New game out : Sex Racers !

Hi my beautiful hentai followers !

As said, as promised, a new wonderful hentai game I’ve been struggling like hell to create and release !
It’s was serious developpement hell, but it’s finally here, damn, and all worth it ^^

No less than 5 girls to fuck your way through, in this action-packed racing hentai game !
A first in hentai world, as far as I know, taking the gameplay seriously, and giving a real challenge and good play feelings, music and sounds everywhere, as well as nice sex scenes to have fun with !
Also, lots of side pictures to unlock and buy, upgrades, game events, classy looks everywhere, and a few secrets !
For example ? As blog supporters, you have an exclusive passcode, just type “wipeout” in the password interface !
All people not reading those game descriptions will not have it, and you’ll be the only one to enjoy the new car skin it unlocks, lol !

Enjoy this little jewel, and lot of thanks to SuperSatanSon, the artist that saved the day and make those gorgeous girls for the sex scenes.
I will probably do a lot more work with him, so give some cheers for the man if you like it !
Have fun everyone, and don’t forget to spread the word about our games !
(on forums, patreon, wherever, whenever !)

A shining & raging new Mattis collab game : Sex Racers !

Sponsored by, once again, enjoy and we’ll keep going on !

Vroom vroom ! Speed laaaane !

Vroom vroom ! Speed laaaane !

Road encounters, the challenge begins !

Road encounters, the challenge begins !

You know what you're here for, hmm ?

You know what you're here for, hmm ?


Edit : V 1.2 list of changes
- speed don’t decrease anymore on itself, you have to use the “brakes” key. (that’s for “screen right-sider” that didn’t read in-game help or noticed you don’t have to keep pushing the key, but they’ll probably don’t notice that either, lol ^^)
- chances of “ram the racer” events get +1 for each of your upgrades to level 10. (will favorise a lot racer events, obviously, as you progress)
- shop : racer upgrade description fixed (event time is a “+”, not a “-”)
- added a “minimum speed required to appear” to racers (to avoid hunts at 10mph)
- downtown : problem with “back to shop” button fixed
- car disappearance problem : automatic respawn added.
- added damage boost indexed on speed.
- added easy mode ! (manual activation/desactivation) -50% cars, +200% resist, +100% warning time.
- warning time increased (even out of easy mode)


Edit : V 1.3 list of changes (upload soon !)
- automatic save system ! (but saving when entering the shop only, I don’t want people to start micro-pirating the gameplay) Wasn’t able to make it “clipboard available” for those under private navigation, sorry, it still works with cookies !
- added a bonus code after you ended the game, so winners that got through all this could enjoy back all scenes anytime they want, putting that code, in the future. Also, you can see other codes (but not all ^^), when you have finished the game, now :D
- fixed some side bugs too : color problems, 4th level of truck upgrade, and an attempt at fixing lightning sounds during climax (not sure it works, though)


That said, I know the poll results cracked down the collab games to the bottom, and everything else above, with KoPC update on top.
That’s not a reason to dismiss this new game in a blink of an eye, my eager cuties !
It was started BEFORE the poll, and required a LOT of painful work.
Also, it bringed me a lot of experience, for future games (MMO in front, but not only), in handling big projects, on music & sound management, on interface design (look at this speedometer, damn cool !), and a reliable hentai artist, which was an absolute PREREQUISITE to even “think” about the MMO.

KoPC update is started, and you will have news and sneek peeks about it, don’t worry.
MMO will come after, it’s planned also, I’m going as fast as I can and work like hell for it.
But this post is dedicated to Sex Racers, it is an important game in our adventure, so please take the time for it, and I will see you soon for the rest ! :)

Great times ahead ! Rejoice !

  • SAP says:

    side note, the link you gave us takes you to SPS (strip poker slut)

  • bleh says:

    This is just way 2 hard sigh all the upgrades on lvl 3 and its pretty much impossible and depends on luck

    • Mattis says:

      Me and the beta testers got no problem at all to finish the game.
      We even added the pictures thingy because it was too linear and rewarding, lol ;)
      But ok, message received, don’t worry, bunch of changes are coming up to ease down the game !

  • CS says:

    Nice game, but I have a few problems with it… (Warning: critic incomming… :-P )

    Critcal Bug:

    Sometimes your car disappears. I think it is off screen somewhere. This makes you untouchable, but you can’t touch anything as well. You can only restart the game.

    Minor Bug:

    Sometimes the back button in the downtown menu starts the next racing round instead of going back to the upgrade menu.

    Possible display bug:

    Why should I pay to reduce the racer event duration?


    Is there a reason to increase the cars speed? I think the additional money/tick is not enough to balance the increased game difficulty. Or in other words: Why can I even catch up to the later racers with 70mph?

    • Mattis says:

      Thx, very constructive feedback (and real bugs found ^^), check the post again, I tried to answer all those points in the new version (coming up as soon as MSG upload what I sent them) .

  • Dan George says:

    Way too hard! I can’t make it past level 3 with all the upgrades maxed out either. :-(

    • Mattis says:

      That’s… the problem of wealth gap between poor and rich people, lol ^^ You have no idea how wealthy and lucky you are, which very factually result in possessing an astonishing device to run the game online, compared to mine.
      So, when the game is very slow on my computer, and very easy consequently, because my pc isn’t powerful enough to run it faster, it’s ultraaaaa fast on yours, and hard to play ;)

      But don’t worry, that has been taken into account, and a fixed version will come up (check the post edit for list of changes) as soon as possible. ;)
      Stay cool, keep the fun, and wait for the new version, you’ll get through ;)

  • Passive says:

    It’s true that compared to most “games” one finds on MSG or similar sites, this is relatively difficult, and requires a decent amount of time investment before you get any scenes.
    But that’s what makes it an actual game, rather than just a sequence of click-throughs.
    The bugs need to be fixed, but I would rather play it early and help you find those. :)

    Keep up the great work!

    • Mattis says:

      I completely agree with that kind of spirit, lol :D
      Thx for the kind word !

      That said, between the pool results and some observations, it seems it’s a more “global” problem : hentai games and players aren’t at all about “playing games”, in fact.
      Thousands of nice and various gameplay in flash games, but in hentai flash games, almost none, aside from a few “excuses”. Even contextual mini ones like in my YTPP, you don’t find that anywhere.
      (well, maybe one or two battle systems in RPGs, yeah)

      It kind of worries me, because players don’t seem to expect or really “massively appreciate” anything else, while this is exactly the kind of thing I like to try to do.
      Especially with the coming MMO, which should be a patchwork of lots of fun “gameplays”, but I can’t really “afford” pursuing stubbornly in this way, if I want to compete and survive.

      So… fingers crossed, let’s hope it’s all just because of pure bad luck, and that the MMO will get through big time, for once.
      (but I will need to be very cautious and clever, it seems, to not alienate everyone with a few conceptual mistakes, lol ^^)

  • Flame says:

    I just played it, made it to level 4 before rage quitting. My only BIG problem about the game and what made me rage quit is why is it that there is no break in between levels? You literally have to die in each level so you can get to the garage to upgrade. I love your games man but I’m sorry and I mean no disrespect, but this is the only sex game I’ve ever rage quitted on before.

    • Mattis says:

      Well… that’s because most race games (and ALL upgrade games) are like that ! (aside from video games ones, but not even all of them)
      Burrito bison revenge, learn to fly 1 & 2, flight, knightmare tower, toss the turtle/cat/dog/nerd/sheep/hedgehod/bieber, billy the pilot, into space series, all infectonator games, super hang on or indy heat, all road rage video games, all mining games, vending machine beat up, whack your whatever, and hundreds of other games are all about “run, die, upgrade, run again” !
      Even most of FPS !

      That reminds me when people tried to “save” their girls in “the Sex Pit” games, where the point was obviously to throw them out because you could have dozens of new ones for almost free !

      When you try to not die in a game where the point is to die to earn more money and upgrades, or when you try to save girls when the point is to throw them, or when you try to collect flowers and not shot a single bullet in call of duty, you just miss the whole point, and make your goals impossible to reach !
      Not dying in “sex racers” is like dying in “last of us” : it doesn’t lead you anywhere.

      It’s… impressive, that you got to level 4 playing like that, and didn’t rage-quit on the very first level, lol ! ^^

      So, yeah, the breaks you are searching for ARE the deaths, in this kind of game. Then you have all the time in the world, to enjoy downtown pleasures, change car, upgrade stuff, grab a snack IRL, etc…

      I should start include forced tutorials, maybe, in my games, ’cause obviously the design isn’t self-explanatory, you’re surely not the only one in that situation, there’s probably something I could do about that for people to understand more easily the goals of my games.

      Thx for sharing, and thx for not drowning my into insults just because the game wasn’t fun for you.
      I’ll try to do better next time !

  • HookahLord says:

    Hey there, just one question: is there a way to access the upgrade menu without being destroyed/caught? If so i didnt find one.
    But keep doing great games regardless, nice work Mattis! :)

    • Mattis says:

      Thx, I strive on nice words :D
      And nope, you must be destroyed to access shop, just like in every other “upgrade”/”launch” type of games.

      • Xex says:

        That rule is pretty bullshit. You should at least be able to work on your car in between races. Otherwise, you’re incentivized to try to wreck your car, and woe be to you if the cops happen to appear while you’re doing that.

        • Mattis says:

          I just apply the same unrealistic but efficient rules EVERY other games of that kind (and every other game ever, in fact) have since 30 years, with total consent and appreciation of the public (or video games would never have last so long and grows so strong)

          You basically say “road rage” games, “super hang on” and all toss the turtle/hedgehog/pinguin/dog/cat/nerd/rocket/bieber/crazy fox games have pretty bullshit rules.
          And I can’t stand that. Take it back, dude, swallow your frustration, mothers and “toss the pinguin” are off-limit, basic society rules, or we will have to mob you and you could never come fap again with us. :p

  • mart says:

    I won, but I got stuck for a while when I kept losing all my money to cops over and over and over. When I didn’t have enough speed to spawn the boss, I was just getting cops back to back until an incoming car would kill me and they would steal my money. It was quite vexing.

    • Mattis says:

      At least, you got all cops bonus pictures, lol ;)
      (not really the funniest ones, but can you believe there’s almost NO good hentai cop sex pictures on the web ?! Unbelievable !)

      But yeah, victory isn’t as sweet when there’s no risks.
      And I wanted a real dangerous event, which usually is never here in “upgrade” flash games (aside from “end runs” that lead back to the shop), which I end up playing without even being in front of my screen !
      In other games, I just launch the run, and go do something else : as nothing is “dangerous”, you will statistically gain money anyway, so you can just “not-really-play” the game for a few hours, then come back with tons of money to win in a single “true” run.
      I think it’s a big gameplay design mistake !!
      In Sex Racers, if you play, you PLAY ! There’s risks, there’s reward, there’s challenge, there’s multiple stages !

  • johnny says:

    awesome music can you provide names or links to it please love it !

  • Max says:

    Hey man, I like it, has a nice addictive feel to it.

    1.1 was stupidly hard (gave up on the 3rd level) but ridiculously fun.
    I would love to have the option of that “holy shit” speed called hyper mode in a possible 1.3 version, maybe completing it would unlock a password for an exclusive “something” (gold maybe in one of your other games.)

    • Mattis says:

      Someone else suggested that end game could provide a shortcut password to access bonus directly.
      But I like the idea too. It would be rewarding for people following my games.
      I was having lots of other ideas for “hyper mode” and insane speeds, but I wanted to see how fast people finish this quite easy game first.
      As it seems people have the hardest time in the world doing so, I think we’ll keep hyper mode for another life, lol ^^
      You people can’t handle the mere power of hyper mode, your brain would burst into flames, muhahahaha ! ;)

      Joke aside, I tried to introduce it as an event making you invulnerable, but the animation for it just doubled the size of the game, among lots of other problems. So I just dropped it.

  • Enix says:

    I just wanted to say the game was fun, i really enjoyed it. Also i appreciate that you try to do different styles and i have and will continue to try any you create. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    • Mattis says:

      Thanks ! That’s what I call a motivationnal comment when waking up, lol ^^
      Yeah, even if the poll results put me down a little, I musn’t forget lot of people also voted for “do any game you want, we’ll enjoy it anyway !”

      As always, as long as people support me, I’ll do my best to provide ! :D

  • Andar says:

    I cant play this game, Its only show black screen

  • Drycan says:

    This game is awesome ! Really I enjoyed it very much, it’s hard to find a sex game with great gameplay combined with good (and early) great sex scene. I love your way of making sex scene and these was awesome, but i had to rage quit at the final boss x.x

    I mean, at this point, you have to farm a bit to get enough money for the speed and everything else and the cops are so hard x.x They pop everytime, and when you try to crash to gain your price, they get you and wipe ALL of your farmed money U.U That’s a bit unfair to lose everything, i would understand to lose everything you get during the run, but everything even what you previously gain? That make me rage quit x) At least I got all the cop picture :P But i can’t get to the final scene without money x.x

    So, I think that the cops shouldn’t get this amount of money, maybe half or 75% ? Or just what you get during the run?

    I just replayed and then lose everything on the second run x.x That’s really annoying.

    Keep doing! you’re awesome !

    • Mattis says:

      Thanks for the support and positive feedback ! It’s most welcome ! :D

      About the cops, though, did you play the “v1.2″ ?
      Because when having most of the upgrades (or at least a few to level 10), cops shouldn’t appear more than 1 time out of 4, compared to “ram the racer” that should appear all the other times !

      Also, you need to had a tactical aspect to your play, now :
      - farm much more at the beginning of the game, when cars are in few numbers and speed is low. Also, “bank trucks” are more fragile.
      - in those same “easy levels”, don’t ram the enemy racer, to keep money coming !
      - upgrade “cops” to level 10 as soon as possible, to reduce the time they are here !
      - and finally, do not upgrade “max speed”, upgrade everything else first !
      This way, cop event will be easier to get through !
      - there’s also more “cheaty” tricks, but that’s not my place to talk about them, lol ;)

      The order in which you get the upgrades will greatly influence your experience, lol :D
      But if you really can’t get through even with passcodes, easy mode and everything, I could always cancel the cop “busting” when being destroyed, but that would be a great shame, it’s the most obvious outcome and greatest tribute of the game ! (to “road rage” retro games, and their famous “you’ve been put down by top players, almost at the end of the race, and while you run back to your motorbike to get back on the road, you hear that siren of doom, telling you a cop is catching up with your position, and might arrest you while your off, damn iiiittt !!!”. It was just so superb ! ^^)

      Keep hanging on, illegal races are risky, but worth it ;)
      Just plan your tech tree right from the start, you’ll get that damn Lady Sandra !

  • Passive says:

    Tried out 1.2, some nice improvements!

    A bit easier, but still a challenge. :)

    However, I’m not sure how the automatic respawn is supposed to work, because it didn’t for me. Disappeared on Stage 3 and didn’t come back after waiting around for 5 minutes.

    One other point about this and your other games, I wonder if there would be a way to save progress. I know KoPC does automatically, but I play it in incognito mode, so that doesn’t work for me. Perhaps you could provide a code we could copy somewhere and then re-enter?

    • Mattis says:

      Crap ! The disappearance is a serious problem, yes.
      Because that’s a thing to struggle with the game working properly, but that’s a complete other getting fucked by a random bug !

      I thought the cause has something to do with depth superposition, a tricky problem I had all along during the developement, but resolved everywhere.
      Just in case, I added an automatic detection & respawn routine when I heard someone still had is car disappearing.
      But if the car is still disappearing, and not reappearing a few seconds later when you press some keys, that means it must come from something else, and I have no idea what, alas…

      Feel free to send me an e-mail (, if you’re not among the 10$+ pledgers on, I might have something for you.

      For progress saving, it’s a tricky aspect I don’t master at all.
      We shouldn’t have problems in the coming MMO ’cause it will use another langage I know much better, but in flash I don’t really know how.
      But nowadays all games I see use that kind of “copy & paste this save text”, so this would be a good idea to try that, for future games, yes.
      (or if I do a sex racers v1.3)

  • Cactus says:

    Yo mattis your game was great until I got that issue where when your car gets destroyed and you don’t switch over to the garage menu I had to restart 3 times around the 3rd stage :C. But aside from that I appreciated the difficulty of the game. Keep up the good job friendo!

    • Mattis says:

      Yeah, I still don’t know where that bug comes from !
      (I hope players will corner it some how)

      Thx for the positive feedback, it helps a lot coming up with the right conclusions about “what’s good and what’s not” in my attempts !

      You should appreciate the next fix : I decided to go for a v1.3, adding a save system, that should be a breath for everyone :D

  • corrupted_data says:

    Very good. I must say, I’m impressed. I’ve always enjoyed your stuff, but this was just stellar. Great game, fun to play, not too easy, not impossibly hard, sexy scenes and art (kudos for slipping in that trap piece, wouldn’t mind seeing more gender-bending goodness), awesome music and sound, and of course rad cars (The Tumbler Batmobile! The DeLorean Time Machine! The Wayne’s World Mirth Mobile!), very well rounded, and above all: fun! I love it. I did notice a minor bug when ramming the other races. Sometimes when you hit them against the upper wall, they sort of pop up onto the guard rail. It’s kind of comical to see, actually. It’s not a game-breaker, though. After the timer runs out and they leave, they reset to the normal position without any problems. Also, it would be cool to be able to unlock all the cars as usable. Other than that, great game. This may be your best game yet! As good as this is, I can’t wait to see the MMO. Thank you!

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for this extensive positive feedback ! That’s heart-warming and very appreciated ! :D

      Lots of other cars have fun origins too, but the Tumbler and DeLorean (especially but not only) were just too fun to be left out ;)

      The trap was nice too, but I wasn’t sure how it will be receive.
      (or even if it would be mentionned)
      The coming MMO should have a lot more freedom about sex orientation/gender bending. Lot of people are struggling too to find any interesting/original things about that, I’ll be happy to provide ;)

      Not sure you found all “easter eggs”, though ;) (not really easter eggs, but you know what I mean)

      Yep, the racers’ IA wasn’t easy. Even in its concept : I really wanted something that feels like it was actually dodging the player.
      This algorithm do nicely the trick, in the end, but there’s side mathematical bugs like that left ! :D

      Unlocking all cars would be interesting, yes.
      Tons of work, alas, but who knows ? I came up with more far fetched stuff, sometimes ^^

  • Ananias says:

    OK, I’ve been able to play it now, I struggled at first, but it did hook me in.

    I would say it starts too hard, and gets too easy. It took ages for me to be able to beat the first girl, but the others came much quicker. Once you get to buy a bunch of improvements, it becomes much less challenging.

    The third(?) girl (the one in the batmobile) did a thing where she was off the top of the road and I couldn’t reach her. Not sure if that was intentional or a bug.

    It would be good to have some option to go to the shop without crashing. Particularly when you start on a new girl, you have a pile of cash you want to spend, and you don’t want to risk the cops getting it, so you have to deliberately crash into everybody.

    Then on the final girl, I disappeared. I couldn’t ram anything, I couldn’t crash, the cops couldn’t catch me, even when I parked during a chase. So I had to quit. Definite bug.

    • Mattis says:

      I had the absolute opposite : ultra easy on first levels, much harder on final ones (even with updates ^^)

      The “over the road bug” is known, yes, but that’s an algorithm gap, and it’s not really problematic as the racer get respawned properly on next appearance.

      For the disappearing car, yep, serious bug, but I wasn’t able to find it.
      Anyway, given the game saves your progression, now, you just have to reload the game and re-run just where you left, that’s not a real issue anymore.

      For spending cash after winning girls, yeah, you might be right.
      Guess not everyone enjoy the thrill of the risk, loool ;)

      • Ananias says:

        I just got the disappearing again, I think I was exactly over the racer when it went from the semi-transparent “invulnerable” mode that it is in after you ram it to being normal and rammable again. That might be where the bug is.

        The other suggestion I would have (and this is more for future games) is that I want to enjoy the victory more. There is a long conversation when you meet the girl and set up the race, but nothing when you beat her, she’s immediately naked. I would like to see her sulk or beg or cry or something. People with less unpleasant tendencies than mine might want her to flirt or show attraction. It only needs a few frames of conversation like you get at the beginning.

        • Mattis says:

          The disappearance is almost certainly appearing when 2 cars share the same “screen depths”. (usually the same “horizontal 1 pixel line where their wheels touch the ground”. All the rest can be superposed, even exactly, without any engine problem)
          Alas that’s a thing I know well and tested very early and thoroughly through all the process, and when the engine detect a potential coming colliding, he moves what he has to to avoid it.
          Still, the bug keeps happening, where NOWHERE in the code there’s a line deleting the player cars, and where I made sure the depth collision couldn’t happen.
          So…. a bug out of my league, as for now :D

          For the dialog thingy, this is a general problem, yes. But :
          1) english isn’t my native langage, so it’s very hard for me to come up with stuff. (answering people on a blog is fine, but I lack aaaallll the vocabulary and fun “slangs” to write serious storyline.
          2) I’m not that good at writing anyway. (even without vocabulary)
          3) As you say : some like it rough, some like to flirt. Writing a story is “cristallizing” the spirit. The more you write, the less people will be able to enjoy the game, alas !

          But I think in future times I will try to hire more skilled writers, somehow. I don’t how, when and with what money, but I think it should be more interesting, globally, when not writing in my own “blackmail rape” specialty.

  • Petergriff says:

    This is actually my favourite thing you’ve ever done.

    Love the unique look of the girls over the random generation in the other games. Makes the rewards that much more worth it.

    Any plans on updates with more content?

    • Mattis says:

      Everyone got his taste ! And I got a lot of different tastes, and a mind to care about what other people could think or want, so, I like to do various stuff for everyone pleasure ! ;)

      As for any other games, updates would depend on players motivation, and if and what they want to finance.
      If they can’t, I must pay the updates myself, so, being poor and ultra busy doing tons of other hentai stuff on top of my already very busy personnal and professionnal life, it’s more… “random” ^^ But I never give up on any player wishes, even if some take a very long time to happens, lol ! One-man-army :D
      As for now, people massively voted for KoPC update and MMO, so that’s where I will go.
      But keep supporting the hard work, and jump on the polls and questions I ask here and there, and you will bring things your way.

      I always improvize on the run, but a Sex Racers update could have :
      - more events (like a helicopter one or a “invulnerable for XX seconds” one, for example)
      - more girls or secrets.
      - possibility to play any cars, and more cars.
      - more diverse stages
      (and that’s just what’s on top of my head)

  • Lola says:

    I just popped on your site to see if there was anything new, and imagine my pleasant surprise! This new collab. is a lot of fun. Pretty simple, once you get the hang of it. I just wish it was easier to get to the shop. Maybe I haven’t read the proper instructions, but it seems that I can only get to the shop by crashing, which is really annoying when I’ve built up a decent sum of in-game cash, only to lose it all to the cops if I crash at the wrong time. Otherwise the game is great.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for passing-by, Lola ! (as I publish new stuff on a regular basis, be sure to check page for any update or game you could have miss ^^)

      Yep, the game isn’t impossible when you get used to it.
      And yes, shop is accessible only by crash. There has been lot of discussions on this, but I was just doing the same structure as all those dozens other upgrade games, I don’t know why it puzzled/annoyed the players so much ^^ Just see it as an additionnal challenge, for now ;)

      Thx for the compliment, anyway, see you soon on other games !

  • Jim says:

    Hey Mattis!

    I was curious about who the girls are based off of? I recognized Destiny and what she’s from and I was wondering if you could inform me of the other girls’ names and their sources? Vicky, in particular.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    • Mattis says:

      Hi Jim ! Thx for the compliment ! (always love those ^^)

      For the girls, it’s from an artist called… I don’t remember his/her name, but who made dozens and dozens of girls like this ! Not hentai, alas, but so beautiful it’s on several hentai pictures site anyway.
      Yamashita Shunya, that’s it !
      (should have been original avatars, in the game, but didn’t have the money and artists were letting me down one by one, arrghh !)

  • Gronk says:

    Eh, cool idea, but gave up on it.

    You’d beat a racer, have 40k cash, then be trying to die just to get to the shop, and right before you hit last car cops show up and take all your money. Over and over.

    • Jim says:

      I think that’s something that should be changed.

      After beating a racer, you’d immediately start challenging the next racer without a pit stop. It’s likely that you won’t even have enough max speed to catch up to the next racer so winning is impossible unless if you spent some cash in-between stages or if you spent a lot of time and money on max speed for the previous racer. Without a pit stop in between stages, and a whole bunch of cash still, the goal would be to FAIL just to upgrade again, and you’d be risking losing it all to the cops. Though, you can try to time your car crashes to avoid losing all your money to the police without much difficulty, it’s still weird to have to deliberately fail just so that you can upgrade in order to make the next race possible.

      I’m okay with the game as it is, but I do agree that maybe there should be more variation to the stages, though it might be too late at this point for any dynamic changes. Personally, I don’t mind too much because I think the reward for each stage outweighed the journey to get to them.

      I would’ve, eh, liked to see some of the “cream” leak out of the girls more after climaxing or for more of it to be on their bodies and faces, if you know what I mean.

      And titfucking. Would’ve liked some of that, yeah.

      But there’s always room to include that in future projects and you’ll constantly be improving, I’m sure. I look forward to what else you might be making in the future.

      Also, I apologize if I seemed too critical, nitpicky, or selfish.

      • Mattis says:

        No problem, it’s valid points anyway :D

        For the forced pit stop, yep, there’s a problem here, but it’s ultra easy to just go slow, make one single car appear, and stop on it (zero speed) : you will lose all your life without any chance of getting cops, and in a matter of seconds you’re back to the shop 100% safely.

        Yet, it’s still a weird way, I admit, but on that I got a technical branching problem, where going back to the shop would lose “next stage intro & dialogs”, it’s a little mess. If it were easy enough, I would’ve changed this right away for sure !

        For the content, alas, I would have loved to add more, but that already cost me a LOT as it is.
        Without important finance from players, I just tweak stuff here and there to provide the best entertainment possible, but it’s always a matter of hard choices.

        That said, external cumshot is the holy graal of hentai : as it is, you surely notice almost NO ONE has EVER done it right !
        The most basic body function is still the most impossible thing to reproduce in games !
        Flash games, 3D, animations : you can search everywhere, everyone is cheating and tweaking the hell out of particle systems, static drawings or crappy animations to try to emulate that !
        I’m no different, alas. Or I am : I’m even less skilled than the other guys, lol!
        And yet I found some interesting options on that, lol ! See my cumshot minigame in YTPP or the internal cum animations in KoPC !
        But as the holy graal, everyone will keep trying, me included, don’t worry ;)

        And it’s linked to the final problem, regarding anal, titfucking, etc… We are always splitted between quality and versatility, somehow.
        On cream, for example : yes, there’s some nice animation cumshot, but they are static drawings, impossible to use in any other point of view or position or scene.
        Same way, there’s great sex animations here and there, but usually stuck in their point of view and pace of action.
        But that also mean we don’t have the versatility of a KoPC ragdoll engine, so much criticized by some, but where you can much more easily add those titfucking, handjob, hair pulling, or anything we want, with time, using the same parts, for some “perfect quality” loss, alas.

        On Sex Racers, I tried to go for quality, for once.
        But that means a loss in versatility, and I can’t easily change the stuff to obtain great titfucking and so on…

        I hope to achieve a beautiful compromise, in coming MMO and future games, though, with my “engine” skills progressing, and with more contacts I spend a lot of time making with professionnals, and players support on patreon and everywhere else.
        I would really love to be able to tickle “quality” stuff with my “versatile” engine, lol. At this point, everything would be at hand’s reach ! :D

        So, yeah, maybe some Sex Racers updates, in the future, when things calm down a little on my end ! Would be glad to add girls, events, and improved stuff !

  • Hausu says:

    Is there a way I could see all the art? I really enjoy the characters and I would love to see a full body pic of them, I know this is pretty late, but your art is fantastic. I just want to see the character portraits.

    • Mattis says:

      Well, we worked with SSS, the artist, on the sex scenes only.
      The avatars/portraits are taken from here and there on the web, and not from me, alas!

  • rardlab says:

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    posso usare l’italiano or english

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