Wut ?

I know, I know, no news, that’s a fucking shame !!!
Try my best, free game, no promises made, no responsability can be charged on me, but still it’s just frustrating, I know.

So, no news yet, but don’t drop the stick : ever heard of “Wet : the sexy empire” ?
A game old as hell, but good as hell, believe me, I just discover that.
It’s just soooo like what I try to develop here, with kind of the same atmosphere and all (ok, not as sick and as hardcore as my work, but still).
You must try to install and play it (both task are difficult as hell, I must warn you. But I think it’s so worth the pain I talk about it, so that must be fun, right ?)

Just do your research and enjoy to forget how pitiful I am for not having found time to make some improvements on KoPC ^^
(PS : all the desert city is only the first “stage” on three, those who hang on will see how exciting it could be to imagine a flash-sick mattis-version of this game ^^)

  • Unknown says:

    Haha! I thought it was sexy "vampire" and was getting really annoyed I couldn't find it.

    BTW Your games are great!

    If I could be brash enough to make a suggestion, perhaps you could add a freeplay option to change which girl and what different clothes she is wearing, i.e. a bunny suit, or school girl outfit.

  • Vman says:

    Where do you go to download the Wet: the sexy empire game?

  • chicofeijao says:

    you can put the link and make a tutorial for us to operate in our Computer?

  • chicofeijao says:

    hey mattis, anothers goodies game are lula 3d, sex villa 3d, virtual hotties 02 and virtually jenna…

  • Mattis says:

    I usually don't have any problem find out what I search, download it, install it or make it work by finding several sources of information and solutions on stuff I want.
    But even with that, it's been very hard for me to make this game work.

    So that's why I didn't try to explain you guys how to obtain and make this game work, because if I start, it will probably takes pages and weeks to make it happen.
    You'll have to make your brain works on that one, sorry, it should be far more quicker and easier ^^

    For sexvilla, virtual hotties and jenna, advice : search for something around "The Klub 17"…
    It's about all that what "street of rage remake" is about "street of rage 1" ;)
    (and like WET, I let you use your brain about all that, don't ask me questions, ask google !)

  • chicofeijao says:

    I found the klub 17, the game is perfect!

  • Mattis says:

    It's the most complete 3D sex-stuff maker on the market for the time being, yes.
    But it still has flaws, that makes me prefer "flash", for developing "KoPC" universe, after a few weeks using this.
    (the problem of being "amateur" and without full time : it's always a question of compromise to stay efficient !)

  • Jinx says:

    I didn't forget about you Mattis! As far as I can find there is no free forum out there that allows pornographic content. Sorry.

  • Mattis says:

    Thx you for trying anyway !
    Did you look for forums associated with small hentai sites or developper's blog ?
    (I try some myself, but every forum I find seems to be personnally hosted)

    Or maybe in a sub-category of a big hentai forum ?
    "Hello there. Jinx, representing my client Mattis. Would you be kind enough to allow us some free space in your forum, for my client to develop deviant stuff so sick you wouldn't dare play to it ?"