KoPC June update ! (hell yeah !)

Hi, my beautiful ones !
As promised, several thingies in this funny update, even if it’s slightly less than usual, given we didn’t gathered funding goal, so I wasn’t able to create as much free time to work things out as usual ! (but it was still well efficient efforts using the few bucks we had, as you’ll see !)

Bug fixed :
- name condition not reseting
- blood cock at exit of sex scene (virgin option problem)
- bottle / strip pole bonus pose not showing proper object
- futa dick not attached properly
- adult camera bonus pose problems.

Dog works (upon several wishes made by players) :
- added dog animation with small girls. (wasn’t existing)
- added dog cumming option.
- added dog pregnancy possible (with brown puppy)
- new dog colors/kind (+ black dog + doberman)
- new warehouse scenario with dog : DOGGIE NIGHT

Dialog stuff :
- new dialog system, far much lighter than before. (but not retroactive, for now, for most of scenarios)
- added assjob dialog (just for generic packs + new scenarios of this update, for now)
- generic pack redone in new system (and corrected for some lines)

Improvements :
- 2 new stockings (black fishnet and transparent white, hmm, thingy)
- lighter engine upon scenario definition (redondance of nbr of girls in each scenarios solutionned and erased)
- loading screen anim ;)
- bonus sex ‘end pose’ button in panel. (J)
- Park set : day version (no scenario with that for now, but still exist)
- Asian house & Jet plane sets : night version (used in new campaign)
- Warehouse, house and indian beds : new pillows and small details.
- Backalley set : fixed some element size problem.

Big cheese (aside from dog and dialog stuff)
- New bonus pose : candles ! (adult & small version)
- New foreplay pose : handjob ! (adult & small version) (lola)
- New set : public toilet ! (here’s for an old janko suggestion, among other people, lol !) Used in 2 new scenarios, in stadium and strip club.
- New set : hospital room ! +3 new scenarios going with it. (junano kumano)
- New campaign by Drake : ‘In the family’ (incest theme) : +35 new scenarios !! (gosh that was long and hard to implement and adjust !)

All in all, I’m very pleased to have been able to grant lots of old & recent wishes of players, lately !

It’s never easy to ‘work for other people’s wishes and wet dreams’, especially when it’s not at all your kind of stuff, but when I can do it and do it good, I do, and that’s nice !
I can’t pleases everyone, or even a single person fully, but hey, still a freakingly fun game with lots and lots of fetish and situations, right ? And still growing !
Anyway, have fun !

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)


How to help the game easily : must read !

Usual note : latest version of the game is only available on mysexgames.com !
It’s the point of a sponsor’s exclusivity, and it’s just simplier that way !
So don’t ask for versions elsewhere or trust other sites to have the latest one, just go on mysexgames.com !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easy and quick.

Hospital room at last ! Time for some sexual cure !

Hospital room at last ! Time for some sexual cure !

♫ Hou let me be your dog ! ♫

♫ Hou let me be your dog ! ♫

The trashy toilet, a long asked set !

The trashy toilet, a long asked set !


For updates about TiT, YTPP, Sex Pit, and other games or project, please refer to previous post, which was very extensive on the subject, and didn’t change a lot since last time.

Something new, still : mysexgames finally gave me some tools to try working out new stuff.
Nothing’s coming in the near future, but I will keep you posted, as it could open a significant window for management games or external interesting options.

Going back to work and will think about new & improved stuff !
Please donate for KoPC next update or new games, new funding campaign starts right now ! Usual 300$ goal for big ass update !

  • N7 says:

    A great update as usual but unfortunatly In the Family Looks like its broken

    • Mattis says:

      Nice catch ! I must have misplaced something, I personnally tested every scenario and they were working, before getting uploaded.
      Will fix that and send file for re-upload.
      (also with a little color problem in a bonus pose and some scale adjustements for new sets, that I noticed while checking your problem online)

  • Deus says:

    Great update!
    Loved the new sets and the dogs…lol
    What i like about the hospital is it’s new angle(the bed angle is different). I just wished that there would me fucking on the hospital bed not just on the floor.. I think they would fit in there even if the angle is new..
    Some bugs:

    * the hospital scene ” i got the cure ” the 2 girls are both in bed at the start making it hard to click on them overlapping each other..

    * dog bonus pose. x ray turned off you will see the cock outside..

    * In the family campaign doesnt work well(no indication where is the next available scenarii)

    Anyways great update.. I hope the funding would be fast to help you work..
    What tools did mysexgames gave you?

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the good feedback ! Always nice to know if players appreciated this or that ;)

      For the hospital bed, yeah, it was hard to decide, but no, it really looks crappy with perpendicular positions, alas.
      But as the game goes on, I will try to ‘refine’ positions by categorizing them.
      It’s a necessity if I want to include shower/very narrow rooms fuck place, for example : works only for stand-up pose, so, that’s something that needs digging, too. (and which could work, in the end, for the hospital bed too)

      Thx for bug feedbacks, new fixed version is up and should arrange all that. (or most of it, I lost track of what’s already up or not, I can’t re-upload as I wish)

      The ‘tools’ I’m talking about is database or web php interface.
      It’s very complicated programmation stuff, but that allows some different ‘approaches’ to the games, and could open to nice stuff.
      But I don’t want to jinx anything or make any promises, for now, as I have no idea how it will turn out !

  • Deus says:

    I downloaded this game before but now i have forgotten how to..
    can anyone tell me?

  • Flame says:

    lol Happy Birthday to me

  • mythosaur says:

    In free mode the dialog buttons cover-up part of the custom panel.

  • fnord says:

    Very nice update! Any more campaigns planned for the next version?

    • Mattis says:

      Not for now, or at least not that I know of (my todo_list is tremendous, there may be a campaign in there somewhere that I forgot, lol !)
      Feel free to contribute if you have tons of ideas ;)

  • ballisticwaffles says:

    Just popping up to tell you how awesome you are.

  • RyuKaze says:

    Noticed the bug with the hair on the guy (head and face) still seem to change someitmes, or even disappear.

    Some girls’ headshots when selecting which girl to use seem to have color issues, face be the wrong color but the nose is the right color. Might have been one of the bugs you fixed Tuesday, I haven’t tried it yet.

    In the subway/tube scene with 2 girls (King Ascension campaign) if you get the girl on the right pregnant, the girl on the left can’t be bred by the dog (fortunately you can still end the bonus scene and do everything else properly).

    Sometimes, when you add new scenes to an area, the scenes that are ‘after it’ in the same area have their pregnancy completion reset (goes to 0/# pregnant). I should mention that I don’t reset my ’save’ for it the first time, because it slows me down on trying most of the new areas since I have to work the cash back up to unlock them.

    Dog penis still shows even when X-ray is turned to off. (has been an issue I’ve seen since either the first or second version the dogs have been a bonus scene in.)

    I’m hoping I understood an earlier post right and that the new Campaign mode is fixed.

    Nice updates, by the way. I like the new stuff with the dogs, the new scenes are always good to have. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the bug fixes you’ve made so far.

    • Mattis says:

      You always have the best bugs, for me, my dear ! ;)
      Ok I note that down, thx !
      For hair disappearance or color messed-up salad, I’m unable to reproduce the bug, and it’s not systematic, so alas I can’t do anything about that.
      I would need someone to corner those bug really good, finding the very exact and systematic conditions of appearance, to understand how it shows up :/

      For dog x-ray, I can fix that.
      For dog double-pregnancy, I can note that (lol, the nuance :p) and solve that later.

      For pregnancy scenarios linking reset : I have no idea where is it coming from, but I note that down.
      Oh, wait…. maybe I know : it may be because sometimes I intrincate scenarios in a different way, when adding new ones.
      Meaning they “push” their way in between existing ones, and mess up the numbers. That may be why there’s problem.
      I mean scenario 1 then 2 become scenario 1 then 3 to make place for a new “scenario 2″, you see ? So, scenario 3 isn’t registered yet, and became reseted, while new scenario 2 potentially inherit from pregnancy from old scenario 2…. I don’t know, but that’s a possibility.
      If that doesn’t happen after the update release and first strange bunch of resets, that’s it.

      The new campaign problem was in two times (it’s been precisely cornered and detailled by another player), so there’s still a bug of the same kind, but should be fix in a few days with reupload.

      And thx for the compliment, it’s good to see the new stuff is appreciated ;)
      (and yeah, scenario specific comments are better ! Even if it would be nice to have a complete dialog database 10 times bigger going with all that ! We should hire a full-time dialogist, lol)

  • RyuKaze says:

    Oh, and the scenario specific comments. I forgot to mention liking those.

  • Lakonia says:

    i’ve been following you since you first started making KoPC. and i have loved the game! keep making great games!

  • DSA says:

    The In The Family campaign just stops at “Repeat Performance”

    Otherwise great update.

  • Masturminator says:

    Hi, Whether dress remains constant. Please do it. I always want to clothed. Please add such an option.

  • Lola says:

    Awww! I’m so glad you added the hand job option! I use it all the time! I’m liking this update. Great stuff with the hospital and added rooms in the stadium!

  • SAP says:

    idk if any1 else has this issue, but if a girl is by default an “adult” in a level, and you load a custom girl that is young, the girl does not change untill a sex action is clicked.

    • SAP says:

      oh, also, “wetness” on the Xray does not appear on the original girl being used, only when a second girl is added does wetness show on Xray. (though, i have noticed the very first girl i use upon starting the game shows wetness)

      • Mattis says:

        Hmm, that’s strange, but not unexpected : game isn’t dynamically updating very little things, so there’s a lot of stuff that appears only after the pose is changing somehow.
        Will write that down anyway and see what I can do !

  • Rocknross says:

    Hey love the update and the new scenerios look cool, but I dont know if its my system or not but when i get to the strip club some times I dont get a girl and I am stuck only playing the previous levels.

    • Mattis says:

      Hmm…. there may be something regarding spawn beacons, for girls.
      Strip club is one of the only set with a very specific spawn beacon system, that could explain your problem, but I don’t know if someone else has the problem or where it can come from exactly, for now. :/

  • Gneal1 says:

    Incest, nudist, end of the world/repopulation and pissing who are you and how did you discover all my fetishes (bar-wedding/bridal) great ork it gets hotter every time thankyou

  • Mattis says:

    Thx, bstunt, love you, lol ;)