Hi everyone !

First : check the previous news and blog posts, there’s been a lot of changes and improvments lately ! 
Even if I’m still a little sad about the very poor return from users (see last post), I pull out some news for those among you who raise their hands to shoot the contrary (that’s my special thx to jinx, irishred, ‘i have no name’, redshock, princeling and junano !)

So, today’s batch : 

- Some change in interfaces (it’s crowded, now, lol)
- A fix on the bug of wet-wombing on X-some poses.
- Now the game keep in memory your ‘dude’ parameters !
- Money bug : I try some fixing, but I don’t know if it works…
- Twin sisters stage : now fully working ! (I even copy the haircut, even if twins have no reason to have the same, because it’s mainly visual, so better go all the way)
- Bonus stage for redshock support : Teacher’s stage in School set ! I know it’s weird in the shop, but whatever, it works.
For big shiny content :

- Adult titfuck done !
- A female model added for users, opening futa and F/F actions !! May have some issue, but as far as I check it works ! (I know, you want different heads, but hey, I’m just human, so keep patience !)
- First foursome sex pose !!! A tweak of the threesome one, but don’t be greedy, it’s difficult as hell to make, and the ’stack pose’ is by far the most ‘visually effective’.
Try to figure out other ideas ‘easy to visually understand’ and with fluid impression of quick swap between girls, given the side view of the game, and will see what I mean…

(Reload previous ‘kopc_25.swf’ for changes)
One hell of a teen gangbang !

Adult titfuck, strap-on and futa stuff, now !
Work in progress !


For the rest :

- As I have ‘twin’ configuration working, I was able to pull out the ‘mother/daughter’ fantasy redshock talked about. It works, but I don’t have a stage ready for it, for the moment..

- As you can see, I’m working on a new threesome poses, alongside with others (like adults poses, I have noted you like those)

- For multiple dudes on one girls, I worked on it, but it reveals lots of problems !
Example : a pose with three dudes : main character holding the girl but not fucking her, and two other dudes fucking her.
Another example : same, but main character is fucking the girl, a secondary dude is not (just kissing for example), and the third one do oral sex.
In two examples, you got all the problems :
- if main character is not fucking, secondary dudes should not make the ‘fuck bar’ progress or be able to and the stage, right ?
- multiple guys means multiple creampie system : how to handle it ?
- if main character is fucking but you make cum a secondary dude (also a debate in itself about the controls you have), what to do with it ?
- another problem is maintaining creampie state without finishing the stage, for users who wants to do creampie gangbang. It has to be thinked before beginning the stuff too.
- if there’s oral sex, ‘cumming’ is not finishing, and I don’t even have oral x-ray or cum to begin with.
- Etc etc etc…
If the game wants to be good, it have to be opened to every possibilities suggested above, but I don’t freaking know where to begin with, in the program itself, because several possibilities are opposed !
So… maybe later.



1) – Comments !!! Thousand of comments !!!

2) – Spread the word about the game and send it everywhere you can !!!

3) – Give me ideas for threesome, foursome, fivesome and more (up to ten-some !), with one guy and multiple girls and side view, I mean, which I could put in the game. (if you have pictures that’s even better)
I don’t garantee anything but that could help accelerate the process.

  • coming new threesome pose looks good.
    you should make chapters in hospital.
    Nurses,doctors,patients like that.

    sorry for my english : )

  • Just discovered your game by accident, looks great. too bad about comments. btw, I noticed that during the tit fuck the guys dick is behind both boobs instead of in between, may want to think about fixing that. I'm looking forward to the mother/daughter stage.

    Also, I suggest for Sex Ed, Punishment, Fame and Pride, and Miss Cutie stages that the girls' ages be limited to 18 and 19, if possible, the same could be said for Girls' Night and Birthday Party stages.

    Another suggestion: Bachelor Pad bonus stage, where player can control the number of girls(limit to six or seven at most), girls age, and can even switch between pregnant(obviously they would be showing) and not pregnant.

  • Jinx says:

    There's one "threesome" pose that could work from the side. One girl rides the dude, the other girl sits on his face and receives oral sex. For "switching" you could just switch which girl goes where. I don't think it'd work for more than 3 though.

  • *Clapping* Yaaay~!

    Unfortunately I presently don't have anything that doesn't devolve into a fandom type ordeal, other than perhaps a younger player body. (Making the player appear closer to the age of the girls – 18-25 range, that is).

    Best of luck with the Mother/Daughter one though. This game's shaping up to be great.

  • Mattis says:

    No problem, I'm not english either.

    For hospital, nurses and else (like maids), I'm not into 'classic' fetish, hélas !
    So if you can figure ideas for a set and scenarii that could fit, in the game particular 'spirit', I'm opened to suggestion about that !

  • Mattis says:

    So welcome here ! :-)

    For titfuck, yeah, I figure, but didn't find solutions for the moment.

    For age problem, will fix it, thx !
    The game was originally depicting much younger ages. But given the loli illegality, I didn't want problems, and the game lost a part of its 'accuracy'.
    But you surely sense that in the scenarii, and can still use your imagination, lol :-)

    For bachelor pad, smart suggestion…
    Could be done, technically, but not sure will do, because 'number of girls' is kind of the game's progression and goal (with a final stage giving 10 girls).
    So giving up that by doing a full sandbox game that allows too much thing too directly, hmmm not fond.
    But maybe when the player beat the entire game (then why not !), or as a premium option ("noooo !! no premium !!!", I know, I know)

  • Mattis says:

    That was the first threesome I programmed, yes, but I lost it since then (argh !)
    Do you think just switching will do ?
    I was not sure.
    Because if you imagine a ten-some pose where the guy doesn't move and where girls just switch, it's kind of less fun.
    But just for a threesome it could work, I guess, thx !

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for the claps ! :-) )

    A younger dude body, yeah, I like that too !
    But it would imply, like adult poses, to do brand new poses and new system to handle it, and that multiply exponentially the work, even just for poses (young/young, young/adult, young/x-some, etc…), so…. patience and support ;)