Going for the one

Hi everyone !

Got a little time to work on some stuff for KoPC !

Shirts added (uneasy ^^)
Difference between lingery/swim-suit made
(and so we can add lingery, now)

Re-work the climax. (the shake is on purpose)
Hard one to program, but it works !
(still I have to animate heads, add some stuff
and correct some bugs, I know, but it’s here !)

Got to correct a lot of small bugs, too. (a nose disappearance, and condom management went mad, got to track down a lot of crazy behaviors !)
And I re-route a lot of split functions in order to … whatever, you don’t care, and it’s boring stuff ^^

I still think about all those quest thingy, in order to put life into all this, though, but I still don’t find how to make the story believable and enjoyable.

As usual, all comments are welcome !

  • Jinx says:

    Dude it's porn! Nobody expects believable. Make it outrageous and funny and enjoyable… a parody of the porn industry of sorts…

  • Mattis says:

    Hmm, don't start me on porn industry, I discover the "behind the scenes" reality, far from the bright and colorful fairy-tale you are feed with at every step (even with the fake "interviews" and "behind the scenes" movies), and believe me there's nothing enjoyable or fun there, it's a monstruosity beyond imagination !

    All the "it's obviously fake" is just what your minds end you with to make it watchable to you.
    You wish it was fun ! The truth is torture stuff and war crimes are less cruel that what is brought on those porn girls.
    You have no idea how deep and how inhuman this thing goes, and how a simple bullet in the head would be less painful to those women.
    If you had any clue, you wouldn't say that so lightly.

    I think the world are in the same state of mind as during the second world war, where 11 millions people were slaughtered in concentration camp : everyone got some kind of idea of what was happening (it's been proven), but it's just no one could possibly imagine it was really happening.
    The same thing happen now with real porn : people know, somewhere in their mind what's at stakes and what it is really about, but they just can't possibly imagine that's really happening before their very eyes, with no one reacting and everyone's laughing and enjoying this. So they just pretend, and blind themselves, and the world follow…

    And I'm not the shy and puritan kind of guy, in case this could ever come up and in case no one noticed !

    … So let's just stay on hentai subject, could we ?


    And what I was really talking about is : a good story telling is a powerful tool of excitment and satisfaction.
    "This is the story of a farmer dude who happens to be a chosen one, and who crush down an evil empire of schmuks with a sword full of… I don't know, neons, after some pointless adventures in some boring sets."
    Is this bringing any excitement to Star Wars saga ?

    "This is another story of another chosen one, who works in an office and who discover the world is a lie controlled by some computers. So he go in and out of the world and save both world… I think."
    Does Matrix look A-Class cool like this ?

    "This is a funny world where funny stuff happens"
    Is this bringing any justice to the dozens of discworld novels ?

    Of course not ^^
    So yeah, I think I can do something good with KoPC, throw me a stone for being perfectionnist about that ;)

  • Fatih BaKeR says:

    When you the game will be completed. I look forward to. Thanks. Good luck.

  • Mattis says:

    You ask for a time of release ? (I didn't really understand what you said)
    If so, I have no idea, I barely find the time to work on it, for now, so the beta release date is unpredictible !