What the… interlude.

Hi, my beautiful ones !

Nothing more to report, still waiting for several stuff out of my reach to progress on their own, please report to last post for latest news on everything !

About KoPC next update : still up to you, hentai crusaders !
Next funding campaign in progress : we have 170$ already gathered, on the 300$ needed for me to build it and can grant all your wishes !
As always, spread the word and support the good deeds !


As we already have a little money, I was able to start some stuff in advance.
But since days and days, I’m stuck on a new x-some pose, I got the feeling I wasn’t progressing at all, despite considerable efforts put into the meticulous endless work.
And then it strikes me, obvious as hell : a regular pose is usually about 2 characters, to animate body part by body part through 1 full cycle… And the “little” fivesome I try to make is about 5 characters (so, 2.5 times more) with option to focus on each girl so that’s 4 full cycles… Mathematically, that’s 2.5 * 4 = 10 times the amount of work, loool !
(+ the computer lag, given it’s a very heavy load, for each part of each cycle, in terms of pure “number of parts processed”)
You bet your shiny tiny toochie I don’t feel like progressing, I’m doing 10 poses in 1 !!!

Funny I didn’t realised that sooner ;)

Just for the fun, I made screenshots to show you the comparison :

So, that's the 'visual' amount of frames and components to animate for a regular pose.

So, that's the 'visual' amount of frames and components to animate for a regular pose.

.. and that's the same for the x-some pose... gosh !

.. and that's the same for the x-some pose, still in progress... gosh !

No need to know anything about programming or all the structural and codelines details not showed here to understand the difficulty, lol ;)

Ok, that was just for a little funny heads-up, better get back to work !

Have fun and see ya soon ! ;)

  • Poli5 says:

    Nice to see you working on some new poses mattis :) .

  • mack2028 says:

    I have an idea for snakepit, make it easier to adjust the girls “stats”.

    By that i mean either make the girls selectable then the bottom panel clickable or add numbers to the bottom panel that you can push on your keyboard while hovering over the girls. I feel like that first solution is a bit better but this simple change would make the game a lot more fun by speeding up the slightly tedious part.

    • mack2028 says:

      *sexpit sorry.

    • Mattis says:

      Yeah, dragging is a bit tedious indeed.
      Will see for all that if I can come up with time/money for sexpit update or if my side future project came forth, which could allow me to do stuff, well, not exactly like Sex Pit, but kind of. Somehow. I know, it’s confusing, but I just flying blind for now, I’ll keep you guys updated anyway when serious thing will come up.

  • WC Gordan says:

    Well those tables don’t seem too complicated. Compared to my usual jobs they are fairly straightforward…

    But anyway nice to see that you are still in business X)

    I was somewhat busy with… stuff… other than erotic games, but i still have some nice ideas for new scenarios, so check e-mail soon ;-)

    • Mattis says:

      Like I always said to the hundreds of real programmers and talented people that criticized my work for the past decade or thought it was not that complicated or good : “I totally agree, so let’s see what YOU comes up with, in the same conditions or just even yours, to prove your point”, loooool ;)
      (don’t take offense, that’s just a little joke :p)

      I packed up a new update (waiting to be released), so I’ll come back on your scenarios in the next one, don’t worry if I don’t answer for some time, got a lot of things going on too. ;)

      • WC Gordan says:

        Actually if i had a bit more time I was thinking about learning a new programming language and asking you if I can borrow your engine from The Sex Pit… Making a bit more complex strategic game could be kinda interesting =)

  • Max says:

    Reminds me of a hex code for old school game I wrote a while ago.

    It started as a simple 12 character line, which worked perfectly but then when I realized I wanted it exclusive to a set few groups of characters it turned into at least 30 lines. Just one bit of clothing.