Slow-mo Summer.

Look who’s back in town !

Okay, folks, some news today.
It’s a one shot, no promise for the future, as usual, but it’s still something.

- Add sounds, enjoy (If someone got small proper male rough moans sounds, feel free to share !)
- Add dialogs. Still not completely effective, and need to add scenario related ones, but hey ! ^^
- Cock remade.
- Improvments on “suck” and “deeper” sex poses.
- Added two new clothes…. I think. (I already forget if that’s new or not o_O)
- Fixes issues on freeplay timer, cock’s transparency, ponytail on some poses, etc…

- And I try a new presentation for the very first level (but only this one), tell me if you like it or not, so I can now if it’s worth working on it or not.


Reference inside…


Aside from that, not much news.

You will see I added a paypal donation button, because one of the main reason news take so much time is because I need to work a lot, IRL, to pay bills. Dozens hours I can’t spend on hentai games, you know the drill, nothing new on earth !
So it’s facultive, but it’s there, just sayin’…

And just for fun, some magnificiently funny animation ^^
(nothing to do with the rest)

Have fun !

  • Hi. I want this sex position: cross one's legs
    Is it possible. In this position, anal, oral and vaginal sex. This position looks very good. The legs look great.

  • Vman says:

    Here some ideas to throw around.
    1. Put an Asian or Latino girl in there every once in a while.
    2. Have one in a made outfit and put a little story with it, like say; "One night at your place, the maid is working over-time and you notice when she bent over to pick up some trash, she's got a nice ass. So you decided to dump a kid in her."
    3. Make a sex position of a three-way. Have one over on-top of the other in a doggie-style position. While you dump a load in one, you can do it to the other. Call it double-doggie.

  • Mattis says:

    Try replacing "I want." with "can we have ?", it goes a long way, lol ^^
    For crossed legs, we already discuss this position in earlier post, and in fact it would not appear differently from what's already existing, given the fact it's "side" poses only, and crossed legs don't really appear in side view.

    But anal stuff will probably come one day, yes.

  • Mattis says:

    1. Already in it ! Bad luck with random girls generator ?
    (but maybe I could add a "full asian" or "full latino" mode, or some specific scenarios, if wanted ?)

    2. I'm not in maid stuff, but as I started making bunny or dancing costumes, I should add those kind of scenario, yes.

    3. Already have a threesome pose, and possibility for X-some poses. But could add this one, yes (and why only two girls ? Why not four or five on top of each other ? ^^)
    For the swapping option, this is a good idea ! (even if I don't have a clue on how to program it, for now ^^)


    What's taking a lot of time, for now, is I try to have a perfect scenario (gameplay, atmosphere, sex poses and change of pace or type within a given pose, dialogs, real exciting "life" in characters, eyes, mouths, sounds, clothes, etc…) , before beginning to multiply them by the hour.
    Because its a hundred time harder and longer to improve details AFTER fullfilling a game with stuff than BEFORE !
    (with existing scenarios and poses, it's already taking me a lot of time, at each improvement, to copy the upgrade in each scene and each pose !)

    If we could have a dummy "very complete and satisfying" scenario, including every options we want on a single given scene, then I could just multiply the dummy structure…

  • Irish Red says:

    Doing great Mattis. Hang in there, Bro.

    I still check in here every day to see what's new. And have been spreading the word of this game to every board I'm on.

    If you need/want some voices and sounds let me know I have some female sex voices.

  • Mattis says:

    I desperatly need sounds and voices, yes, so feel free to send those to me !
    (only stuff I can find is soft female moaning of pleasure, or good sounds but in long unique mixed tracks, all of which don't fit at all in this game !)

  • Irish Red says:

    Need your Email, Mattis.

  • Mattis says:

    mattis.chastan at ^^