Suspended in gaffa

Hello my beautiful ones!

Seems this month will not be the cornucopia of hentai last december was!
I tried my best, but unfortunately, I can’t bend the space-time continuum yet!
But I can’t say I didn’t try, lol!

YTPP 4 well started, even if those games are always very long to do, I still didn’t figure out why.
It seems to me they aren’t THAT big, but I always end up having weeks and weeks of hard work to make them!


The big bad wolf is back in town...

Working my ass off on Sexforge, too, of course. So many structural and conceptual questions and problems.
None especially difficult (even if we have a few bad surprises here and there), but it’s still some ant’s work, step by step, brick by brick, to assemble the first core draft.
After that it will go much more smoothly, like for KoPC (which first year was a very slow mess, before getting much easier and awesome), but for now : work work work :D

Plus I did some very interesting gadgets for my patreons supporters & donators.
Not everybody can help, but I still like to reward a little those who do, even if it breaks the conceptual point of donation, I know, which is to support without counterpart something existing, not trying to get something out of it. But whatever, I did this on my own, no one asked, lol :)

My dear artist SuperSatanSon is planning a big game of his own, too, and I give him some of my skills and time.
Everyone would gain from this, if we manage to deliver another nice hentai baby. Probably not before months, though, far too early, for now.

Plus I got a private commission for a minigame, yeahee! (that I will not start right now, though, I have to finish YTPP and maybe Sexforge demo first, at least)
Which reminds me to tell all of you, people : I’m open to flash minigames commissionning.
Everything got to be discussed, from then, of course, But don’t hesitate if you have some money and a very specific personnal wish I could help you with!

All that aside, IRL stuff, too. You know, the thing we all try to do with more or less success, and which try to vampire out all the time and energy we have and would like to put in grandiose projects, lol ;)

Anyway, loads of thanks for your continuous support, though, I can never say that enough. It gets me (us!) through all this and so much more!
See you soon for great releases, I hope!

  • corrupted_data says:

    That’s understandable. Especially since you just started Sexforge. It’s quite an ambitious project and, as such, it’s gonna take a lot of time. I have a good feeling it’s gonna be worth the wait, though.

    • Mattis says:

      I think so too! At least we put some very good concepts on paper to make sure it will go in the right direction. After that, it will be all about putting some giggly flesh around all that!

    • bstunt10190 says:

      I second corrupted’s good feeling. So many projects and devs fail because they don’t lay the necessary foundation first instead focusing on the flesh. Good planning and patience will help these projects succeed. Thank you Mattis for your non-stop hard work.

      • Mattis says:

        Well, “non-stop” is getting kicked in the nuts, those days.
        Learned my landlords want to sell the flat I live in, so I may be thrown out when I desperatly need not to.
        + internet problem / no internet today (seems to get better, though)
        + everyone is sick, around me, and I may have finally catch the virus, arf!
        “February my love”

        But yeah, my methodology isn’t perfect at all, but tend to be more resilient. Focus on quick goals to avoid exhaust, aim “small but open for more”, to avoid mountains too big, experiment before getting started, leave some space for failure, etc : all cautionnary measures, but which make sure by the time I start something like Sexforge, I’m seasonned enough to deliver.

        That said, I’ve noticed I tend to make the “other” mistake : being too technical and forget the “flesh”. We have to keep that in observation…

        Anyway : heeeennntaaaiiiiii !!!
        Let’s get back to work while I can ;)