I’m on fire !

As the title say, another news today !

But first : check the previous news, there’s been a lot of changes and improvments lately ! 

Today’s list of great new stuff !

- Upgrade “no birth control” fixed !
- Simplify guy head system (not visible, but it will allow lots of guy, after that)
- Upgrade “strip girl” function, to make it work in x-some. (not visible once again)
- Optionnal body hair details for dudes ! (a unfinished stuff from last news)
- 6 new eyeballs for girls ! (an alternate set of eyes, in fact, with same colors)
- 4 new eye shades !
- Fix on guys’ head sweat 
- New clothes added, appearing on specific scenarii : arm gloves !

And for the very big stuff you should like :
- New type of girls : “adult” ones ! (scenarii “the contract” && “uncle’s gift” changed with this adult version)
- 3 new poses to come with it : “adult grim”, “adult hips” and “adult suck” (this last one is unfinished, no “brute” and “deep” version)
- Threesome added !! With change of girls fucked, specific creampies, strip, dismiss option, infos and all ! Can be some bugs left, but it was a really massive work to make the program really work around it in every details and cases possible.
- 1 new pose to come with it : “threesome pack” !

Overall, I think the content and options of the game eventually at least double in a single week, lol, the amount of bugs fixed, small improvments, big modules added and program lines rewrite and refine is unbelievable !
So don’t get too greedy, I don’t know if I will be able to keep up like that, but as you can see I do my very best to make every hour counts ^^

(EDIT, thx IrishRed : hint for threesome : get a girl, pass the foreplay, and when in a random sex pose, try to click on another girl in the stage)

AS USUAL, RELOAD THE USUAL GAME LINK TO OBTAIN NEWEST VERSION ! http://fadrax.enix.org/ren/demo_kopc.swf

I love my grown-ups stuffed !

All in holes, awesome x-some, girls ! 


I don’t know for you, but I feel very great about the work done, those days.
The game is really shining like an evil jewel, now, and I’m (finally) satisfy with all this !

Some of the future scenarii will be “fun” too. I don’t know if you really enjoy them or just click like hell your way out of each stage ?