Unstoppable !!

Hi again ! (again ??)

First : check the previous news and blog posts, there’s been a lot of changes and improvments lately ! 

Let’s skip to the point, today’s updates (a lot of good ones) :
1) – I tweak the sweat on girls, for better looking on dark skins.
2) – Small improvments on ’stand up back’ pose and ’suck’ pose.
3) – A fix on scenario related dialogs (which disappeared between updates)
4) – New scenario : ‘Family Ties’, involving mother/daughter (because I love when redshock go in shock :-p)
5) – New ’strip all’ button (the little blue bar/button near ’strip’ column), because we earn it !
6) – African/dark skin for girls !!
7) – Arabs/tan skin for girls !!!
8) – Usual interface upgrades (with new races options for custom mode. Not exactly like ’skin’ choice, because hair color or eye type can be contained in those new ones)
9) – A new creampie test sequence for ‘deeper’ pose. I will be back on that.

And for biggest stuff (because previous ones were not that small !) :
10) – New pose : ‘adult stuffed’ !! (for adult girls obviously) 
11) – New threesome pose : ’stay put’ !! 
12) – Residual girls, creamed or pregnant depending of the result of the scene ! 
Many of us thought and discussed about it, and it was hell to program, but now it works…. somehow… most of times. (but you can’t replay girls already finished)
And as everyone got his/her own taste on that, there’s a button on the bottom-left of playing interface where you can choose what you prefer to see/not see : creamed, pregnant, both, none.
So everyone’s happy.
And the button is kept in memory, also. (I know, I work my ass a lot those days on this game !)

(Reload previous ‘kopc_25.swf’ for changes)

Christmas again : africans, arabs, pregnancy, new pose, etc !

Adult stuffed… when is thanksgiving anyway ?



1) – Comments !!! Thousand of comments !!!

2) – Spread the word about the game and send it everywhere you can !!!

3) – Give me ideas for threesome, foursome, fivesome and more (up to ten-some !), with one guy and multiple girls and side view, I mean, which I could put in the game. (if you have pictures that’s even better)

4) – I made a new creampie sequence (more nervous) in ‘deeper’ sex pose, please test it and tell me if you prefer the original one or this new one !