First rows

Hi, folks ! 

So, first demo of KoPC has been released, you realize why I was warning you about unfinished stuff, some first improvments were made, and todo_list begin to grow exponentially, etc, etc…
If you missed it, the link : (which can be found on the right column if needed)
And Jinx finally create the forum I was asking since days, now, so we will be able to put some flesh on those bones ! 
I am still blocked with a lot of IRL stuff to do, but as always, I will try to come back at you and the game as soon and as often it can humanly be.
During the time, enjoy first bunch ! 
  • Mattis says:

    Wondering the appreciation is always the good way to bring a constructive suggestion, lol ^^
    I know that game. Interesting "dating" type game (where you spend hours to build up your character to unlock stuff), but not the kind I want to do.
    But there's some common grounds, and he have a graphism/interface I would like to be able to do that easily, someday !