KoPC July/August update release !

Hi my gorgeous people !

KoPC July update is finally up!
It’s been some time, but hey, holidays, I suppose! (but not for me, good for you!)
We hadn’t reached the funding goal, but I used what I had to release at least a little something (even if it’s not that little in the end, but hey, when I’m on fire, I take advantage of it!), it’s always better than waiting months and months without proper refreshing KoPC episodes!
As always , I took all your feedbacks and did my best to fix all bugs identified, and improve a bunch of stuff of my neverending list of things to implement in the game, as well as I add several nice content !

Special mention to Porn Convention : some of you noticed I had a raw set leftover, in the very early post of this blog, I didn’t released yet.
As I explained here and there, it’s because it was supposed to be some kind of “end game”, a final stage for KoPC first goals : 10-some poses, and taking control of the city, in the storyline.
This should have ended KoPC game, and lead to other “mini” games.
But as the developpement went, we just multiplied ten times all I had in mind for KoPC, and made it the open absolute hentai project it is, now, crushing the frontiers down, and brung on infinite horizons.
So it invalidates an “end” in itself : the other campaigns are right in the same game, the countless additionnal poses, options, and fetishes too, as well as several gameplay and all the other things I didn’t especially imagined in the first place.
All that should have been split in several “boring” limited mini games was packed up and multiplied in this central jewel!
So, yeah, no reason to keep this set aside anymore, I just added it. (even if I’m not up to 10-some poses yet, it should come with time, like the rest)
(and please don’t read all this in diagonals, ’cause you will ask afterwards when do the next KoPC comes, when I have just explained the one we have IS its own “better & improved” follow-up series all-in-one, I don’t intend to do less and crappier when we can do so much better!)


So, list of news !

Bug fixed :
- Pose “down love” : inverted girl dialog cursor
- 3-some adult pose ‘idol’ : wrong location/coordinates
- Interface panel : dialog buttons covering custom ones
- Girl coordinates on metro station, preventing double dog impregnation.

Improvements :
- Some generic dialogs problems and absences.
- Loading animation
- Dance room scenarios prices diminished.
- Shop’s hints panel (x-some & bestiality)
- Some buttons that were unclear on click & “feeling”.
- Shop scenario menu : “back to city” redone.
- Game map : all building “halo” reworked, with a “new” sign when new scenarios inside.
- Interface panel various improvements. (as well as in some sets, but I don’t list everything)

Additions :
- Generic dialog lines for “pissing” and “handjob” pose (but not included in scenar specific dialogs, for now)
- 2 new scenar specific dialogs : “Hostage” & “Bad luck sister” (prison stage)
- 2 new beards !
- 1 new dog skin !
- “Strip all clothes” function proper work.
- “Strip all clothes on all girls” button added, in freeplay mode.

Big cheese :
- First work on custom zoom ! (garruk)
- Back & finished gameplay : shooting !
- New option : manual ending of stage, instead of automatic !!
- New park set : picnic stage, with 2 new scenarios (full dialogs on each) !! (thx maatyox for the sketch!)
- New exclusive set : work office stage, with 2 new scenarios (full dialogs on each) !!
- New exclusive set : porn convention stage, with 2 new scenarios (full dialogs on each) !!
- Brand new 5-some adult pose : “Bridge” !! (lol, 2*5 times the number of girls * 4 full different cycles, that’s equal to “10 regular poses” amount of work, it was a big pain in the arse, arrghh! :p)

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)


How to help the game easily : must read !

Usual note : latest version of the game is only available on mysexgames.com !
It’s the point of a sponsor’s exclusivity, and it’s just simplier that way !
So don’t ask for versions elsewhere or trust other sites to have the latest one, just go on mysexgames.com !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easy and quick.

Taking the dog out for a walk in the park!

Taking the dog out for a walk in the park!

Public events, always something special!

Public events, always something special!

Enjoy, keep supporting the hard work anyway you can, eat vegetables, wash your armpits, and have fun ! ;)

  • SAP says:

    zoom is bugged now

  • Anon says:

    Amazing as always. Other than the new zoom function everything is working tightly. The new content is fun as well and the new city map is much better than the old one.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Pornomancer says:

    The zoom screws everything up. You have to use it in order and hope to get a better view when it goes haywire and sometimes it works, most of the time it makes it worse. The zoom has to be removed for players to enjoy the game. My opinion.

  • dutchlove says:

    Huzzah! Always glad to see new KoPC content, especially when the improvements are so pretty haha Liking the new city map, as well as the ‘New’ icons. And more customization is always welcome – Liking the new beards a lot. More ’staches would be excellent as well, but as it is it’s brilliant :)
    My only real issue is the new zoom function, as SAP and Anon have mentioned. While I definitely like the concept (I’ve been wanting to zoom in on those cute lil faces getting fucked for ages), it’s very buggy and unreliable at the moment. I’m sure it’ll come right though.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    • dutchlove says:

      Ooh, and one more thing. Would it be possible to make removing the tattoos on the guy an option? Ie. A blank image that can be selected instead so his skin is clear?

    • Mattis says:

      I will try more mustaches, yeah.
      Problem is to make them so they work with every faces, and don’t screw up any facial expressions.
      You have some specific models you would like to see ?

      Will keep working more on zoom engine, of course, it’s just a start (and a bad one, unfortunately, it seems, but I’ll improve :p)

      For tattoos : it wasn’t already implemented ?
      Oh, my bad ! Will be in next batch, first thing on my list !

      Thx for your support and extensive feedbacks !

  • Deus says:

    Great update…love the new sets..and improvements…
    Animators say something about layers when making gangbangs that’s why it’s so hard to make…
    Do you plan on making adult female gangbang in the future? i hope…
    thanks for the update..
    I know you got alot of things going on but if this is not yet on your list please make an animation wherein the vaginal walls during x ray contracts and widens during penetration to emphasis the tightness of pussy or thickness of the cock…
    I’m not asking to make it right away but just add it to the list if it’s not yet there…

    • Mattis says:

      Yep : all other kind of gender interaction are planned since some time, now. It’s just I have to figure out how to do it.
      (doing the animations is hard and long, but it’s not as problematic as finding a way to make the engine able to work around it, which is the REAL mess and hell I wrap my head around since months !)

      For vaginal interaction/penetration, I did a lot of attempts on that, a long time ago. (in fact, I work on that since years !)
      But it was just exploding the engine, it’s just far too heavy to work.
      I was able to salvage some static and controlled animation out of it, though, which became a mini-game in my YTPP serie, as you must already know.
      So : yes, it WAS already on my list, and it’s even have been worked out and tested, but was pulled out because it’s not functionnal, alas :/
      But if I find another way around someday, it will be back, of course !

      Thx for your continuous support and feedback, it’s really appreciated ! ;)

  • Snake Plissken says:

    Hey Mattis. You’re so hardworking and smart, I hope you really make it big someday.

    Good luck to you, and this is coming from a guy who has played your games for maybe a year.

  • raziel says:

    Hey! awesome improvements! the zoom bug its kinda annoying… sometimes it just can´t be fixed =P
    i have anothe bug, since some time now. The beard don´t change. i cant choose another, never. oh, and i cant put “body hair” either. i dunno why.

    oh. an idea. It is possible, in the future, to make our hero “interact” with public. i mean, public can’t “end” the stage, ok. but usually they are alone… like.. 3 men from public. can´t be you more 2 guys? or you and more 3 guys? or eventually, you with one girl and other guy with another in mean time? =P how it sounds?

    Tnx for the hard work! (oh! anxiously waiting for the next sex pit.. with some major updates would be fine *.* – like possibility to save girls (they change when u reload browser), and choose what u want when u hunt… and more that one guy with same girl… ok, its not major, its a lot xD)


    • Mattis says:

      Lol, zoom is a mess, yes, but we can’t go back, unfortunately, the bug just raise an existing problem with it, that would have appeared anyway in the future.
      And being able to control this zoom is like the “minor scale problem between characters and background set” we had in the past : once I can figure out how to solve it, I can bounce on it for future possibility !
      In our character scale problem, it opened the possibility of having the plane set, the stadium, the winter log house, or strip club !
      All sets that required absolutely a functionnal variable scale, to have the possibility of existing !
      Same for the zoom : as it is, don’t seem a big deal, but solving it could be critical, for future developpements.
      (for example : story telling, where camera move from character to character, zooming in on their face, while the action is happening. How could we ever do that without proper zoom control ?)

      For beards and body hairs : most likely to be your play context.
      It’s not game-related, I mean. It must be because your screen is too small, or you play the game in some weird resolutions or on some special device, system or website, because it’s something fully functionnal on very basic levels, there’s no problem with the game in itself. (so, not much “I” can do about it, alas :/)

      For other potential interaction : yes, been planned since a long time, but that’s still complicated, engine-wise.
      Main character+public : easiest and more likely to happen.
      Several sex scene at the same time : that’s where the Sex Pit was really really complicated to do, but could potentially happen in KoPC too.
      But as it is, it’s more a “weight” problem.
      It requires the game to be much lighter, in terms of computer charge, which is hard to do, but on which I continuously work.
      So, as usual : patience !
      I know it’s frustrating as hell, but if I could, I would, so if I don’t, there’s reasons, keep faith and good heart, and Santa Mattis will try is best to deliver on all those kind of stuff ;)

  • ian says:

    hey man i know your really busy but this magnification thing is really messing up the game almost unbearable to play with.

    • Mattis says:

      … and fixed version is up, wish granted ;)
      (well… not fixed, I just backed-up previous zoom system, I wasn’t able to figure a way out of those annoying bugs, alas. But at least it’s playable again !)