Hi there !

Some quick news for the night !

I work again on the structure of the game.
A “stage” and sets progression will be better, I think.

Modify a little the black dude

Add a skinny ugly dude, for fun.

Add some latin/arabian fat dude too.
And an automatic zoom function.
And a “face” ID for girls, as for names and ages.
And don’t look the camera on the left, it’s a bug ^^

I was also able to “compress” code for X-some.
So potentially I will be able to work one day on foursome, fivesome, sixsome, etc…

Bad news : I will be a little out of the game for some weeks/months.
Good news : I still have to work on buying upgrades and managing points/money, but after that, all structure programming will be somehow complete. (let’s say “complete enough”)
I will then have to write some scenarios, fix a few things, and a playable version should be out !!

To be honest, I aim to do some pay version, one day.
Not for the first version, it would be bullshit, but if we want to do some real stuff with the engine, and as I’m very poor and this stuff take a loooong time (as you saw), it would be nice to be able to work more seriously on that… And that need cash.
But that’s not for tomorrow, stay calm, you will have your dose of good stuff for free ^^


On other matters :

I found a new version of “condom man” game.
A great game, if you don’t know it. And the revised version is even better (try to catch a dog with “male” bonus !)
Link :;=Condom%20Man%20Rendition.swf&w;=810&h;=600

I also found my own games on several website : yeaaah !!
Keep spreading it !!
But comments are usually very bad, people think my games are plain crap.
I compared with a lot of other stuff, and usually, the only games they like are “legend of krystal” stuff.

Don’t get me wrong : I think “LoK” guys are making a lot of efforts on their stuff, but 80% of what they do are laggy and very incomplete stuff, barely “teaser” of what a whole game could be.
Very few poses, quickly done and unrealistic animations, very few customizations, and no real “gameplay”, beginning, end, start screens or anything. (cum stuff are absolutely superb, on LoK games, but the rest ?)
It looks like my “work in progress” stuff, and I don’t think their good quality at all !

So how it happens people are unanimously excited with “teaser” stuff with no real subtances, and critics and insult stuff that are some times loaded with options, sex poses or fun gameplay ?
I mean I’m not offended by bad comments, but how could they turn into compliments for stuff like that ?
That lack coherence and logics.
If you find the great games bad and poor, you can’t find poor games good, there’s something illogic there.

  • Jinx says:

    I take back what I said about the girls, I saw a porno where the girls were completely oiled up and they looked almost exactly as you animated them. I apologize.

    The game looks great, I'm thrilled about the selection of guys. Maybe you can tag-team some of the extra guys in to help with the orgy scenes?

    I'm really looking forward to a playable version Mattis, I've been following you since FUG! Thank you for your hard work!

  • Mattis says:

    And thx for your support ! No doubt I wouldn't have worked at all on this game if not for the motivation you gave me ;)

    For guys, yeah, "going public" is an objective : having spectators, and tag-team' help in some future development ! (as I was able to split poses and compress the code for generating girl, now that kind of stuff is possible ! ^^)

    For oil/graphics (guys, girls, sweat and whatever) it will improve with time. (given my skills and global style, of course)
    I frequently correct a lot of small stuff : one limb position in one part of an animation, a small color detail on one clothe, looks of the eye of one guy, etc…
    So with time, it will little by little look better.
    I aim for "acceptable, enjoyable, playable", for now.

  • Fatih BaKeR says:

    You say the money, you lost me :)
    I'm not coming here more. I don't have a credit card. This beautiful game, how I'm going to buy.

  • Mattis says:

    Read again what I say, lol. I never say this game would be to buy, I say "one day".

    Because if one day I could make a little money with those kind of games, I could spend more time working on it !
    Instead of losing 99% of my time doing something else in order to pay bills !
    If those kind of games could pay some bills, I would gain time, time where I don't have to work somewhere else to pay those bills, time where I can stay home and improve much faster and better those porn games.

    Do the maths, you know the drill, there's no con or magic here !

  • Fatih BaKeR says:

    I made a joke. I understand you say. I wish you success in life.

  • Irish Red says:

    New follower here.

    This game has a lot of potential. Patiently waiting.