Finally comes to life !

I dodge my family’s bullets, jump to cover, and finally found some little time to finalize the alpha ugly incomplete release of the game !

Say you love me !

Then play the game, be disappointed, remember every warnings I gave you (or read past messages if you forgot), and wait (raaahhh, again ??) for main events : updates !

Usually, it’s better to release a game only when you have some weeks ahead to handle the first big waves of critics, bug reports and suggestions, in order to put in motion great, quick and numerous updates, to keep up with the joy of first impression and build on it.
But in our case that would push the release back for weeks at least, and you already wait too much for this. So : I know it’s frustrating, but at least you got some alpha version to fap on ^^

Here goes nothing :
(download and open 1024*768 for better view)

Time for flowers and rotten tomatoes.

EDIT : bunch of fix : game is slower, progress is faster, ‘impossible click’ acceleration fixed. 
Keep reading all comments and edits if you want to be informed.

  • ShiroPOA says:

    Great job! Great release!

    One question. Every time I would complete a click event, the next would be that much more difficult. This would then carry over into the next stage until I could no longer continue. Is this how it's supposed to work?

    I would comment more, but like I said, I could only pass the first level.

    Once again, great job!

  • Max Virile says:

    I would hope that there will be more to the game than simply clicking as fast as possible on the sex button, as that is not fun at all. If it is to be a scenario based game, then I would recommend some kind of necessary actions to perform, appropriate to the scenario, in order to complete the level. If it is to be a manual dexterity based game, then I'd recommend different dexterity based actions that can be performed, appropriately timed according to what is happening in the game.

  • Nate101551 says:

    hey if you dont mind but can you make the thing slower and the *click* do more progress other than that its awsome

  • Mattis says:

    Thx !

    And for your question : probably not normal, but as I rushed the release, I didn't have time to test everything.

    But I fix it quickly this morning, reload the game, it should be a little easier now. (but probably still unsufficient, I didn't have time to look at the progression algorithm)

  • Mattis says:

    Probably right.
    So, when can I expect to receive those add-on you will of course program yourself to help things coming up faster ?

  • Mattis says:

    Done and done ^^ (reload the game)
    On my pc flash games always go slow as hell. I forgot not everyone as same engine difficulties ! ^^

  • Max Virile says:

    I do have some experience with Flash; are you seriously asking for help?

  • I'll also confirm that there are some issues with the button pressing. I tried to cheat by holding TAB over it and pressing down the enter key… the humiliation bar still wouldn't move a blip in the higher levels. The rapidness of the button pressing needs to be bought way, way down.

  • Vman says:

    This game is far from being ready. There are allot of bugs in this game. For one, after the first girl you bust a load in, the next one is imposable to climax you have to beat your mouse to get it to the halfway mark.

  • Mattis says:

    No, I was being ironic on the fact you ask a lot to a guy that takes one year to do just that ;)

  • Mattis says:

    I will try to break down the algorithm, noted.

  • Tinman says:

    First, thanks for the release. We love you.
    It looks great and I like the various scenarios. The interface works fine. the zoom, condom & x-ray all work ok.
    I like the graphics & the strip features.

    The only problem I have so far is the issue with the button clicking. It starts fine, but get way too fast way too soon.

    Also, I am one of those people who would like to enjoy a game and whats happening on the screen rather than saring at a bar in panic & franticly tapping a mouse button.

    I hope that its not going to devolve into a click-pocolypse.

    Thanks again for this release & the hard work you have put into this. I cant wait for the update and to see the other levels.

  • Mattis says:

    "This game is far from being ready."
    Have you read anything in this blog before posting ??

  • Mattis says:

    Thx ^^
    For the bug-ish algorithm of click, don't worry, I'm with you on this, and will try to fix it as soon as possible.
    (maybe just now, in fact)

  • Tinman says:

    I just tried it again this morning. I think the clicking is much better. I think it's still a little too fast at the last 2 stages, but it's definatly playable. Awesome work.

    The only thing I'll add and Im sure you thought of this, but…
    You need to have a save feature so that all progress is not lost.

  • Tinman says:

    One last thing. Itn the intro to "The school girl"
    you wrote "you find a way to blackmail -YOUR- father"
    I belive you ment to say "you find a way to blackmail -HER- father"

  • Tinman says:

    Last thing for now. Somtimes when you start with a girl it's not in the center fo the screen. you only see from dudes waist up & you have to un-zoom. If you get past that part (say bj to sex) the zoom comes back.

    There are a few other bugs that I have come across.
    I asume that you want us to report them.
    What is the best way to do that? Should we report them here?

    I love what you've done sofar and just want to help.

  • Mattis says:

    "Im sure you thought of this"
    Of course ^^ But for now I have no idea how I will do it, there's enough few stages to push that back for now ;)

  • Mattis says:

    Muhahaha, excellent !! :) )
    I will correct this right now, that shouldn't take more than a few seconds ;)

  • Mattis says:

    It would be better on a forum, but I don't have time to install and manage one.
    Could you do it ? (or anyone else ?)
    Just a small stuff for bug reports and all, no need for a big structure right now, just a topic where I could list everything reported and what I could/will do about it or not.

    (when I see how I struggle with small bug details on the game, I'm already not sure I will be able to correct everything, hélas. I think the game will always have this "amateur" looks, like limbs sometime misconnected or small stuff like that.
    But will do my best, as always, even if it's not enough !)

  • Flying Guy says:

    Hello Mattis

    Congratulation ! You made it!
    This game has to get improved but it's a very good beginning. Thank you for releasing this version, we were looking forward to test it.

    I notices the followings :
    –> When using the Girl's night scene, the Third girl needs too fast clicking. I can't give her the money!
    –> When fucking a girl, to change position, simply use "tit fuck" or "suck" buttons, then achieve one stage of clicking and it goes to the beginning of sex action, with another position : don't know if you wanted it or not, but it does work this way.

    Suggestions :
    –> Add girl's voices and screams,
    –> add an initial penetration sequence, slower, during which girls really feels the big dick in her belly and her faces shows it !!!

    Keep goeing, it's great !

  • Jinx says:

    Hey Mattis! I had some issues with where the girls would "spawn", if they weren't in the right spot when it zoomed in half the girl and guy were cut off the screen.

  • ShiroPOA says:

    Awesome! Beat the game. I'm liking it so far. Already leaps and bounds over a lot of what's out there.

    I was able to do all the levels. With the exception of the "girl's night", the speed isn't resetting with each girl. Thus, the first girl was do-able (no pun intended) but the last few events on the second girl, once again, were impossible.

    As far as other glitches/bugs that may or may not be simple, sometimes the girl won't center on the stage or bed (I assumed that's what you intended) and when it's off centered, the zoom feature messes up a bit and it may be too high and/or resets itself.

    Also, I noticed that on several of the girls with stockings, the stockings don't actually get removed when the button is pressed. Or more specifically, if they have the red criss-cross it becomes the white stockings instead of none. (apparently remove = white stockings, note that this isn't an issue with girls with no stockings)

    I'm not sure how viable it is, but do you want the clothes buttons to be more of a 'toggle' rather than 'remove'?

    I just ran it through another test. It seems that the 3 default sex buttons (tit, and the 2 sucks) can be pressed any time during other sex. This currently, keeps the current score, but resets the timer, but doesn't change the position of the couple (though it does seem to change the sound effects). Also, it remembers the difficulty speed, so after I did 'humiliation' 3 times or so, I was barely able to get through the final event.

    As far as speed goes (for the clicking), the current speed is win-able as long as there aren't multiple girls, or the player accidentally (or intentionally) hits one of the sex buttons too many times.
    So, with that in mind, if there were difficulty levels this one would be normal (or hard, depending on how easy you'd like this game to be). (so, if there's an 'easy' mode, consider half this speed)

    As of right now, I see this game to have loads of potential, since you're randomly generating girls (as you have done in several of your other games) and you're giving the players ways to make money. There's many possibilities.

    We're in anticipation of your future updates.

    And once again, great job!

    Don't get discouraged by these other guys (the ones with the vague 'advice'), just go at your own pace. =)

  • Mattis says:

    Thx ! And it's just alpha version !

    For bugs and suggestions, it was or it is to expect, either way ! ^^
    (we really need that forum, guys, go brave and create it ! ^^)

  • Mattis says:

    I have been warned of that, I'm already expecting difficulties to fix that, lol ^^

  • Mattis says:

    "just go at your own pace."
    Will do, thx ^^

    I write down every stuff everyone said, but I skip detailed answers for now, because :

    1) we really need a forum, I wait for you guys to create it, as I don't have any time for myself to do it, hélas !
    It will be easier after that to centralize answers.

    2) I don't have time, for now, to work on the game, so answering without fixing isn't the best ^^

    3) For all "clicking" stuff, without all upgrades and additionnal scenarios planned, it's just a cripple system that I tweak just for the release, but which have not real logic or definitive status for now, not even a little.
    The click progression is meant to be upgraded, so the difficulty is meant to be harder and grow progressively, and some stages re-done a few times to accumulate enough points to increase click effect, time limit, and etc, etc, etc…

    So, yeah, aim for futures updates, the game is far from complete, it's just "basically playable" ^^

  • ShiroPOA says:

    Ah ha, got it.

    Hmmm … so it seems we need to find someone who can do forum type things …

  • Jinx says:

    I love the game though! My only two problems are the one above, and to tone down the speed of the clicking because I cannot get past girl 2 in the Girl's Night scenario.

  • Jinx says:

    Is there any way you can reset the algorithim upon choosing a new girl?

  • Nate101551 says:

    and need any ideas just trell me^_^

  • Vman says:

    "Have you read anything in this blog before posting??"

    Yes I have. All I'm saying is that I don't what to break my mouse to play the game, that's all.

    I'm not trying to sound ungrateful, it just needs to be tweeked a little. Now you've have done some major improvements from yesterday, but there's still some more tweeking to do. Like in level "girls night", the 2nd girl is imposable to climax. I'm sure that you know that. I'm all for a challenge if that's what you're going for. Just don't make it to the point where you have to button-mash your mouse to play it. You've got allot of potential here, especially in this game. And hope you'll make even more. Oh, and P.S. Thanks for replying to me Mattis.

  • Mattis says:

    Next is create a forum, guys.
    I began to do my part, don't just stay there to watch and do yours to help accelerating the process ! ^^

  • totaldecay78 says:

    Bravo Mattis!

    Pour une version alpha, c'est pas mal du tout et ca laisse augurer de bonnes choses.

    Niveau bug report :
    * Comme tout le monde : après la première fille impossible de pouvoir cliquer assez vite, meme en cheatant avec TAB.
    * Quelques erreurs de spawn des personnages, mais ca à déjà été rapporté.
    * Quelques deformations bizarres des articulations dans certaines positions.

    Sinon, en vrac quelques nouvelles idées :
    * Pouvoir customiser les filles (apparence, vêtements)
    * Pouvoir choisir la position pour la pénétration.

    En tout cas bon courage, continue le bon boulot! ^_^

    PS : Merci pour l'ajout de mon pseudo aux crédits, ca me fait vachement plaisir!

  • Vman says:

    Hey Mattis, I have an idea. In "girls night" (or any level that has more then one girl in it.) What if you where to put hidden items in the room like, hormone pills, or testosterone pills. Something like that so the player can look for clues so he can continue on with the other girls?

  • Flying Guy says:

    "Little less conversation little more action please" : the guy is here to fuck. Let's give up clues and investigation.
    The best thing to upgrade is the graphics and the little surprises regarding the sex actions …

    Let us leave Mattis free to do it his own way. I don't think one can say he sucks for now !

  • Vman says:

    "Flying Guy"

    I didn't say he sucks, I'm just throwing some ideas out there and see if he likes them or not, that's all.

    The point to that was, to make it easier for the player to click the mouse after the player finds the pills. I notice that each girl he has, it gets harder to click.

  • Mattis says:

    Jinx : I love you ! ^^
    (try to put my "mattis" account in administrator, so I do some stuff on the forum)