Travelling time

Hi everyone !

Got some time, so, here it comes : 2 whole new sets, with 4 scenarios each ! 
I could list the detail, but play them, you will see by yourself what’s in it.

Also, I found an interesting ways of adding elements to sets, so that’s not visually revolutionnary (aside from “birthday party”, maybe), but it’s a plus for me to quickly improve and add stuff :-) )

Notice a little change in the pregnancy bonus money, in stages.
On 2+ girls stages, it was really bringing too much money, no fun !


A little color  and a lot of girls on the set ^^

2 new sets, 8 more scenarios, hurray !!!


For complementary notes :

- I tried to program anal/vaginal switching, like said in previous news, but I’m stuck on some major bugs so… nothing for the moment !

- I test the birthday party myself, and yes, it’s possible ! Not my fault if your computers are too fast, lol :-)
(but I will add some upgrades that reduce difficulty rising rate, someday, don’t worry)

- Your help could be appreciated, on some stuff. Like chalkboard messages in school stages, sets of dialogs for each scenarios, maybe, or your opinion on some of the stuff I ask/asked you from time to time (but as I don’t really received hundreds of feedback on that, I suppose you’re not numerously interested, for now, lol)

- I will work some day on customizing girls, in freeplay mode, yes, and on group stuff, one day (that’s the main objective, lol), it’s just that I’m slow as hell, this year, as you noticed ;-)

Whatever, enjoy nevertheless !

  • Arioch says:

    For personal job it's a really good job … no sincerly a really good job.

    About chalkboard message you planed to make one per level or one message for all ?

    And finaly a customize girl will be awmsome


  • A suggestion for the chalkboard "Ms. 's joint presentation." or something I dunno,

    But anyway, I have a few bugs for you (oh no!)

    If u select another girl in a multiple girl part before he finishes, the background goes off center, and stays that way even when changin levels. It also bugs out and won't let you finish the level.

    Another bug is that if you mute the music it always comes back the next time you start a mission, which can be annoying.

    That;s it for now, the game as always is amazing, the new levels are great!

  • Irish Red says:

    Today's lunch menu:

    Put THAT on the blackboard!

    Looking good, Mattis. Same minor bugs already posted. money/points stopped displaying after about 10K score…after that everything was free. Didn't think that was a bug..more of developmental liberty.

  • Mattis says:

    I know ^^

    For chalkboard (or other stages if you people got ideas !), I can customize each scenes !
    (… as you will find out by yourself when playing all school's stages)

  • Mattis says:

    "Ms. 's joint presentation." ?
    I don't get it, lol ^^ Explain it to me, please.
    (I'm a french dumbass, maybe that's why :p)

    For the bugs : oh no ! (lol)
    I will try to work on them.

  • Mattis says:

    Muhahaha, good one, for the board ! :-) )
    Gonna put that, yes ;-)

    For money bug, still don't know where that comes from, argh !
    But will keep work on it !

    Thx for the support, anyway, it's priceless !

  • Nevermind it was a stupid idea, maybe I'll come up with something better again to suggest, anyway keep fighting the good fight, and making awesome games! :D

  • Mattis says:

    Never stop suggesting, even when it seems stupid.
    There's nothing stupid, there's just stuff I have or not the time and taste to do ;)

    And will try to keep on the fight, yes !
    (but I hope I will not be alone in this fight, in supporters or creators side, that would be a shame ! ^^)

  • Arioch says:

    it's will be fun to see a think like the simpson's opening when Bart is punished ^^