New game out : Strip Poker Slut !

Hi my gorgeous hentai lovers !

As some of you may already know, I was working on some side collab since months (with an artist named Pornsketchz, this time), and it’s finally done !
Please welcome a brand new game in the Mattis Sphere : Strip Poker Slut !

As usual on my side projects and collabs, I try to use them as training field for different stuff.
It expands my skills, offers you fresh air (when and if needed), allow people to join our community with other premises than a single fetish (which always as been my point, if you look well), and bring some joy to hentai sphere which lacks new games (classic or not) !
Especially “good” ones, because slideshows or short films are nice, but it’s not “games”. Regular flash games can be so awesome and fun, why not hentai ones ?
So I really like bringing all this to the scene, and I hope it pleases you as well ;)

So, this time, a strong enjoyable “classic” strip poker, except it doesn’t end with the lack of clothes, of course, you know me ;)
Have fun everyone, and don’t forget to spread the word about our games !
(on forums, patreon, wherever, whenever !)

A brand new Mattis collab game : Strip Poker Slut !

Sponsored by, once again, enjoy and we’ll keep going on !


Who would guess it's about to get real messy, hmm ?


On other news : my patreon page begins to build up.
It’s a hard and long process, we’re far from done, so please please continue to support it and try to spread the word about it ! (I don’t know, talk about my games on your forum, and just say I’m building a patreon page and a big mmo for those interested !)
And thanks again to all people from here that pledges there ! (even if no one answered me to get his august reward. Kind of weird, but that’s pledgers choice, I suppose ^^)

The first good news is it helps the KoPC funding campaign, for example.
So next update will be able to come sooner ;)

Second one is it should help building a brand new project, too, about a massive multiplayer hentai game of some kind. Which I would want to construct on players wishes, if you have any.
If you miss the topic about it and want to make any comment or suggestion, just read next blog’s post, it’s all there :D

Next things to come up : what should be a nice collab I’ve awaited to do since yeaaaars. But as I don’t know if the guy will deliver, I keep to myself the possibility of transforming it into a non-collab somehow.
We’ll see. (should have been a YTPP game, but as the guy I wanted to do something with was available and motivated… started something else, sorry !)

So…. let’s get cranking, Mattis, got tons of work to do !

  • yayporn99 says:

    Argggg this game is super annoying. Can you make it easier?

  • yayporn99 says:

    It looks like there is a minor bug in the poker logic. I had a high card (ace of hearts) and she had a high card (king of spades), but she showed up as winning that round.

  • mart says:

    She folds too easily. You can win the game quite quickly by just choosing the maximum amount of money every time.

    • Mattis says:

      Indeed, but I voluntarily make the IA easier than it could.
      When you don’t know some virtual poker tricks, it’s already hard enough as it is, look yayporn comments :p
      “Balance”. ;)

  • yayporn99 says:

    Finally beat it! But I think the “stock” option is broken. It takes away the stockings and then clicking it again doesn’t do anything.

    • Mattis says:

      Yeah, I don’t know why it does that, alas. :/
      Aside, finding the right proportion of difficulty was hard, but there’s still some ancient “trick” to go through more easily, lol ;)
      (but then, you can’t really say you “beat” the game, unlike you !)

  • Hater says:

    The artwork sucks tbh.

    Went from western to african taste.
    I mean, what?
    Please dedicate your time to better games, like making “sex pits” better.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let nobody say you do not do a spectacular job of living up to your name.

      • Hater says:

        Obviously I put my name as Hater because I wanted to express how much I hate this game. Please dedicate your time to doing things like making the girls customizable (depending on the hunted place) on sex pits. That game can go far. This game just can’t.

        • Blackheart9912 says:

          I love how people demand things when they have no idea how much time and effort go into making them. You should be happy he’s taking the time and effort to even be doing any of the games he has be it KoPC, Sexpit, or even the poker game.

          How about you make your own flashgame, animate, draw, and build it from scratch just to show us how its done. If not, don’t go bashing others for things you yourself won’t take (or can’t take) the time to do.

          • Hater says:

            Blackheart9912, You seem to be forgetting that games like this (le generic strip card game) already exists in mass quantities. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to be gained from working on projects like this. The gameplay (if there is one) is stale, plot (if there ever is one, again) is uninteresting, and the artwork this time is unsatisfying as well.

            And for the record I am NOT putting down Mattis at all, someone of his talent should work on something with a FUTURE, not some game genre/design that has been farmed and beaten to a void of boredom.

          • Mattis says:

            Haters gonna hate, trollers gonna troll ;)
            If he didn’t (want to) realize that status in the first place, and choose his alias carefully, you obviously give him exactly what he wanted : a tribune to complain, lol :)

            But I think he is a nice one, among trolls : he was really gentle about it, usually people don’t take half the pain of focusing on what they would prefer, when they bash the rest, so…

            And anyway, it’s a good reminder of why we don’t have 10 good hentai games a week, nowadays, and how people completely overlook NOTHING force creators to do anything, or to share it with other people, given how hard it is.
            And even when there is, the fragility of it before “it’s not worth it” deadline is astonishingly ignored ;)

            But in hentai sphere, contrary to a lot of thing, we get what we plant :/
            Too much bash, no games left, period, starting over from scratch.
            (and too much compliments and support, games are rising by the hour !)

            Thanks for getting at the castle’s tower equipped and ready, anyway, always warming my heart :D

  • Random says:

    This was good. Do you plan on updating this with other things, like a cum opition in the doggy scene?

    • Mattis says:

      Doggy scene ? (you mean the breast fondling ?)
      Unfortunately, no, I already had to do a lot of stuff myself the artist couldn’t do (like all the cums), he gave everything he had in this.
      But it’s good to know the game pleases you, I will definitely do more of that kind if I have the opportunity !

  • WC Gordan says:

    Well she is extremely dumb at playing poker… Folds way too often, i can bluff her 95% of times =)
    My strategy “bet/raise 25 with any cards” works way too well =)

    But other than that idea is nice =)

    • Mattis says:

      It’s surprisingly easy to program an unbeatable IA, for those kind of games, once the engine works.
      But it alienates players (look at the Sex Pit comments ! It’s not even a hard game, and still to this day people are complaining “how hard” it is !), so, yeah, it’s MEANT to be that easy. ;)

      I once programmed an “unbeatable” chess IA.
      I suck at chess, but I like the foundation : nothing random, known to everyone, easy to adapt to anything. It was the carpet gaming for a story-telling thingy I’ve done in the past.

      I figured out the IA like this (as far as I remember), each turn :
      - list every enemy pieces in random order.
      - check all them for each of those actions :
      - if it can take a player’s piece, do so. (and end of turn, obviously)
      - if it protect another piece, don’t move.
      - if it is about to be taken, move it.
      - when moving, chose somewhere that prioritze the same actions (move it in priority somewhere where it will be able to take a player piece, etc…)

      Somehow, no one seen any real thing about the game, because among hundreds of players, none was able to beat first stages of the chess minigame inside, with that IA !
      Because IA don’t do mistakes, and given enough “phases” of reflexion/action (this one has 5, more or less, to handle everything), that can avoid anything and don’t miss any opportunity to beat you down.

      And that IA was the EASY version, made quickly ! Because it’s very very obvious it could have lots of other phases : checking if taking a piece put you at risk and/or unprotect your piece, prioritize the pieces (queen, pawn, etc…), running a “chessmate seeker” phase, or just adding the checks and planning for turn+2, +3, or +10 !

      And I don’t EVEN mention the fact IAs can be made to cheat a little, just to spice things up !
      Let’s say, in our case, I don’t know : counting how many time a poker IA folds (which is already in place), and add definitive levels of cheating when too many, like probability to obtain the right cards to make big figures, hmm ?
      And that’s just the easy way, there’s far more trickier stuff that could be made ^^

      Yeah, maybe someday, when I feel players are ready for a little challenge and would appreciate it ;)

  • Ananias says:

    I really enjoyed this game—played it through a few times. Thanks, Mattis!

    As yayporn99 says, the logic of comparing high-card hands is broken. Any chance of a fix?

    I found the gameplay a little bit too easy, but I accept your point that it does have to be fairly easy. I have played quite a lot of these type of games and got the hang of them.

    The “question” asked by the slut at the beginning seems a bit pointless. Why would I want to play “just strippin”?

    I would like it if you released more variants on this—all you have to do would be change the graphics (possibly not very much), and alter the girl’s poker-playing behaviour (e.g. a girl who bets a bit more aggressively on good hands, or one who bluffs more), I think two or three more versions would all be worth playing for a couple of hours.

    (I admit, I don’t know how much effort goes into making the graphics, I’ve not done that sort of thing).

    To finish with another compliment—I really appreciate the speed of the gameplay in this game. I get annoyed by card games where you have to wait for cards to be slowly dealt etc.

    • Mattis says:

      You’re welcome, and thank YOU for the kind words and feedback, always appreciated and pushing me forward to do more and better ^^

      For high-card problem, shouldn’t be a fix in this game, alas.
      But I intend to re-use the engine, so, it will be fix then, elsewhere, as well as IA. (probably in some “progressive difficulty”, the most smooth way to do it)

      The “question” is a tribute trick to meetnfuck games, where the direct gruesome answer is always the bad one ;) In this case, it’s just the opposite, and I probably tricked a lot of people with that.
      Just a little joke ;)

      I won’t go into details (you can read my blog for insights and stories about that anyway), but making the graphics is by far the hardest part, at least for me, lol. So, if I COULD do 2 or 3 other girls, you would have 2 or 3 new games a week or far bigger ones, garanteed.

      And yep, slow gameplay is frustrating as hell. Either you try to make your gameplay quick, or you try to make it interesting. In-between is just painful.
      But as far as hentai players goes, it seems no one enjoy “playing”, in fact, and prefer by far hentai without gameplay. (story/dialog hentai, “straight to the point” ones, etc)
      So, I’m sort of going the wrong way, with all that, alas. :/

      (I should definitely learn how to do short answers, in some other life ^^)

      (and yeah, the MMO should have some fight club thingy like you described, if it gathers enough support, it’s planned !)

      • Ananias says:

        If you do use the engine again, it’s not just the high card comparisons that are off, it’s the odd cards. I currently have H9 CT DT CQ CK against her C4 ST HT HJ HA and it’s wrongly showing me as winning.

        On the AI front, one test is to try to lose. I had a go just to see what happened, and I found it very difficult to lose 200 without being obviously insane.

  • Mattis says:

    Really nice idea, yeah ;)
    Long time ago, I wanted to do a “versus fighting” game of that kind.
    Like street fighter, etc… Less complex, shiny, and with less characters, of course, more ‘fight club’ like, but where you would fight guys to ‘earn’ their girlfriend right after the match. (and game over when you lose yours)

    I know this hentai blackjack game, yep. (was never able to finish, lol, I don’t know if there’s any sex in the end ? It was usually a problem, at the time, with strip games)

    Anyway : if I’m able to find a good graphist or a good way to draw, myself, no reason I won’t do an iteration of that kind, yep ! :D

    Glad you like the game !
    It’s a bit different, but it’s always interesting ;)