About the future : biggest project on the horizon !

Hi my beautiful ones !

A specific post to talk about my future projects, and one especially : a massively multiplayer web-based game (evolutive, of course).
Past months, as some of you noticed it, I’ve been working on obtaining some “tools” to develop it.
I won’t go into details, but now it’s… “possible”.

1. What is mmo web-based games ?
My previous job, so I know how to bend epicness and endless possibilities into those stuff, but most people are not quite sure about the nature of this.
So, best examples : Ogame (non hentai, but most known one), LulaOnline and SexGangsters.
Not 3D/video games, not “live interactions”, but it’s still a big bowl of new gameplay possibilities, waiting to happen.

2. Where do I go with that.
Those games are examples, but don’t have flash animations, are unbalanced and completely real-money wired (for sexgangsters at least), and exploit very very badly the possibilities of interaction between players !
I can do the same, but much better, with all that lacks, far much more player interactivity, evolutions, and injecting all good animations, customs and everything from KoPC or other flash games into it !
Flash as its limits, web-based games too. But both combined ? Wow, man, awesome!!

Remember : no one imagined or trusted KoPC could be anything interesting or original, at first. I destroyed a lot of preconceptions about “hentai flash games”.
If you think there’s no good places to go with some ‘lulaonline’ type game, look me in the eyes, figure out what new wonders I could have in mind, and think again…

3. What we have for now.
What is already sure is that I will focus on players interactivity/confrontation, which doesn’t exist AT ALL in the whole hentai world. (as far as I know)
Think “Heroes of Might and Magic series”, or “Medieval Total War”, or stuff like that.
Whatever the universe and gameplay is, main point in the game would be something like :
A – you develop your empire/clan/harem somehow (like in SexPit, Breeding Season, Lula, SlaveMaker) in solo.
B – you can attack/conquer other players to progress more. Asynchronously, meaning you attack some IA defense other players would have built, when they played. So it’s not “one on one” or “PvP”, it’s more like “one against defense IA” or “PvE” (where the “E” is built by other players).

Imagine… I don’t know : SexPit, where you can deploy some of your crappy girls in the streets as prostitutes, to gather more money, while you make the most of it inside your warehouse with your best ones.
And when other players go “hunt”, the girls they obtain, if they are lucky and fight well enough, are in fact the ones you sent out.
It’s just an example, but that’s what I mean by “players interactions”. It’s not “each player on its solo corner gameplay, but with a common chat” like it usually is.

That’s just to give you a raw idea of the main guidelines.

Also, this project will be :
- Linked to patreon. Developpement of it will depend on what patrons are able to gather for it, and in-game monetized options will try to help this free-to-play (and not pay-to-win !) project to exist, but I can’t pull it out of thin air, alas.
- More ‘mainstream’ style. We got KoPC and mini-games for twisted personnal stuff, I would like to try something more manga-like, less ‘rape-intensive’, or just more in adequation with players expectations and wishes.
- Focus on a big gameplay. It’s been too long I want to do a real “game”. I would like to develop an action fighting game (street of rage anyone ?), if I could, or a huge space battle game (star wars battlefront in flash, fuck yeah !), or a mecha NOT-turned-based skirmish game, or a flashback tribute (old amiga/genesis action game). I mean a live nervous one, with tons of upgrades, combos, strategies and all. I’m not sure it’s good, because that means a person bad at the game (or who simply don’t like this type of stuff) wouldn’t be able to progress !
But it would be so awesome, to have a real hentai game, not just RPGs and quickdraws anymore.

4. My problem, and where I need your comments/opinions/ideas.
My problem is, really, to focus. There’s just too much possibilities, and I got too much imagination and see them. So I need your comments on what universe and what gameplay we could go for.

Point is it must please most of people, and universe must be “open”, so that we can develop expansions, like “bondage stuff” or “far west stuff” or “sci-fi stuff” or “disco stuff”, etc… that still feels coherent with the rest.
In a space battle game, the gameplay is… well, “specific”, but going from planet to planet would allow this “open” universe to have expansions still coherent. (”Welcome to planet hospital-nurses”, “and now’s for Medieval planet”, lol)
Or a “clan” stuff : some weird universe where there’s lot of clans at war, and each clans depict a fetish/style, than you can puncture on somehow to build your own.

I don’t know, I’m all over the place right now, too much possibilities.
We don’t HAVE to do a lot of them, we would start very small anyway, but it’s just something we have to keep in mind : it could go a long way, like KoPC, so it must allow the possibility of it, so we don’t get stuck 3 years from now because we didn’t take the time to think about it before.

I don’t know. I would like to do a mainstream stuff, very easy to deploy and develop, so I can focus on granting people wishes more easily than in KoPC.
Give me ideas, comments, tell me what you think about that, etc…

5. KoPC and other games ?
Goes without saying, but I’ll say it nonetheless : it doesn’t mean I will stop anything else !
KoPC will keep growing, as well as all other series and projects !
The point is to make something “different”, so it doesn’t cancel each ones out, and it allows me to not get exhausted on one singular project (I often need fresh air), and to test stuff here that will help them there, and vice-versa !
Yeah, I know, you would love me to be a dedicated machine. ;)
But I’m a versatile hentai-god, that’s how it is, sorry, muhahaha !
Come on, I know I’m frustrating, but admit we would have miss my games, if they didn’t came to exist ! ;)

Your turn, now, shoot it out !

  • jack says:

    please continue the work with the old no make games free to play online but you to the next you pay please continue uploading the games to my sex games
    sometimes I have internet sometimes I do not entoces downloaded the game to play it offline please do not make games like facebook want to recharge energy pays money you really want to level up paying money you really want to move to the next phase pays real money you can not paid for from the game you have to always pay with real money i that’s a bitch because now I’m going with the water up to his neck as many people but i thank sorry for my bad English iam using google translate

    • Mattis says:

      Read again what I said, lol, all the answers your search are there ;)
      Have fun !

      • jack says:

        you want to play the game you become a patron ? patron = You need to pay to view the contents because now I’m going with the water up to his neck as many people but i thank sorry for my bad English iam using google translate thanks and sorry for disturbing please dont remove the with impregnation no lo borres por favor thanks and sorry for my bad english

      • jack says:

        you want to play the game you become a patron ? patron = You need to pay to view the contents because now I’m going with the water up to his neck as many people but i thanks
        dont remove sex the with impregnation no lo borres por favor thanks and sorry for my bad english

        • Mattis says:

          Spanish ? ;)

          Mr jack, you are… unfair, lol ;)

          You don’t have the money, so you want me to work for you for free, by pure magic, when I already create tons of stuff with lots of time, sweat, blood, effort and personnal money.

          And also you completely miss the point, by complaining for more free games, when they already ARE ALL FREE, and I already explained they will still be ! (even if supporters will of course have rewards for their efforts ^^)

          So your point is more that I shouldn’t even try to get the slightest kind of donation/support money out of all this, and still work like a damned (and even more), because… it wouldn’t change anything (my games being already free), but you would prefer it that way.

          Seems to me you want to make me your slave just for fun ;)
          Is that really constructive ?
          Do you really see this working, in any potential future ?
          Loool :D

  • Boombox says:

    I have to say that i like the idea of this mmo web based thing, but it sounds like a lot of work especially to start a first version.
    I also see the problem of too many possibilities at first,but i think that you could make a great game.
    Lula is the one i played for some time and i would say that the focus is on management, so you definetly can develop a game, which not exists so far.

    And i have one question: Do you have any sponsors or something because its sounds like you need much more money and much more time do make such a game

    Anyway, i hope that you try to make the game and have enough support for it and that you don´t forget your other projects.

    • Mattis says:

      For sponsors or something, no, it would be in complete association with players & pledgers !
      I’m usually cursed, so I don’t raise too much hope, but if it works out, the money it brings will create the time it consumes, anyway, so that would not eat out the rest. ;)

  • Lars R says:

    Great to see you have so many ideas.

    I did see a lot of problems with what you want to do, but hey, I hope you can do it anyway :-)
    Some of the things I see:
    - Cheaters will be a problem in multiplayer games. You didn’t have to deal with it yet, but will have to. Also, people might write bots to play for them.
    - The underlying serv er infrasturcture is going to cost a lot! You’ll need lots of funding.
    - You’ll need a lot of new skill to make this. I hope you can spend a lot of time on this!
    - Player vs player gameplay looks like a nice idea, but it is very difficult to get right. You risk having a subset of players ruining and making the game impossible for others. Perhaps some kind of virtual marketplace for girls etc. would be a better way. Or only focus on player coorporation (= working together has some huge benefits).

    Anyway, that’s just me seeing too many problems. I do believe in you, and I hope you pull this off!

    • Mattis says:

      Note for all this : my past job, for a decade, was making web-based games. That’s why I aim for this mix : I’m far more seasonned in web-based stuff.
      So :
      - I already know perfectly what to expect about cheating and bots, and how to handle it.
      - I already know perfectly what to expect about PvP balance issues, and how to conceive it so it stays fun for everyone.

      - For server, I should be hosted on a sub section of mysexgames. And anyway it’s a problem you have when :
      A) your game is octet-heavy (not really a problem with my games, if you check how much they weight compared to… let’s say any hentai slideshow ^^)
      B) your server is not meant for big traffic. (mysexgames is hosting hundreds of heavy flash games and undergo hundred thousands of views weekly… not really worrying)
      C) you have tons of players… which is still to be proved will happen. And if so, I’ll pause it and we’ll discuss about solutions.

      But you are right to underline those common problems we meet everywhere, and which takes special care.
      As usual, I’m far from being a god-skilled creator, web-based or flash (like anyone is, lol ! Most “premium triple ‘A’ 2000-professionnal-teams” games crashed upon release day, and often took a full year of patches to be really operationnal. I’m looking good, compared to them ^^), and we will probably meet some dookies along the way, but yeah, don’t worry, I got a whole panel of proud scars, on those topics ;)

      And if really everything goes down the toilet, hey, whatever, it’s just a project among other, we still have plenty other stuff at hand.

  • Max says:

    Are you planning on making the recruited characters renameable (within limits for obvious reasons)?

    To be honest if you had “teams” maybe having a main character and two secondarys which are each customisable (1 guy and two women/1 woman two guys/3 women/…three guys, if it floats their boat…)

    Then having the rest of the “recruitables” as generic sexy stat fillers, in huge battle off screen as “expendable troops” but are viewable when not in battle.

    Once the battle is lost for the opposing side, due to losing all the “recruitables” or their ship is destroyed, one of their secondarys have to “suffer” a sexual punishment from the winners main.
    The winner could also capture a small percentage of the opponents “expendables” but that might unbalance the game.

    Having a throne room where you could “play” with your secondaries would be great…have it as an upgrade though.

    Sorry for the suggestions man, just trying to think of ways to help give you ideas with the base game.

    • Max says:

      Actually winning over the hearts a very small percentage of recruitables from the losing side could be a good way of adding Nurses/Pirates/Dominatrixs/Cowgirls to your team….

      Wait another idea…


      No need for violence.

      That could be the way you implement you’re mini games.

      The main and secondaries of each side have a competition against each other.
      Best 2 out of 3, random choice of events but you choose who does what event.
      Weight lifting (button bashing and resting KoPC classic style…the computers/offline players strength and stamina affect how reps they manage)
      Running (similar to the above but two button and with stamina, speed)
      Dancing/Guitaring (dance revoloution/quitar hero style… flexability/fingerskills?)
      Whatever else can be implemented?
      (I would love a tekken type of fight but that would be troublesome as hell)

      Again who ever wins get the choice of having fun with a secondary, taking some ladies/men…whatever or taking an item?

      • Max says:

        Wait not sexual enough…

        Weight lifting could be how many thrusts happens in standing sex positions (dildos for women?)

        But have it where spaming the buttons will kill the stanima, maybe even make them pass out of exaustion?

        Dancing/Guitaring could be changed to fingering (how quickly she..or he cums due to quick accuracy in hiting the right “notes”).

        Running could be changed to blowjobs, like mashing in KoPC but with two buttons where the woman is fighting her gag reflex and pausing for breathing whilst trying to make them cum as fast as possible.

        I’ll stop with the suggestions now.

        • Mattis says:

          No it’s nice suggestions and details ideas, yeah, thank you !

          Yep, mini-games instead of a big central games could be a good path :
          - Because it’s easier to make, for starters
          - It wouldn’t alienate players if 1 or 2 are not their taste.
          - It can be added as the game grows, and/or at convenience of players (instead of requiring a huge starting deployement)
          - It seems I’m good at that, and it fits my changing-heart.

          That’s why I think it could be more like a growing Sim-Date, for the central base (ultra easy, light and permissive), in a background world yet to be defined, and then mini-games could rule this or that aspect, or kingdom/clan, background-wise.
          For example a module about girls in racing suits could be orbiting around a racing game where all “quests” are solvable only through winning a car game. But just a mashing micro-game here and there works as well, depending on situation/inspiration.

          But it might be what Tenebrys is trying to do, and in that case, it would be better and wiser to join my efforts to his, in a common team of development, than competing uselessly.

          About a central “team” of several characters : I note that down, it’s a nice idea.
          And “expendables” is too, of course, even if it’s more fragile, balance/fun wise, yes.
          But being able to pick the names and sex of protagonists is a must-have, and would provide very usefully info for development and a nice foundation ! (regarding “heads of clan” playing with themselves)

          “Opposition” or “conciliation” sex, it’s too soon to say.
          It will depend of the situation, I guess, but I might put aside my violence thingy for more mainstream type of sex, anyway (seduction, bondage, etc…).

          So : nice ideas ! I was already having most of them somewhere in my mind, but my point here is to gather what players imagine and would like to see, and go their way instead of mine, so, thanks again ! ;)

  • FromITA says:

    Hi all! I dislike to stole resources to other players. Something else? I want to f**k their girls!!! A sort of TSO, but with sweet fun ;-) …I should play to make better my girls and rooms and then f**k them to gain resources XD …and to have more friends to f** them :-D …Bytheway, great games Mattis! Thanks.

    • Mattis says:

      Yeah, stealing is always a unbalanced and un-fun way of doing things.

      Fucking other players girls or your own, to gather different ressources , really “sounds” like a solid fun idea, I’ll write that on paper. ;)

      Thx for the compliment, doing my best ! ;)

  • Snake-eyes says:

    what about a little Final Fantasy like Turn based strategy but as the girls level up they “evolve”, and for the pvp you can go to something like a battle room or whatever then choose an opponents team to battle.

    • Mattis says:

      Hmm… a pokemon/final fantasy thingy ?
      Could be interesting, yes. Would need to think well about what evolution could bring, so we don’t get all over the place after a few months of crazy development, and get stuck in some unbalanced/uninspired spiral.

      For PvP, to make a good balanced one, you usually need to think it so players never really lose anything critical, but PvP is still mandatory to develop some aspects of the game.
      Most basic example are all RTS : you can lose all you want, you’re still able to build every units at each game. But the winner still have Xp and victory points, and climb a ladder, not related to in-game possibilities and tech-trees, but still entertaining.
      Same for FPS, you never “go back” on your xp and equipments. (even if the competition is ultra unbalanced, after that) Confronting other player, wether you or him lose or win, just provide one of you advancement, and the other no real downfall.

      I will think of something, anyway.
      But thx for sharing your thoughts !

  • bstunt10190 says:

    I am SO excited to see where you go with this! but if it doesn’t work out no worries, I love all your work and wouldn’t mind seeing more of your current line of games. great stuff Mattis.

    • Mattis says:

      That’s the spirit ! Thx to my everlasting moderator, lol ;)
      And yep, it’s exciting indeed, even if this ends up just as a semi-failed attempt ! Still so much worth the try ! ;)

  • Feminist frequencist says:

    Do you realize that you worship games openly featuring RAPE to turn on white-male-straigt gamers ?! Rape is a CRIME, do you know that ? Making crimes apology is legally punished in several countries, and should be more.

    When the fuck did video games industry turn that way ?

    Before you pour all the usual bro-shit arguments, please remind yourself that if, instead of rape of other gender-based violence it was about racial-based violence (like, for exemple games where you get to beat-up black people or put in furnace people for being jews), you’ll be really upset and ashamed to need this to be turned on.

    Seriously dudes, take yourself back a little…(what I know you will not do, but I had to say that, because silence is passive complicity)

    • Mattis says:

      I completely agree with you !

      That’s why I put a warning, top right of this site, reminding everyone to fight for women’s right and realize the violence of this world.

      That’s why there’s a “boycott porn” message on every one of my games.
      Because ‘not raping or beating women’ is far from enough, when you passively promote or excuse industrial slavery of women.
      Humans got a beast side, it can’t disappear, but it can be canalised for constructive purposes and messages, and hentai is a good steam-relief, far less destructive.

      That’s why I developped in lenght on my forum my feminist positions, and the fact it should have nothing to do with women : with daunting numbers and statistics in every country about crimes against women, which are committed 99% of times by men, awareness should be raised among men, THAT’s where the majority of the problem lies.
      (and also : women empowerment and domination would be men’s heavens and proof of manliness, factually, like I proved it ^^)

      That’s why I tell it again and again, in this blog, using the fact I’m NOT neither a woman nor a puritan, I’m making those hardcore games ! That proves you can be as fucked as you want, it doesn’t excuse anything, and you can and should fight against how reality turned up badly against women.

      That’s why I enjoy this hentai community so much : because almost every dude I talk with is well aware about the ravage of rapes and violence against women, and are completely against this, and are much less blurry on their morality that everyday’s people, as far as I know.
      (which seemed to be far less the case in non-hentai video games !)

      So yeah, you didn’t see all that, but I got no blame at all for you.
      You’re absolutely not my enemy, we got a common cause far greater and more important to fight together, so I like to hear those kind of words !
      And it takes balls I like to go on strike on hentai blog to defend this, so, bravo anyway !

      (and it reminds me I should put my “boycott porn” message up on patreon, too)

  • Mattis says:

    Lol, I never been on NG, that’s the funniest part (I’ve started long before that), and I still don’t know to this day who posted KoPC there, loool !

    But having you on board, since this long or just writing here, is still a great thing to hear !

    Looks like most wishes, for the moment, go towards some common “clan of girls” ground.
    Collecting them, fighting with them, evolving them.
    We will go up this path, it seems, yep ! ;)

  • Mattis says:

    I think…. I think you got it right, from A to Z, lol ^^
    Your point of view, your carefulness, your spirit, your greatness, your ideas : may our role have been turned, I would have probably said the exact same thing ;)
    So, no, nothing to be sorry about, thanks to you, that’s an awesome posts ;)

    I really like this community, lol, I can work so much more, and in so much better condition and ambiance !
    Because no, not my first solo attempt, quite the opposite : been doing web-based mmo on my very own for a long time.
    Still, always a challenge ;)

    I won’t go into deep comment on everything, I completely agree with your ideas. (even if nothing is fixed for now)

    Wasn’t too fond of the ‘card’ game at first, but it may be the elegant way I was searching, in the end.
    Because yes, ‘cards’ are a good visual core, allowing players to quickly understand what they have and what they deal with.

    Also nice for ‘evolutive’ graphic aspect, because I would like to deal with lots of manga pictures (and keep it that way somehow, even if that would mean new challenges for later ‘animation’ and ‘customs’ aspects of the game), and cards works perfectly for that.
    It also covers future hiring of good artists : just like Magic card game, it’s all about melting the picture ‘various styles’ by including them into a common ‘card style’.

    For module, same thing : ‘western pack’, ‘hospital pack’, ‘bondage pack’. All that is very ‘card like’/'card game friendly’

    For interaction, same-same.
    (even if I’d like to dig deeper ‘around’ what’s all been already said)

    Less needs of areas, too, yeah. Even if I had liked the idea of using KoPC environment like some ‘SIMSEH’ walking RPG game.
    But cards doesn’t automatically cancel that, could bond later.

    About breeding, just like RPG elements, I try to not stumble on ‘breeding seasons’, ‘oversexed’ or other patreon projects’ private gardens. It would end up in some open war or cold competition nobody would leave harmless.
    But it’s hard, because my inner arrogance doesn’t stop telling me I could do soooooo much better than everyone else, with a good graphic artist.
    No no no, shush, you inner stupid devil.

    But yeah, definitely gonna be some evolution aspect, thriving through breeding.
    I was thinking just physical traits, at first (trying to breed only gingers, for example :p) but it works better going more ‘global’.
    Mixing every ‘rogue-like’ games, bethesda’s elder scrolls skill system, fusions here and there : all that have a silver line of ‘exo-evolution’, that could be channeled through breeding.
    Instead of xp, use reproduction.
    You need a better magician ? Breed two small magicians, etc…
    (or build up your own main character by sharing beds and fluids like some sort of mutating alien absorbing traits ^^)

    I don’t know yet the scale, orientation, subject or path all that will take, but we are definitely orbiting around this planet.

    Good call for the ‘non-confrontation’ thoughts, too.
    I’m used to that, liking board games (which nowadays have several ’schools’, with among them ‘german games’, famous for never having players in ‘opposition’, but more likely in cooperation against IA, or with win-win exchanges), but yeah, it’s something I had fun creating or playing with, and I plan the game to have that kind of thing.

    And it’s not opposed to some rapes, too, which doesn’t have to be forced to players or dividing them. But that’s for later reflexions anyway.

    So, good calls and ideas, and thanks for sharing your expectations and excitations, as well as your suggestions !
    That’s the point of this gathered talks : letting me know what you have in mind and what you call ‘fun’ before I got mine into heavy action.

  • ShiroSeigi says:

    Yeah, haha. I figured as much. I tried to look at it from a coder’s perspective as well as a player’s. (basic coding, nothing like the experience you have, though I do share the pain of debugging … urg)

    And I never meant to sound like you should copy breeding season or any other game for that matter, it was simply the closest analogy I could come up with.

    Oh, speaking of which, if the card/girls/whatever are expendable/consumable one may also consider how Dark Cloud combined weapons or even how (most) MegaTen games actually have you sacrifice 2 (or more) demons to get a newer, stronger one.

    But as you correctly understood, I only wanted to share the idea of having players have more or less control over how the ‘cards’ build, either in stats or skills.

    A bad example of this, world of warcraft, where every human female priest …. is exactly the same at the end of the game. Stats: the same, skills: the same. You want the best gear? Oh, still the same.

    R.I.P. WoW. (don’t hate me, wow lovers)

    And honestly, card games, especially TDC games do piss me off to a certain extent. but it’s all mainly due to ‘pay-to-win’ schemes and unbalanced cards via either stats or skills; ‘card X is god…. that is all’. Where this card must be in your line-up if you actually want to pvp.

    I trust you dislike unbalance and pay to win as much as anyone. So, I have faith you’ll succeed where others have failed …. though, even with pay-to-win HearthStone is doing stupidly well, so … not sure if that’s failing… or they just have such a large fan base that they don’t even care …

    And yes, I agree that in general, h-related communities are much better than the standard swarm gaming ones or, at least, more mature. (I’m looking at you CoD, planet side 2, and league of legends) But I’m wondering if that’s more because the games themselves seem to be designed so that players can put each other down. Which is popular, a sad truth.

    At any rate, I’ll be interested to see what idea(s) you decide upon when the time comes for making this monster.

    oh, for what ever reason, I am enjoying this LulaOnline game. It’s sily like a facebook game, but I can just afk play it or make a couple clicks whenever. It’s neat.

  • Mattis says:

    I don’t really play anything (for… lots of reasons ^^), except little short retro style flash games, so I had to look up everything you talked about. (WoW…. I know WoW. Just by name. Stop throwing me rocks, lol :p)

    Usually it’s a good thing, when you create games. That allows you to find ideas and solutions. But let’s not go there, or I’ll talk about it for the next decade, lol.

    About cards : I may use cards as representation, not as heartstone or any other card game does.
    Like the idea of consuming 2 to create 1.
    Could go a long way, in terms of mechanics, weight and longevity.
    Remind me of Gemcraft, mostly, but that’s the same primal concept.
    And really “players friendly”, in terms of building what you want, in the end.
    Got to think deep on all this.

    For breeding season : it was more a peripheric aspect I felt the need to cover than a direct comment on your ideas, don’t worry. ;)

    For Lula, it IS interesting.
    It’s just ultra limited, in my opinion, even if they did beautifully well with what they were going with.
    But it IS good, in what it does.

    For “pay-to-win” : they work awfully well.
    People LOVE to complain about pay-to-win, and to give them their money, and let “real-free-to-play” die, lol ;)
    There’s a lesson, there.

    But yeah, I’m not a “pay-to-win” guy, anyway. I love too much creating systems of equity, where absolutely everyone can have his quota of personnal fun somehow, new or old, paying or not.
    But usually players don’t like that, even when they have fun. The mere concept bother them.
    I suppose it’s because you’re not getting some ‘dominating’ or ‘dominated’ feeling out of it, or because that implies other games are crappily conceived. (and no one like to have his world and conception changed, that’s survival instincts right there)

    ….. Just too much possibility, on everything, lol, I’m never gonna be able to put everything I want in a single project, lool ^^