New game out : Teens in Trouble episode 2 !

Hi my beautiful ones !

The new summer game is out, please welcome and give some cheers for Teens in Trouble episode 2 : Jolly Friends’ Fuck Fest !!

I hope you’ll enjoy that one, I tried to go a little different on every side, to give some variety to our pool of hentai games, and not enclosed ourselves in the same stuff everytime.
(that doesn’t mean I will push out anything we went for before, of course !)
It’s based on flash “idle” games (I love those, lol), and go on with completely different story and characters than usual.
As for TiT1, it’s based on Crazy-X drawings (before he disappeared into thin air).
I had to complete and build up around his unfinished sketches, but it seems our styles are compatible enough to bring up a good result !
(Crazy-X, if you’re out there, please come back, I looooove your style, and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there wanting to do more games with you, lol ! Give him cheers too, good lads !)

Have fun everyone, and don’t forget to spread the word about our games !
(on forums, patreon, wherever, whenever !)

Teens in Trouble 2 : Jolly Friends’ Fuck Fest !

Sponsored by, once again, enjoy and spread the word so we keep going on !




  • jack says:

    thanks i love you work

  • Morgan says:

    Very good game, an interesting twist to the cookie clicker genre

    • Mattis says:

      I’m surprised no one came up with it sooner !
      Clicker heroes, idle planet, idle empire, idle tree, cookie clicker : there’s tons of good idle games, and no hentai version of it ? Shame ! ;)
      Glad I’m here to help ! :D

  • Max says:

    This is a great idea man, love the balance of it.
    Only one glitch I found, muting the sound gets diselected each time you go in then out of the control room, muting the music stays though.

    • Mattis says:

      Yeah, I notice it too, afterwards, will testing it directly on mysexgames.
      Almost no other bug noticed so far, though, seems I finally get a better hand at bug-tracking my games, lol !
      Keep on the hentai boat for future projects ! ;)

  • yayporn99 says:

    Thank you for the anal! This flash is great but it needs a few things:
    * Let her leave her clothes on. I love stockings.
    * Zoom
    * Cum on her face at the end
    * When you beat the game, needs a gallery mode or secret code or something

  • lunaitc says:

    My only complaint is that the “Nookie Clicker” portion was isolated to a different screen where we couldn’t see the main event. Well, that and there were no indications for the cost of the initial ‘investments’, just a plain button with nothing next to it.

    • Mattis says:

      Lol, “nookie clicker”, nice one ;)

      For the complain : oh… I didn’t knew we had to “aim for complain”. Is it really mandatory ? Can’t we just appreciate what’s good, and skip on what’s not to focus on the positive sides ?
      Do we HAVE to find stuff to improve, to make a list for some planned coming update I didn’t knew about, quickly before anyone got lost on listing “strong points” of the actual version and forget what’s not perfect ?
      Is that really the ultimate goal, to judge things by their amount of badness and how better they could be, instead of how much good they actually are, as they are ?

      Well… ok ^^… so in that case :
      - could be more hairstyles !
      - could have x-ray !
      - could be longer, with more poses, and alternative dudes
      - public should be able to move/be animated, and be able to participate !
      - why don’t we see and can play to the starting “game” the host talks about in the beginning ?
      - the TV screens in the back of the clicker menu should be animated, and show what’s happening or hentai stuff !
      - could have more easter eggs !
      - could have secret codes ! (I don’t know what for, outside money, but still)
      - could have more and better cum effects, graphics in general, and music/sounds !
      - could depict more episodes of the same show, with other sets !
      - we should have access to the control room, on foot, to fuck the girl there ! (with operators too !)
      - should REALLY have lots of achievements and upgrades, like in every other clicker/idle game !
      - should be able to save progress, not everyone has the time to finish the game in one go !
      - should have more girls at the same time, and we could have a minigame where we chase them around the set !
      - should have girl alternative skins corresponding to real actual teens stars !
      - why don’t we have the blond bulk guy from KoPC ?
      - should have more fetishes !
      - should be real furry, instead of costumes, it would be so much better ! With face animated and all !
      - should have a more where we can see through the costumes, with maybe guys or even better : futa dickgirls !
      - pregnancy should be optionnal, not my stuff, it’s a buzzkill :(
      - couldn’t we have custom stories ? other games do that.
      - why not using this starting game as the first of a serie about cartoon characters gone wild ? (like happy tree friends did with “gore” stuff) Could be a whole serie of that !
      - could have all kind of BJ stuff.
      - could have some weird tentacle surprise ending of some kind.
      - etc…

      Sorry, I know you like the game and meant it as a compliment, lol ;)
      But it’s just like when we forget to say “thank you” when ordering in restaurants : we meant it, of course, but just get used to ask and say stuff in a different way.
      And down the road, we just miss the point without even noticing it.
      So just realize this habit we now all have : you make effort to find something to complain about. It was hard, but you still put effort into it, into NOT saying the game was good and enjoyable, into NOT listing all details you liked or find “good enough”, but into making a fully negative comment, meant as a compliment, but still fully negative in its content.
      The more things go, the more people will end up, one day, saying “you’re not the ugliest person I know !” when meaning “you’re cute”, and saying “I don’t hate you too much today”, instead of saying “I like/love you”.
      There’s nothing personnal, we all do that.
      But what a strange world indeed ;)

  • bstunt10190 says:

    Out of all the side project games (meaning games other than KOP). I loved the theme (live tv!) and the pacing of each event! great job mattis!

    • Mattis says:

      Yep, it was a good opportunity to try something else !
      As I’m still, apparently, the only one to make this… ’special kind of hardcore’ hentai stuff, the field is wide open !

      Thx for the constant support, my dear bstunt !
      Hope I’ll keep provide good always-refreshing hentai for centuries, lol ! ;)

  • falen says:

    Horribly long on anything with a touchscreen as you can’t press a lot to gain money without it misreading as a double tap. Took me an hour and some to pass the $100k required part. From start. Too long, especially since your games tend not to ever savee.

    Great idea as usual but horrible implementation

    • Mattis says:

      Given I work on a +10 yo PC and never had any smartphones (or cellphone, to this matter, I’m not rich enough for that, alas!), and without any real programming skills, yeah, my games must give a hard time on touch-screens.

      But they are still easier to play than Call of Duty, on touchscreens, I guess!
      At least I try to stick to one button when I can, or to offer alternative to button mashing. (not on purpose, though, but it’s a chance KoPC or new Sex Pit update offer alternatives to “click mashing” !)

      And this precise game don’t have a save (others do), but I could develop one, if people are interested and gives a few bucks for it, no problem.

      That said, you’re supposed to quickly don’t need the central click button anymore, if you develop the automatic money-makers on sides, in this particular game.
      So, it’s just hard beginnings, and then you just have to let the game play itself and manage your investments.

  • Mattis says:

    Yeah, I would love to be able to do tons of different wears, in every game. Alas, I’m no graphist :’(
    Still so sad there’s so much good graphists out there, with so few “real” hentai content to provide, while I have so much good hardcore ideas & stuff to do, and so few graphic skills to illustrate them !

    Didn’t knew that game, though.
    Seems the germans made it again ! :)
    I really appreciate all their attempts in ‘quality entertainment’. Outside japan, they are the only one to really ‘try’ new hentai stuff !