says:

    More suggestions!

    1) new themes:
    Office building: vs lawyers, police, government/mayor, etc.
    Dark Alley: vs heroines and heroine teams :)

    2) new mechanic: scoring is done through speed and pregnancy. The faster you cum in them, the more points you get and if you get them pregnant, you get a solid lump of points. New mechanic, have another meter that shows how close to orgasming they are, each time they orgasm, their pregnancy chance increases. With careful timing of clicks, you could get them to orgasm several times before you do between the different stages. So you lose points to time but increase chance of getting them pregnant.

    3) ability to switch poses between the different stages.

  • Mattis says:

    1) noted.
    2) interesting idea, I put that in my thinking-cap-melting-pot.
    3) already into developement ;-)

  • Mattis says:

    Thx ! :-)
    But it's kind of hidden still, I'm afraid people could pass right through it without noticing this excellent possibility !

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