Big Bulk Bastard

Hi everyone !

First : check the previous news and blog posts, there’s been a lot of changes and improvments lately ! 
For today : 
- Shop hints, to help you find some infos.
- Shop fix : when buying options/upgrades/stages, you return on the proper menu, and not always on the stage’s panel.
- Age fix : some age tweak depending if the girl is young or adult (now that we have adults)
- Lots of new names for girls.
- Fix on intro screen ‘mini-guy’ bug.
- Fix on guys ponytail.
- Slow down a little the framerate. My computer is really slow, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the same case.
- ‘Double boob’ made, now it will look less awkward !
- Fix on ‘adult hips deep’ pose !
- ‘Adult suck brute’ and ‘adult suck deep’ finished !
- And what you will probably like the most : Custom mode !
Added to freeplay, it will allow you to change almost every parameters of the girls.
Problem : it’s ‘uncap’, meaning the program doesn’t know where to stop, when you push the arrows, so try not to go too far (but you still have the ‘RAZ’ button if needed), I can’t garantee it will not bug somewhere.
Second problem : the interface panel begin too much filled-up with stuff, so… as you can see on the screenshot, the custom panel kind of mixing up and messing up with the rest of options and infos.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but for now that’s the best we have.


Aside from that, I’m kind of sad of the very poor returns and comments from you, guys.
Except a little number of you (who I can count on one hand’s fingers), no one seems to give a crap about giving some support, feedback or anything for this game.

Given the huge work done, and mostly lately, it’s a big downer.
We had more comments, energy and support when there was no game out and no improvments at all, what kind of dynamic is that ?
Even konashion adding just a pair of wings to girls’ hair (or even saying he has done nothing those weeks) has hundreds more comments than one of the first and only game on the web including threesome and x-some possibility !

I know, I know, you probably just enjoying the stuff or concluded it was not the burning star of heaven you imagined ‘before’ it was out, so it’s kind of logical there’s no small talks anymore, but it still a downer.

As you all observed, there’s not much of new stuff done those days in ‘real good hentai games’, so I’m not sure letting go the ones that struggle to comes out is a good way to change the deal.
You should be spreading this game and the word all accross internet, on every site and forums possible, and bring and write thousands of comments, good or bad, on this blog !

Instead of that…

I don’t know. Get real, guys…