Almost alive…

For those who have missed it, check the previous post, I made a pretty important and sad announcement.

Today’s status (edit) :
already donated by players for next update : 242$
(for 300$ minimum goal)
Tons of thx for people who donated (anonymously or not)
Almost there, hentai army, just a little more and we will be there !


I already started working a little, given we already have 222$ gathered for the next update, so I should get on tracks.

I hope to add several sets, even if I don’t know which ones for now.
I also hope to add variety for main characters, if we reach the goal (clothes and faces), even if I don’t have anything really planned or worked out at this point.
And if I could use this “turn of the tide” occasion to do big gameplay or significant change, I will try. (even if I will focus on sets, first, so you have pragmatic new material to play with)

For now, a quick screen of work in progress in new map. (I needed to make some room for coming sets !)
Still buggy but work more or less, so it’s cool.

EDIT : new set coming soon : locker room !

  • Arlo Paulson says:

    Since I have contributed to this project, I have a very good idea that I hope you can implement.
    What is it?

    A stage where we get to **** the living daylights out of either highschool or college cheerleaders. And uniforms! Colorful, tight uniforms!

    Please add this to that already long list of features :)

  • Mattis says:

    Already been suggested, but impossible, alas, they don't accept any rape fantasy or any kind of weird fetishes (even classic). :/
    I already bend enough as it is, let's make some riot about having the hentai freedom we deserve, lol !

  • Mattis says:

    Oh my dear little boy, don't you think cheerleaders were already on my list since ages ?
    Hahahaha :)

    I can't promise anything, but I will try ! ;)

  • Charles says:


    I was wondering if you could start implementing a few poses , were you actually see the Pu**y , maybe have girls with pu**y hair somewithout or trimmed that would be cool.

    • Mattis says:

      “” : loool, make me smile ;)

      Good question, already been asked past few days, and answered in fact at the very beginning of the game a year ago, lol (yeah, too ancient !)

      Point is : I would love too, but that would be a ton of work, nearly impossible as it is.
      It’s because of the game engine : side view allow me to create dozens of poses with the same set of human parts.
      That’s the advantage, but the big disadvantage is it’s limiting some possibility. Like seing pussy/ass.

      It’s not impossible, just a mountain of work, so it’s on the list, but don’t expect for a lonnng time, alas ! :/