Platypus Stronginus

Hi my beautiful ones !

Just a heads-up ! Physically ill and heartsick for a week, now, but YTPP 3 is still progressing !


Emma ? Is that you ?

Doing my best to progress, but not easy, lol, and I haven’t heard anything back from Crazy-X or my sponsor for future big projects, for now

But I’ll keep you posted, as usual. Hope I’ll feel better to get back on tracks, though, programming with exploding headaches is a challenge I could do without ;)

  • dutchlove says:

    Damn, that looks pretty good. Hope that you guys put an oral sex part in there this time – bj’s are the best!

    • ballisticwaffles says:

      I am not going to lie, the thought of an Emma Watson BJ makes my nethers tingle.

    • Mattis says:

      Can’t disagree with that !
      Alas, BJ’s are very hard to make ! (at least for me)

      Must say it’s not planned in this edition, triple alas :/
      (which is especially hard to tweak. Those half-profile poses are a mess to animate and offers very few possibility, compared to side-views like KoPC !)
      So, you can still hope for some miracle. I know I will try, anyway, but don’t bet too much on that, and I hope you’ll still enjoy the hard work for what exists, and not what lacks :/ (I know it’s not easy, trust me)

  • mart says:

    That’s a fine looking gal.

  • simon says:

    Cute! Can’t wait to slap her

  • Moon Dew says:

    Hey, know this is not a KoPC post, but there’s a bug with the game, I can’t change the main character’s body type or color.

    • Mattis says:

      That’s…. unfortunate !
      I tested it today, and it works perfectly fine on every context I tried it.
      So, it’s on your side, alas, it’s not the game :/

      Maybe your screen is too small, so some invisible layers of advertising or stuff are covering the proper game buttons ?
      (I know it can happens, on web navigation, depending on several variables and specifity of people’s machine. But that don’t usually comes from the site or games themselves)

  • Ash says:

    Hi Mattis, how’s the progress? Hope you’re better now. Getting impatient for YTPP3! :P