Even in pote

Hi folks !

As usual (borriinnnng !) I didn’t have a lot of time to improve the game.
But I was still able to do some stuff, so… better have small news than no news !
See following images (better than a long speech ^^)

High heels (user request)
“thank you mattis !”
You’re welcome ;)

Fishnet and skirts (user request)
“thank you mattis !”
Of course ^^

A new set and a new complete uniforms : dance class opening !
(it’s all about flexibility, right ?)

For eye candy, you greedy pigs.


And I’m glad to announce I’m working on the possibility of threesome !
It works more like a new pose, I can’t just add girls on a previous pose, so it means I will have to work on them one after another, but it opens a world of potential !
(and yes, my objective is more or less “ten-some” stuff or even more, but hey, stay calm and patient, my magic wand doesn’t work that well and fast ^^)


So, my current real problems are :
- Adding new sets, or improving the existing ones.
Maybe some of you can help with this ? For example, the dance class or indian house are very empty.
If you have ideas about them, just edit existing screenshots and send it back to me, I will be happy to implement those.

- Ease the “X-some” process to specify girls 
You can’t help me with that, it’s some programming stuff.

- Uterus dynamic diameter.
Yeah, right ? I don’t know how to do this. Any idea or example ?

- “Wetting” animations.
There’s a lot of games showing nice fuck scene and everything, but there’s always a big problem in them : it always seems too “dry”, that breaks the magic !
So any idea or examples about adding sweat, drool or any disgusting semi-liquids to this simple flash game would be welcome.
Konashion’s got a whole particule generator for cum, but it’s far too heavy and complicated (and I don’t even have sources for it), we need something simple and efficient, here.
I’m working on that since a long time, and I think it’s just a matter of ideas, but I still don’t find the answer.

That’s all I got problem with.
I just worked, work and will work on it by myself, but maybe some of you can help accelerating the process, with ideas or examples ;)

  • totaldecay78 says:

    Yay for skirts! Thanks Mattis, you are my hero! May i ask for straigh skirts too? =)

    About the "wetness", can't you just add flags into your code?
    For exemple, let's say i clicked on the fellatio button, it starts the fellatio anim, and maybe with a timer it should then start to add some fluids layers on dick and face, maybe several timers to gradually increase wetness.

    I don't know if it can be done with action script, it's just an idea.

  • Mattis says:

    For straigh skirts (as for anything else) : I can try to do everything, just post pictures links to show me what's the stuff you want !
    (because it can be confuse, and as I'm french I sometimes just don't understand the words/notion you want/describe ! ^^)

    For "wetness" (so that's the word ?), it can be progressive, that's not the problem, I can do that.
    My problem is : how can I visually depict it ?
    For example, the guy sweat, those little white stains, look crappy. How can I improve that ?
    Does someone know a game or a way that show much better those stuff ?
    Same thing for the cock "wet/cum" effect : I'm sure it can look much more better than that, I just don't know how !

  • Xinb806 says:

    Kudos with the heels, I'm a fan! Keep up the great work!

  • Fatih BaKeR says:

    Hi. I love the cumshot. Is it possible to cumshot Unlimited? For this purpose also need:

    Cleanup button
    Cumshot clicked to the a ground. Or the shortcut button.


  • Mattis says:

    You're all welcome !

    And don't feel offended if I forgot who said what, I have no memory at all ^^ (that's why I write down names of those who helps directly in the game, it will be easier afterwards)

    totaldecay : alors j'ai tenté les jupes que tu demandes, mais ça marche pas, parce qu'en fait les vêtements sont attachés aux "morceaux" de corps (afin de suivre tous les mouvements de ceux ci).
    Donc tant que les jambes sont parallèles, les jupes marchent, mais dès qu'une jambe s'écarte de l'autre, on dirait des shorts !
    Bref, pour la faire courte : jupes moulantes, hélas pas possible !
    Pour la salle de classe, elle existe déjà, faut juste que je la retravaille (très vide, comme tout le reste !)

    Faithbaker : I will try that, but surely on some future complete features, because it contain a lot of stuff :
    - possibility of outside cum
    - possibility of staying with the same girl after first climax
    - keeping cum stains
    - adding a lot of stains possibility
    - progression in inside filling cumshot, like in "fill up girls", maybe, but that will mine working on uterus dynamic diameter first. (I skip you the details)
    Short line is : it deserves a big work, but big work got to wait, because I aim for "soon release", first.

  • totaldecay78 says:

    @Mattis : c'est ballot, mais en tout cas merci d'avoir essayé! =)

  • Dan says:

    Hello – I just found your blog. Wow, your games are hot….I love Filled Up Girls ;0) The cumshot into the womb is awesome. Do you have any other games like that?? Please let me know! Also, do you have sound for these games?? Please email me at: randyguy1@hotmail.co.uk Thank you – Merci!

  • ChosenBygod says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Dan says:

    Thanks, so how do I get to play these games? Do you have any links?

  • Mattis says:

    I only made two "complete" games so far : "fill up girls" (no sound) and "take turns" (with sound), each can be found on this very blog (check links in right columns)

    The one which have lot of screenshots on this blog is "King of Porn City" and has not been released yet, I'm still working on it. (so don't waste time searching it on the web, you can't find it ^^)

  • How about outside stuff/ public and maybe some BDSM ^^ maybe even bestiality ?

  • Mattis says:

    Cross legs : technically, it could be possible, but it may look weird ! (cross-legged doggy ? O_o ?)

    For outside/public stuff, of course, this is one of my favorite stuff, so you bet it's already on the menu !

    BDSM, not fan, but someone already ask for it, so it's on the list.

    Bestiality : not against it, but not fan. But real problems are :
    1) – I must be able to draw animals, first ^^.
    2) – It's not something the core of the program handle, right now. As far as I can imagine it, it would be easier, but would shortcut the rest. Meaning you got plenty of pose with humans, or one or two pose with one animal.
    Overall, it's "possible" but uneasy.
    Maybe some day ?

  • Fatih BaKeR says:

    Cross legs : technically, it could be possible, but it may look weird ! (cross-legged doggy ? O_o ?)

    I give up. Thanks.

  • Mattis says:

    Don't give up, I'm sure we can find something ;)