Unstoppable !!

Hi again ! (again ??)

First : check the previous news and blog posts, there’s been a lot of changes and improvments lately ! 

Let’s skip to the point, today’s updates (a lot of good ones) :
1) – I tweak the sweat on girls, for better looking on dark skins.
2) – Small improvments on ’stand up back’ pose and ’suck’ pose.
3) – A fix on scenario related dialogs (which disappeared between updates)
4) – New scenario : ‘Family Ties’, involving mother/daughter (because I love when redshock go in shock :-p)
5) – New ’strip all’ button (the little blue bar/button near ’strip’ column), because we earn it !
6) – African/dark skin for girls !!
7) – Arabs/tan skin for girls !!!
8) – Usual interface upgrades (with new races options for custom mode. Not exactly like ’skin’ choice, because hair color or eye type can be contained in those new ones)
9) – A new creampie test sequence for ‘deeper’ pose. I will be back on that.

And for biggest stuff (because previous ones were not that small !) :
10) – New pose : ‘adult stuffed’ !! (for adult girls obviously) 
11) – New threesome pose : ’stay put’ !! 
12) – Residual girls, creamed or pregnant depending of the result of the scene ! 
Many of us thought and discussed about it, and it was hell to program, but now it works…. somehow… most of times. (but you can’t replay girls already finished)
And as everyone got his/her own taste on that, there’s a button on the bottom-left of playing interface where you can choose what you prefer to see/not see : creamed, pregnant, both, none.
So everyone’s happy.
And the button is kept in memory, also. (I know, I work my ass a lot those days on this game !)

(Reload previous ‘kopc_25.swf’ for changes)

Christmas again : africans, arabs, pregnancy, new pose, etc !

Adult stuffed… when is thanksgiving anyway ?



1) – Comments !!! Thousand of comments !!!

2) – Spread the word about the game and send it everywhere you can !!!

3) – Give me ideas for threesome, foursome, fivesome and more (up to ten-some !), with one guy and multiple girls and side view, I mean, which I could put in the game. (if you have pictures that’s even better)

4) – I made a new creampie sequence (more nervous) in ‘deeper’ sex pose, please test it and tell me if you prefer the original one or this new one !

  • new uptades great,especially adult stuffed.but new threesome pose has some problems.ı know you will fix that.ı think you can add a new suck pose with 2 girls.one girl suck dick other girl licks balls like that.

  • ı see your game in gamesofdesire.com . It's great.

  • Jinx says:

    Sorry to complain, Mattis, but the ponytail bug is back.

  • Mattis says:

    Yeah, great news !!!
    Already more comments than in here, lol ^^
    (and on an old version !)

  • Mattis says:

    Threesome pose : what problems ??
    New suck pose : good idea !

  • Mattis says:

    Shit, I forgot it again.
    I'll fix this right now.

  • jedijay says:

    Thought about 'standing 69' suck poses? May help if you intend to include multiple women for it.

    Any chance of getting women to sit on faces? Either the male character's or each others?

    Could you add some happy/pleasure mouths on the women?

    Great work! Keep it up!

  • Marcin Smok says:

    Can you fix the problem when girls wear skirt when they're fucking? Penis just go though the skirt and this is not real:)

  • Once again excellent work. However I do believe that the ages of the mother and daughter in family ties are to close together.

  • Not bad, not bad at all! Very nice…

    Though I do wish you could set the age, name and perhaps fertility parameters for custom-made girls.

    Perhaps you could also figure out a way to make girls outside a level, and when you go into one it might load up one of them? I dunno how complex that is (I'm a Visual Basic kinda guy, not Flash), but it'd be interesting.

    Also, the Mom and Daughter are too close in age. Unless it's supposed to be younger and elder sister (which, to be fair, is totally cool too :) )

  • Mattis says:

    Noted, will be fixed :-)

  • Mattis says:

    I tried to fix that problem a long time ago, but it's too complex, hélas !
    But maybe one day I will figure a way, so keep supporting the game ! :-)

  • Mattis says:

    Happy/pleasured women are not really my field of imagination, as you surely noticed ;-)
    So, it's possible, but not really the aim of the game right now. (maybe one day, who knows ?)

    For 69' poses, I tried some, but that's uneasy. But I will keep working on it.
    For face sitting, yes it's possible, don't worry, that will come. (surely faster now that I know it's awaited)

    Keep supporting the game !

  • Mattis says:

    For age, name and fertility, it's expectable, yes.
    I don't know where I will put buttons for that, but I will work on it.

    For saving girls patterns… I just never thought of that, but why not ?

    For mom and daughter, noted, will be fixed.
    (and good point about younger and elder sister, lol !)

  • VulmerCave2 says:

    Great work! I have been loving so far.
    I have one little question or suggestion (depending on whether it is a bug, I am to dumb to figure out how it works or it is not implemented yet): Is it possible to have three-or foursome in free mode?

  • Mattis says:

    It should be possible, yes.
    It's not working ? Got to fix that…

  • VulmerCave2 says:

    I find it most exemplary how active you are.
    It is a great thing to see that there are still some people which are constantly working on their project.
    I take my hat off to you Mattis, excellent work.=)

  • Mattis says:

    My hat to people like you also !
    I would not do all that without comments, support, donations and all !
    Like any difficult work, that's gratifications that mainly gives energy and motivation. Without it, the building would crush down quickly :-)

    On another subject, I found the problem on x-some in freeplay.
    The fix will be release on next update.

  • luke manner says:

    I still cannot see the pregent girls, when im finish with one she
    vinish,how can i get her back in the room while she is pregent?

  • luke manner says:

    Can you add sex with pregent girls and alien females aswhile with a some guro just for fun, also i would like to see the girls cum aswhile when he brakes them.

  • luke manner says:

    I love your game,I hope you can add the girls belly getting big when he cums in them and a story mode, and some virgins along with upgrading his penis and rought sex just like iyouchuu shoku anime, stoamch bolge and all, keep up the good work your doing. too me this game is better then bone town.

  • Mattis says:

    For pregnant girl sex : yes, it's planned.

    For alien females : would be strange, given the point of the game, but could happen, yes.

    For stuff with blood (virgins, guro, etc…) : very unlikely, I don't like that, so it would be too much difficult for me to program it. So probably no.

    For bolge and all : hard to do, but why not :-)

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