Sad day !

I was hoping to be relieved from my family issue in a matter of days.
But I just learn today it will last for at least three more weeks !!

It’s fucking annoying, guys !!!
I feel so powerless, depressed and pissed off by all this…

Pff….whatever, see you soon…

  • Viderico says:

    Noooooooooo Whyyyyyyyyy? If you need help, try to ask for, there is a large community of programmers who follow you. Yet it is for small things, like an animation

  • Mattis says:

    I know that sucks.

    But stay ready for "the day", that's already a big help.
    Then we will see, there's plenty of possibility.

    For now, you could try opening a semi-official forum, with the help of everyone.
    I don't have anytime for this, but this could gather the community, and let everyone express their hopes, suggestions, opinions, critics and everything about this/those games of mine, or others.
    Something serious that will bring a concrete foundation for the years to come !
    (if I can have fucking peace, IRL, to resume work on this !)

  • Will it be possible for you to post some pictures on the next update ?