Sexforge : making the leg split!

Here it goes, my dear hentai lovers! A specific patreon page for Sexforge, our hentai clicker rpg project!
(yeah, “mmo” too, but has the polls showed you weren’t specifically into that for now, and has it will come in a second time, after the single player core game works out, we decided to get back to calling it “rpg”)

Join the galactic adventure at !

This page may be unexpected (outside the few collaborators that suggested it), but I wanted to have a quiet time to make this split, so we don’t get confuse.
Reason of this specific page is exactly that : clearing confusion!
It will be a little harder for me, to handle both pages, but the “pros & cons” are indeed obvious.
Now, Sexforge specific support will be identified, and I can invest every single penny of it without doubting what players wanted to support.
Now, I will be able to foresee the percentage of players that excitingly expect KoPC & Sexpit updates and other games.
Now, I will be able to start promotion of the SexForge project, without wondering for what game do patreon newcomers are really here for.
Now, I will be able to have much better transparency for Sexforge funds, for collaborators, players and investments planning.

The activity on both page should be a little chaotic at first, and probably less intense than before as reports & news will now be split and oriented to their own pages, obviously.
And this is not an alpha release of anything, alas, the game is still in development! (killing my head on the questing system, those days, damn!)
BUT, now the situation will be much clearer!

I have lots of banners I could share with you to spread the word about the game, but I think it’s better to wait for me to provide at least an alpha version. (what’s your opinion on that ?)

Note : as for the blog, nothing will change, it will still receive in-depths news about everything.
Note 2 : yeah, I could do specific pages for everything, or at least KoPC or SexPit, for the same reasons, but I feel I can’t split myself that much, at least for now, I need to learn how to and see how things go. I’m only human ;-)

Enjoy, and thks for your support!

  • bstunt10190 says:

    Hey Mattis,

    I just wanted to praise your patience, organization, management etc. I follow many artists and developers of h-art and time and time again I see many fail or drift off to be forgotten. Almost all of them fail because they bite off more than they can chew or try to do too many things at once and in the end nothing gets down. You on the other hand seem to know when to ease up and focus on things you know you can accomplish and I just wanted to let you know that it does not go unnoticed. Keep up the great work.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx, my dear bstunt!

      I… think I really try to do far too many things at once, and I know for sure, because it’s just human, every creator got a “edible date” limit, whatever pace he goes.
      That said, I hoped I would bring to the hentai world at least 10 good games, and KoPC to at least 5-some/20 poses/10 locations/50 scenarios, before personnal exhaustion.
      We are there and even far beyond, and I’ll definitely keep pushing the cart.
      Because everyone is really convinced he could do something great, but in the end, you can only sleep and look back on what you FACTUALLY delivered, if you want to be proud of yourself and be something else than “words”. (even if you can’t start with anything else than words, though)
      I didn’t had to prove anything (or feel I had to), but I’m still feeling good I did.

      And I know I will drift and just fail, at some point. Everyone does. But that’s not the point : between here and then, man, what a journey we will have had! I think the problem isn’t to bite too much, but to not have deliver anything real in the end. THAT is not good.

      I don’t really have patience or organization, I think I’m just aware I get tired really quick, so I must follow inspiration where it goes, fast!
      Also, I always go for projects I can half-fail. That’s a common problem of other creators : they go for their most cherished and complex project right away, before having any training, and without any space for the slighest failure.
      So, they smash themselves on unexpected reefs, sharp as hell…
      I don’t know, I suppose it’s a “inner nature” thing (just like your astonishing own patience and reliability as forum moderator, when so many other totally failed to stay even just a week, in my past, with plenty activities or not :p)
      But I’m glad I can provide everyone tons of fun and kinky pleasure!
      And I’m glad to be supported by such heart-warming and motivating people, too. It brings all of us so much further than cold treatment some creators and/or players give themselves, elsewhere!

  • corrupted_data says:

    In other news, Sexforge looks awesome. I can’t wait to try it out.

  • Bill says:


    Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to second ChubberLang’s motion – you definitely need somebody to proofread/edit, both in the game and out of it. I’d be happy to offer occasional service in that regard since I’m not terribly overburdened ATM, though my schedule’s a little wonky. I do enjoy KOPC and Sexforge looks pretty good so far, so good luck and good huntin’ man!

    • Bill says:

      Also, awesome name Chubber. Pity the fool!

    • Mattis says:

      Howdy, mister Bill ;)

      As I always say : I’m all open for proofreading!
      Problem is : help is scarce (if not non-existent), and usually offered in “non-helping” ways, alas, where I have to spent hours of work and attention to get back anything.

      It’s totally understandable, and it doesn’t take anything away from the starting good intentions. Alas, it’s just not helping at all, for the whole process. I already have so freaking overwhelming much work to do, people have to put themselves in my shoes for a minute, lol!
      So, help is fully appreciated, but have to reach to me. :/

      Track down the text by yourself, it’s all out there in the open, take the time to find a way to redact a proper complete and summarized fixes (not changing whole texts either! Some people just sent me “their” version of the story, sometimes, with barely anything corresponding to original, loool, “because it was ‘better said’ that way” :p), send it to me by e-mail, and I’ll definitely look into it!

      • Bill says:

        Can do – lookin’ forward to the alpha releases. What may help, if you don’t mind people havin’ a preview of your work, is to pick 3 or 4 proofreaders and to email them a copy of any large blocks of text(background story elements, large descriptions, new menus etc.) and then give them an absolute deadline of 2-3 days(or whatever you feel is appropriate). If people over-promise and under-deliver, kick them from the team. That way you have a group of people who can communicate with each other – and you – to ensure that changes are only related to grammar and spelling without changing the intended message/content. If this has been proposed/attempted already please forgive, I tend to read YOUR posts but don’t really peruse the comments section. >.>

        Anyway, thanks again for creating something so very cool for all of us to enjoy and have yourself a good one!

        • Mattis says:

          Could be efficient, yeah, but it’s still about “me” taking more hours of work/focus/planning for very minimum output, where players could easily handle that themselves.
          At some point we opened a forum, for example, and a topic for dialog fixes, I think. I advised players to post everything they saw, and for the few very kind ones to sum up all this in the topic, then send me a mail containing every change so I can put them in the game.
          No additionnal work for me, very few for players, maximum impact on the games.

          It’s just… yeah, I already have sooooo much work.
          On this, people HAVE to take things in their own hands, I can’t be everywhere, it’s humanly and factually impossible, and it’s a thing players could very easily organize themselves on.
          I leave proofreading to you, players, I count on you ;)

          That said, regarding Sexforge itself, I’m creating quest/dialog engines, and writing interfaces, as I planned since the beginning to have several writers contributing to the game, and KoPC teached me implementing stuff myself manually just take soooo much precious time out.
          Those engines and interfaces are ten times more difficult to come up with than regular stuff, but once done, we should be able to have several people roaming around, backstage.
          Electing proofreaders with real “maintenance powers” should be easy and quick, with that.

          Given… given enough people support the project for enough time for us to finish the critical bricks of it :/

  • Mattis says:

    English isn’t even my second langage, lol!
    So, big thx for the help, I’ll take it anyday ;) (already uploaded, for 90% of your changes I fully agreed on, lol)

  • ChubberLang says:

    Glad to be of any help at all man. Really looking forward to trying out the game!