Here’s comes a new challenger : Ghost Fucker!

Well well well, what did this month bring to us ?
A new kinky hentai game to enjoy, of course!!
Upon a “classic” gameplay, we pull out, thx to a bunch of different collaborators, this nice little “Ghost Fucker” thingy!
Not quite sure where I was going, with this one, at first, so I didn’t revealed anything about it, but now, it’s done and up, so, I’ll let you enjoy it to the fullest!

A brand new game : The Ghost Fucker –

Gooey ? Ghostly ? Arf, doesn't matter!

Gooey ? Ghostly ? Arf, doesn't matter!

Be sure to mention what you especially like, so I know what to go for to please you even more in the future!
(and it’s always appreciated and motivating, anyway)
And yes, I know the buster tend to me “tricky”, sometimes, but it’s part of the difficulty, and it wasn’t my idea in the first place! I try to explain them, my dear beautiful ones, but they didn’t listen to me and wanted it anyway, huhuhu ^^

Thanks for your continuous support, and onward to even more hentai games, yahaaa!!

(…. this post feels too short. I know I’m too tchaty usually, but it feels too short anyway. How do you do ? Keeping well ?)

  • Zed says:

    just a heads up to say the ‘music’ button doesn’t work :S

    other than that, the simple ‘click to go’ dynamic works great! seeing the buster warning is good and the bugger always catches me just as i’m finishing with the girl XD

    as a preg-fetishist, i’d love to see what happens to them after… but i’m still working through. i’ll hopefully complete the game soon :D

    • Mattis says:

      Thanks for the nice feedback and kind words!
      The game was very hard to balance indeed!

      About music button : isn’t it because the music slowly reduce to zero, when you click once on “mute” ?
      Maybe the decreasing volume rate is too slow, and people click again before perceiving the difference ?

      About the Buster, it seems people don’t find the obvious strategy, to wait for the Buster before finishing a girl!
      If you finish a girl right after he appeared then disappeared, you got all the time in the world!
      Because… you don’t cancel an orgasm once it’s started, that’s a celestial law!! Hahaha xD

      For the preg, yeah, alas, you’ll have to work your imagination a little ;) Maybe in a follow-up game ? (if people want it)

      • Zed says:

        i think there may have been something buggy going on. The page seemed to be glitching a bit. maybe my net was giving me trouble.
        Playing it now, things seem much smoother (and faster) I think I might have been losing a fight to the internet haha.

        I try to wait… but when you have four girls, all getting bored, you don’t have the luxury of eternal rest XD

        memo to self… animate a ghost knocking women up… gotta be done :D

  • bart says:

    hey mate !
    Thanks for your game.
    I’ve seen it on gamesofdesire before here or gamcore !
    why that ?

    The game was pretty fun. The buster got me at the end and i’ve completed the scene thoo… I was hoping for a special scene at the end.

    keep on doing your work :)

    • Mattis says:

      Hey Bart!

      About gamcore release :
      Making a blog or patreon posts don’t happen magically, alas : it’s still something I have to write & compose, choosing my words carefully, trying to be clear, working on the screenshots, etc…
      It still needs thinking & planification, and some time to put up, to keep you all inform. (without even mentionning the tremendous amount of work I come up with since 6 months, on so many site with so many people and projects)

      So, yeah, gamcore & gamesofdesire caught me off-guard, releasing the stuff sooner than expected, I thought I had a few more days to come up with the right way to announce the news, simple as that :D

      About special scenes : I would have liked that too!
      Alas, those kind of games are really loaded with drawings, and those cost a loooot! (we can only wish I was an awesome and productive drawing artist! The wonders we would unveil!!!)
      So when it comes to trying to release a game without going bankrupt, I have to cut stuff to the chase, alas. :/

      But it’s still a very sexy game overall, indeed!
      Thanks for your support on the hard efforts, it’s what’s keep us going! :D

  • corrupted_data says:

    Another nice addition to your awesome library of games. I like the concept, even if it has been done a few times over, I never seem to get tired of ghost sex (that’s a strange thing to say, haha). Just a thought, but maybe next time you could go the other way around and have sexy ghost ladies haunting some lucky guy. Or maybe have a game where the ghost buster gets some ethereal tail. On a different note, I actually got the hang of the strategy pretty fast. I would grab a girl, get her to orgasm, turn invisible, wait for the ghost buster (nice touch with the SFX, by the way, I love that the ghost buster gets confused about the naked woman humping the air, classic), then turn visible and finish her off. I did notice that the hit detection for pregnancy was a little spotty at times. I think it might have been flash lagging, though. Hard to be sure about that. It would’ve been cool to see more options in the bonus mode. Maybe a exclusive bonus sex pose or the ability to cycle through the girls rather than wait for the game to randomly generate one. Still, it’s nice that you always include the bonus mode. It adds a lot to the game. As always, thanks for the great games.

    • Mattis says:

      Indeed not an original idea, lol!
      But as I alas experience since 10 years, “originality” gets me absolutely nowhere, as a game creator. :/
      Even for “player’s sake”, people are just NOT having fun, in a wiiiide majority, with “original” games.
      For a long time I thought people were just unaware of what we could bring to us, or secretly wanting originality but weren’t getting any.
      Nope : it’s some vague idea they have, just like “realism”, but in reality, exceptionnally few are the ones who really get fun with that.
      So, yeah, I’m slowly making peace with that aspect, and conceal player’s fun and mine in a wider library, lol ;)

      The buster’s SFX is indeed really cool! It’s all SSS here, he provided me with the stuff right away!
      Girls in the air when invisible was nice too ^^
      Too bad we don’t found any solution to transparency problems, though, seeing limbs overlaying one another, or I would have made pretty neat “variable opacity” gameplay or features!

      For bonus sex pose, yeah, like ending sex pose, alas, the amount of sex content is already pretty “big” (I know, it’s relative) as it is, in those games, and it costs a LOOOT! (even with the epic samaritan prices and ultra production efficiency we try to put together with SSS)
      Any kind of variety or additions is another killing blow.
      So, “hiding” more stuff like that, alas, can’t happen…

      That said, yes, I still try to have a bonus mode, always, even if players don’t make it to the end. I would be very sad otherwise, to have no other rewards than the ending, as a player. (which could be enough if it was some kind of exclusive, even static, artwork, but as it’s often not)

      But I take note of all that, and of the fact I was able to balance the game well, this time, it seems.

      Thank you a lot for your very complete and constructive feedback!
      I’ll keep all that in mind for future games!
      (and what an awesome library we’re building indeed!)

  • fan says:

    i love your work so much man please keep doing what your doing.
    and if i want to suggest anything.
    as a fan of these kind of games, i would like to see similar game where you can move the char around and are able to actually rape these sexy ladies around. maybe you can play as different characters and there is different shaped ladies and you can switch poses. but the most important part is the multiple shaped and different looking ladies which always grabs my attention as a fan.
    10 stars bro 10 stars !

    • Mattis says:

      Thank you a ton for this compliments!!
      They always warm my diligent heart of hard worker!

      And we pursue the same dream, yes!
      Problem in injecting this magical stuff into real games is the content : the more poses, the more variety, and the harder and more time, money and energy consuming it is!!
      I try various solutions around, with ragdoll systems like KoPC or the actual Sexforge, but it’s always a tremendous amount of work with impossibilities and harsh compromises.
      But I’ll keep trying for sure!

      About the gameplay : more like “pépé the rapist” and other games of that creator, you mean ?
      (if you have examples of what you are looking for, share them, it’s always easier for illustration!)

      An old quest of mine would be “going 3D”, as it could potentially open infinite fields of variation and additions.
      But alas, it means 10 to 100 times more investments, efforts, and problems to come up with the smallest bits, and at a rate so slow it’s suicidal!
      Still, that would be the goal : making a much better game than the rare Bonetown and other “sex FPS/TPS” games of that kind, and so versatile and beautifully entertaining you would cry jizz!
      I tried countless things, since a decade, going there, you can trust me on that, but nothing felt even remotely working or worth it.
      But I’ll keep trying, that’s for sure, again and again! ;)

      • fan says:

        not to be rude but i used to be a big fan of toonpimp but sadly is work is just going bad lately special it contains many sexual stuff that i dont desire such as male rape or even many unfinished projects which made my interest fade away.
        a good example for what i am looking for is oblivion including the sexual mod.
        but in 2d 3d it doesnt matter as long as the game is creative and absorbs the attention of any hentai/adult gamer such as me.
        maybe another example would be (customized-girl) from 7th dream (not sure but i think that was the name of it)
        and one more great example would be a game which where similar to slaughterhouse (from old sega mega drive 2 console games) where you walk in stages rapping girls and owning monsters (was a wonderful game but the name where in japanese and i really cant remember the name of it).
        One more example !!!! which i loved so much but made me sad due to the lack of sex action in it the game called fantasion, i believe it made a big big hit when it came out.
        i dont wanna make my comment any longer since it looks almost like a news paper now, but if any more examples needed just let me know.
        Maybe i cannot support you with money but i can support you with anything i can because you are really doing something there buddy !

        • Mattis says:

          Toonpimp have some “unpolished” problematic, yes, but he/they still were the best and most profuse provider for that kind of game, as especially on furry. (which has a huuuuge amount of fans, and which I don’t enjoy at all, very unfortunately!)

          Like everything in hentai, alas, we don’t really have the choice : everything is hard and long to do, and people not supporting the deceiving best we can do (or even flaming it!) just create even less offers and attempts :/
          Not that it concerns you, it’s just a global statement I remind people from time to time, making the global production decrease since a decade. (”in my time”, we had 10 new hentai games a week!!)

          3D doesn’t matter a lot to players indeed, but offers much more freedom. Take any precise sex position, for example : in 2D, whatever camera position I choose for it, some players will want another angle of view and zooms, etc… In a oblivion sex mod, you just move your mouse around to get it, end of story!
          Same for hairs or boobs physics : a manual insane ant’s work in 2D, but rather automatic in 3D, if done well.
          Stuff like that…

          Slaughterhouse/beat’em’up hentai kind of game : there’s a whoooole lot of them, in japanese! I just don’t remember how I find them.
          But search google, there is a lot of games like that, yes.
          (the one with your face in a corner and black ghosts, the circle-R ones, I think, the one very like slaughterhouse ambiance, too, the one with the banana hair guy, the one with ninja girls, the “parasite”-something one, or the ones with girls trying to get you, huhuhu. All on top of my head, but I don’t have any more details coming back, sorryyy!)
          And fantasion, of course, yes ^^

          Well, SSS want to make a game of that kind, anyway : Lust Planet.
          I’ll be sure to give news on that!

          If no money, don’t worry : you can help a lot by confirming bugs, or give moral support/positive feedback so I don’t get too psychologically exhausted with all the works and problems, or by promoting my games (with honesty, though) on forums and sites everywhere!
          There’s a huge help to give here, that people underestimate.
          A vast majority of people just don’t know any of my game, surprisingly, because my fans don’t talk about it elsewhere (and I sure have too much work on my side to roam the web spreading the good word, alas!)

          … I tend to talk too much too, I should get back to work!
          See ya soon!

          • corrupted_data says:

            While I realize the 3D idea is a far off pipe dream, I thought I’d share a an idea that many 3D developers seem to overlook: modding. If you ever do decide to try out a 3D project, my advice to you is to make a point of building in support for player created content. It’s amazing how much content people will make for a game once they know it can be easily integrated. That could take a lot of work off of your shoulders. Just something to consider, as always.

            • Mattis says:

              Indeed I always directly think of modding, but as a personnal bias to learn & create stuff.
              But offering modding in my own games, even 2D, is also an important aspect I should really think about, as there seems to be a demand on that, yep.

  • Good work! says:

    Great job! Just miss more hardcore poses… like explict anal… lol

  • Drajin says:

    awesome game as always keep up the amazing work both you and sss. just curious as to are you and sss planning a over haul of the art in kopc??? an is there any update on what you may have instore for kopc??

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the appreciation!! It’s a hard work indeed and I’m always pleased to know it gave fun to people!!

      Me and SSS on KoPC ? Well, yeah, that started to happen months ago, it’s called “Sexforge project”, lol ! xD
      Because KoPC is far too extended and got ultra complicated, since its very humble beginnings, and there’s just no way I could get another artist into that at this point, it’s much more preferable to do remakes, using aaaallll the experience and lessons hard-learned on KoPC to do better and stronger stuff.

      + I’m still in search of a background artist, as I bothered SSS (well, not only him : every artist I could! ^^) times and times again to do some KoPC sets for me, and he is absolutely not in that kind of stuff (or style, for that matter).
      I would need someone to conceal both the bodies and the backgrounds, to think about remaking all KoPC’s graphic chart.

      That aside, no, there’s nothing really in stores, for now, for KoPC.
      (working on Sexforge and Sexpit is very similar. When I do them, I don’t do KoPC, and same thing the other way, usually, alas)
      But as I do other stuff, it teaches me new tricks in my bag of wonders, that I could implement back in KoPC in due times, I think.
      I always function like that, anyway : if I was to focus on only one project, I would get nowhere. It’s because I work on very diverse things that I learn so fast and so much, and am able to progress on every project!

  • OnyxShadow says:

    I liked it. The animations were excellent, and there were a good number of them. The gameplay was simple but just fine for a short flash game. I figured out quickly that if you click another girl while your with another that it will stop her timer. I guess my only real issue was that the game seemed to go a bit overlong without adding much challenge as it went. It would have been just fine with one less stage. Rating: 93/100

    • Mattis says:

      Thx a lot for the global feedback and appreciation!
      Yes, there’s always a lot of stuff I still have to learn, or that could simply be improved.
      But we reach a nice “base level”, indeed, pulling out satisfying sexy fun games without needing 5 or 6 updates to achieve some playability or kinkyness!

      For progression, the levels ARE getting harder, with shorter timers on everything as stages go. But as people had honest complains about almost all my previous games being “too difficult”, I try tuning it down.

      So, yep, all in all, a game to be liked! :D

  • fan says:

    a quick suggestion and it should be easy i hope, you can add the option of selecting which items the victim can be wearing while being raped !

    and another suggestion could take long but sounds nice, start selection mode, where you get to get where you want your ghost to invade, girls school or that old man’s house or disco and such, and ofc each mode have it own set of girls, like school teens and little girls, disco hookers and mature females, old mans house spoiled chicks and after that many many ideas can pop in specially if you make all of those in a story mode type + clothes option as i mentioned.
    yours truly fan !

    • Mattis says:

      Hahaha, thx for the energy and appreciation! ;)

      You basically suggest stuff that would take months and 3 times the funds to make, lol, so there’s alas no way I’ll come up with all that, given all the projects I’m already working on!
      (unless some good samaritan went to give special money for it as an official commission, which would of course change the deal!)

      But know that I have hundreds of ideas of that kind too, that’s why it’s so frustrating when I see how few games other hentai creators release, when they are soooo much stuff to be done!!

      Be sure I’ll keep doing my best to provide, anyway, with the great support you players gave me to keep me motivating to work hard!

      See ya!

      (PS : “school teen and little girls” : you know that’s perfectly illegal, right ? ;)

      • fan says:

        nothing in hentai world is illegal, and illegal = desirable and most wanted, am i right DX?

        not pushing at all my friend, you do what you do and never make it become as a stressful part of your life, just have fun and do it mostly for your own pleasure.
        am a native java programmer my self that loved doing java language crap allll day long and didn’t even get bored for a second, but now my new carer is all oracle bullshit which i absolutely hate and 1 minute using oracle sql feels like 10 hours.
        what am trying to say is just find what makes you feel comfortable and keep doing it, other wise if you seek where career is taking you then you wont enjoy what your doing any more unless you hit the pleasure point, which is career + favorite field then you hit the jackpot buddy.
        i will pray for you to get all the cash you deserve and keep doing what your doing because you always amaze us.. your fans !

        have a lovely upcoming weekend see you

        • Mattis says:

          Well, international/cyber laws as well as 90% of national laws don’t make any difference between real pornography and hentai.
          So, yeah, you’re chased and judge upon the very same law-texts and face the very same sentences if you have any furry or loli or hentai tentacle art than if you possess catalog of real bestiality, pedo or real rape pictures.
          As everything, “it’s not because people want to convince themselves it’s okay that it is”, and the level of total ignorance about what we enjoy is daunting and dangerous. (and is mostly caused by what WE don’t mention, not even once)
          … I should keep doing some information messages on my games’ loading screen, lol, it was a good way to send some infos (and no one could dare call me a ‘puritan’, lol!)

          About doing what you like, yeah, I can relate.
          But some personnal situations are crappier than other. ;)
          It’s hard to “conceive” comfort when your stomach is empty because you had to choose between feeding your father and family or feeding yourself, on a regular basis.
          But I have hope to get on the comfort train, someday, yep!
          (and indeed, some aspects, when you don’t like them, can quickly break the spacetime-continuum!)

  • CC says:

    Fun game, as usual. However, when I got to the end of the game, I couldn’t find the pass code or the bonus for playing. Is that because I didn’t play it online or something else?

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the compliment!
      For the bonus, it’s because I directly include the bonus mode in the game when you’ve finished it.
      It’s clearly stated at the end of the game : “start a new game to see new bonus options!” (or something like that), but it’s true the absence of the “bonus” button on main screen can put off.
      (For the solid code unlocking systematically the bonus mode, it’s in the Code Redeemer program for patreon page/supporters. If you’re in there you should find it in the list)

  • GreatDane says:

    Hey Matt,
    I was thinking that maybe you could set women to only have hair colors that are natural for women to have. What I mean by that is, like a black woman would only have dark hair, Not blonde hair. I’ve never seen a black woman with natural blonde hair. Or red hair. It kinda ruins it for me. It’s a pet-peeve that I have, but I think you get the idea.

    • Mattis says:

      Hi GreatDane!
      Well, for now, GhostFucker isn’t planned to have an update, so it’s unlikely to happen.
      That said : pertinent suggestion, which was already made, considered, and included in KoPC-engine games (KoPC/SexPit), for example, since a long time. (for “asian”, “african” & “indian” imposed condition on girls, generating them directly with credible hair&skin colors)
      I could argue that haircuts don’t fit either (at all!), anyway, lol, if we get there ^^ But that’s still a relevant point nonetheless!

  • Mattis says:

    Hi GreatDane!
    Yep, making the ghost becomes more visible as he knocks-up would be a nice gameplay!

    That said, as you saw, it doesn’t looks great at all, alas, in flash animation, to have transparency on character. It was an unexpected unfortunate outcome!

    And 2nd biggest problem is : a game like that, with lots of artworks, cost a loooot, even with very good prices! And we alas gather too few funds & donations to have enough ressources to build more of them regularly, so it’s bound to be rare, for now. :/
    Maybe later on!

    About the strip blackjack, yes, I still have that in mind, as well as dozens of other ultra cool and sexy project!
    But ressources aside, I go a little more with what supporters on patreon vote for (as they are providing a good chunk of the funds to make new hentai games), and they don’t vote a lot for “strip game” options I propose, but massively on more Sex Pit or KoPC update, for now.
    You’re free to try convince them otherwise and motivate them for a good ol’ blackjack kinkyness, of course! :D

    Should come around at some point, anyway, as always!

  • GreatDane says:

    I played the game a again, (that’s really addictive game). But I notice that there is a MAJOR glitch here. If no one clicks on the women not to leave and they get more angrier, it STILL counts on the meter. I don’t know if you notice that or not. But it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

  • Mattis says:

    No it’s meant for ;)
    You just don’t accumulate pregnancy, this way.
    (and the real question was : “do I block level progression or the ending because of that ?”, which I answered by “no”, as people would have been frustrated by that. So, yep, it’s a gameplay “loose end”, but a known and voluntary one!)

    Nice game, anyway, hu? :D

    I hope more people will make commissions for those, it was fun to do!