Hi everyone ! Various stuff and infos today !

First, news for KoPC :
- A very good news : I was able to put sex poses in separate modules, and make it work ! Meaning ? Meaning we can now potentially add an infinite number of poses ! (given the engine and body parts, of course)
Before that, everything was in the same clip, and tend to be very heavy and to slow the game down, and it was very long and complicated to add new poses.
Now it’s light and fast as hell, and much easier to handle !
Visually, nothing change, but in terms of future possibility…

- I worked hard on interface too, and as I say in some comments, now you can choose what and who you strip or not, in the order you want, and only if you want.(see image below) You still have to strip pants and panties to access fuck scenes, but that can be changed, it was just for credibility fun.

- Girls’ ID. (see image)
- New sex pose : brute suck (see image). We already have a regular suck scene, but this one is harder.

Enjoy the indian’s house set ^^
(I know, a little empty, don’t say)

Now for some other stuff : 

Last week, Konashion’s hentai blog, on blog-spot, was down.
Given internet activities, I don’t know what future will give us.
So, if someday, somehow, this blog and my e-mail adress disappear, for days, weeks, months or years, don’t worry, and keep looking for me, with  ”mattis” and/or “chastan” keywords/profile.

I will always try to come back and to post stuff under those names, so in case I got warped out and you want to find my stuff again, you know a way, now !

And finally, I would like to introduce you to two great hentai authors that inspire me a lot.

There’re billions of hentai artists and mangas, so the point is NOT to give hundreds of links about bunch and bunch of stupid, boring or weird stuff, and not to relay catalog of links (even quality ones), there’s already tons of websites for that.
The point is just to make you familiar with some names, and it begins with those two :

Raita http://lu.scio.us/hentai/albums/mahou-shoujo-6-0/page/1 (but 7.0 issu is even better ^^)

John K Peta : http://lu.scio.us/hentai/albums/monzetsu-explosion/page/1

Search for their work, you will not lose your time ! 

  • Jinx says:

    For the people who liked clothed sex… maybe you can do an "intermediate" stage where the panties and pants are pulled down but not off so the fucking can still happen realistically.

    It really looks great Mattis! So many people including myself are excited for this game. Keep up the great work!

  • Xinb806 says:

    Just stumbled onto your blog via other channels, and I have to say I'm very excited!!! Do you have a time-line for completion in place? Also, I'm really enjoying the visual thus far, but are you going to include high heels in the game? At least for an option.

  • Mattis says:

    Timeline : no. I'm a very busy man, I just do things as fast as I can, to release the game as soon as I can.
    But I honestly don't know if it will be complete enough tomorrow or in ten years ! I just hope, like you and everyone else, it will soon be ready !

    Only thing I can give you is that I will not wait until the game is "finished", because I believe there's no such thing as a "finished" game. Everything can be improve.
    So I just aime for "satisfying" and "playable", then I will release it, and then will be the best phase of development, in my opinion : the one where I spend time with you improving the game like hell, more and more and more and more, until it becomes a monument ! ^^

    For high heels, I just completely forgot shoe stuff ! Thx for the reminder, it goes straight to my todo list !

  • totaldecay78 says:

    About clothes, are you planning to add skirts?

    Btw, i've been following your project from the start, and it looks impressive, keep up the good work! =)

  • Mattis says:

    Thx !

    For skirts, I don't know if it could work well, but I will try !

  • IEatBabys says:

    When can you play it? D;

  • Mattis says:

    Me ? I can play it anytime I want ^^

    (don't trust me to deal with most obvious error in message and lazy questions already answered just two comment's back, huhuhu)

  • Ox-nmj says:

    just a question? is the hero forced to be that white man? maybe you could make that we could change the color of his skin and eventually his haircut. No?

  • Mattis says:

    Of course ! He's just me nightmare dude stereotype, but as you can find in other posts, I already implement "Jon Remedy", and can and will add several other men.

    It's just it's easier for me to work with that guy, for now, and I focus on releasing the game fast instead of adding easy stuff (which I can do later when the rest of the game work).