Freeplay ?

Hi everyone !

Found some time, so now you have, in KoPC demo :

- Music
Didn’t find a lot of good loops, so if you find very interesting but light ones, share the link !

- Freeplay mode !
You have to impregnant all women in a stage, to unlock freeplay mode.
Still need some work, there’s bug and all, I know, but at least we got a base to work on it.

- Some invisible fixes
Lighten the suck/titfuck animations, rebuild the reset button, etc…)



For gossip, this night I had a dream in which I found a great flash hentai game.
At first it was just fine, but I discovered, exploring, that it was exactly what I try to do with KoPC and my games !

I was just so glad ! I was saying to myself, in the dream : “gosh, there’s just every options I need, there, and the graphics are so like what I try to do ! The ambiance is so greatly twisted and fucked up !”

Exploring deeper, I finally conclude that in fact, this game were so complete I didn’t even have to make my own, which was a little sad, but it was so great I didn’t have any doubt left : too bad for KoPC, but I HAD to share this link with everyone, the guy behind this game just deserved to be much more notorious.

And then… I woke up.
Noooooooo !!!!

I was just so great, I wish you could have seen it, argh !
But as every dream, it’s just vanishing from my memory, as the hours go by, and I’m incapable of drawing and doing the same quality stuff, for now…

So now I’m just a bit demoralized by the huge gap between what I see in my dream and what I’m capable of, but this gives new perspective, and I will work on them.

For now I’m just afraid you just get bored with the very poor rate of improvment of the game, and the fact it’s basically the same game, evolving very slowly… something I oversaw too quickly, I think ^^
….. anyway, I just can’t go faster, so it’s not like I could do something about this, and in life, you can only do your best ! ^^

Enjoy anyway !

  • cmafml says:

    This game is a game that will set a precedence to all flash games. This game has the ability to show others in the field that anything is possible. The idea of this game is great. It tears down walls of doubt and allows the player to do whatever he wants. This game is the purest form of freedom. This game can improve some aspects but is very playable and is the dream of anyone who likes these types of games like myself. I think it would be cool if you could watch a montage of the women getting pregnant over 9 months then watch the birth. Then the mother kills herself shortly after the birth.Later you could watch the child cry because the father is never around. If this would be possible I would be very happy. Either way thank you for making such an awesome game, you are one bad ass mother fucker, Thanks.

  • Mattis says:

    Looool, THAT would be sick as hell !
    I don't promise anything, that would depend on what people want or could tolerate in this game, there's debates to have on that point.
    But that's kind of the spirit, yeah.

  • Irish Red says:

    Grand job Mattis. Top shelf.

    Be careful with those ideas.. You don't want the "Moral Majority" chasing after you. And hurting children is THE fastest way to getting your work blacklisted.

    More random outfits, and girl varieties would be good. And positions.. you can never have enough sex positions!

  • Mattis says:

    I agree on every point ;)

  • chicofeijao says:

    you could put the sound of moaning and screaming ladies, would be very good even saying "oh, it 'sa big cock" "you're rolling up to me" "I'm all baked." And during the sex that women stay with the red belly and butt, as one who really gets baked.

  • gafflix says:

    just want to let you know youre doing a great job with the game. im not allowed to play these games (spouse) but i just wanted to show my support. definitely the best ive ever played. i look forward to seeing how it evolves in the future. there are more like me, that cannot publicly praise and play games such as these and you have their support as well. thank you.

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for the support ! ^^
    And I'm not sure how I must react, for your spouse stuff, so let's keep it instinctive : love your wife, that's the best support you can give me !

    That's how I feel, as my games take their origins in the pain I feel from seeing men loving so wrongly or so poorly all women ! Down on your knees, praise those goddesses, you heretics !!! (huhuhu ^^)

  • Arioch says:


    I really enjoy the demo, a really great game. Just one think you must have the money variable set too small because when I reach a some amount of money I get infinite money.

    Don't know if it's help, but keep the mood to continue this game it's really great.

  • Arioch says:

    humm I just found the real bug, it's when you press replay you obtain infinit money

  • Mattis says:

    I tried and still try to fix that one, bug in vain, for now :/