Peek-a-boo !

A bunch of news, today (but hasn’t got the time to create one or two gifs to go with it, sorryyy !)

3 new lingery sets and 1 new shirt (screens not perfect)
+ fix to be able to strip all girls before fuck any one of them

Fix the bug on creampies (stays in womb, now)…

… and fix gravity for those ones (no upside-down creampie)
… and fix this pose (not as if you care)

Delete the talking interface and replace it with those scenario panels.
Game lose depths, but you will gain much time on the date of release ;)

And finally, I begin to work on girls ID. (because it’s funnier when you have name, age and some infos about girls, right ?)

Comments welcome on all this, as usual. (and especially on the scenario panel : good idea, bad idea ? Tell me what you think !)
  • tbone17 says:

    Hey, great job man! looking forward to this for a long time! One thing i would love to see in this game when beta or release comes out is.. tit fucks and doggystyle footjobs.. really hot..
    I cant make you put these in but i can give you the idea (;
    Thanks for reading this and i look forward to playing this game

    - i take no credit for these ideas

  • Mattis says:

    Majinsaint already suggest the titfuck, and it has already been put into the game ;) (explore the other messages)

    But doogystyle footjobs : do you have a picture of it, so I could see how you figure it ? (given the game's perspective and the engine possibility, if that's what I imagine it is, I think I could put it ^^)

  • Arioch says:

    I think it's the best porn game I see since a long time.
    You made a greate job on it, maybe you planed some BDSM scenes ?

  • Mattis says:

    BDSM : what kind ? (there's a lot of domains/spirits in that)
    I didn't plan anything of that kind yet, but like I said to tbone, put some pictures of what you could like in the game, so I can make my mind about it and see what's possible.


    I still don't understand how a lot of people could think it's one of the best porn game they see ?

    A reason could be they don't explore a lot the web, and didn't find the hundreds other games at least as good as this one, but it's unlikely, as they are explorers skilled enough to find this website.

    So it must be because of the kind of material that is in the game ?
    Not really a good game, but containing more sets, a lot more of different girls (thank you, random generator ^^), maybe a little more sex poses and some fun options ? (xray creampie. Unusual at best)

    Or because of its spirit ?

    I don't really know, maybe you just imagine stuff, lol ^^

  • Fatih BaKeR says:

    Hi. Add the fishnet stockings and pantyhose. Garter would be super.

    I am opposed to nudity. Fully clothed sex, may be?(an optional). Thanks.

  • Mattis says:

    In fact, I prefer clothes too ^^
    So… a full clothed sex is already programmed !

    And I will try for fishnet and pantyhose (even if I'm not fond of that ^^)

  • Jinx says:

    Game looks great! Maybe the profiles could be used for bonuses? I know in an earlier version you had pregnancies/condoms breaking… maybe a clue to fuck a girl in a certain position could make that more likely? And I like the scenario panels.

  • Mattis says:

    Hmmm, interesting idea, I will note that, maybe I could program it later in the game developpement ^^