Let’s do the square dance once again

Happy new year to everyone !!!

As I spend the holidays with my family, you can guess I was not in a good place and context to work or think about hentai games.
So no big or small news for the moment, you’ll have to wait a little more !

But I was still able to find something in my old archives : a small game I totally forgot about !
Incomplete, of course, but hey, it’s not christmas every day !


Hope you spend some quality time, and will continue to lose some time on my blog and works :-)

  • Fatih BaKeR says:

    Good game. More rape game hehe. Good luck.

  • bobjbob says:

    two thumbs up man! Keep up the good work :P

  • idwafb says:

    love the x-ray..!

    all games should have it

  • Mattis says:

    Uneasy to do, but yeah, definitely worth it !

  • I love games like this. Keep up the good work!

  • hey i have some suggestion for you for another game of that type! see, people like to play the game like they were themselves the main actor! well i suggest you to make a game like this:
    doggy style…but with the girl's booty face to the screen like in this game http://kinkygames.net/sister-omalley/
    but with some difference:
    first we have to know that it must be a doggy style fuck! cuz that game on the link is boring because the girl doesn't take it in no hole and that's not good;
    1-a human girl of course
    2-the possibility to change the skin of the girl
    3-the possibility to change the skin of the guy (well we don't see his face because he's suppose to be the player so it will be the skin of his dick)
    4-the possibility to change facial expression of the girl like in your game right hire!
    5-change the hair of the girl
    6-change the speed of the way the girl move her ass…i suggest five different speed of moving (make sure she moves it like in "sister o'malley" game!)
    7-the last and the MOST IMPORTANT cuz i like it: MAKE SURE THE GUY COULD PUT HIS HANDS ON THE GIRL'S ASS (i suggest 4 differents ways of holding the girl's ass! :p)
    and of course a CUM SHOT! could ya do it for me? …not only for me cuz i'm sure people other there will like that ;)

  • Mattis says:

    Of course it's a good idea !
    Problem is : every person on earth got tons of ideas for hentai games.
    It's really not the point.

    So when one begin to program a game, he already have plenty of ideas of his own, and just try to put in it as much as he could !
    He inserts other people's ideas too if he's able to, but he rarely have the time to work on everyone's personnal projects.

    So it's really not I don't enjoy your ideas, and I do believe everyone could love the kind of game your describe, but it's just I already got a lot on my hands !
    And you just ask for something completely different from what I work on or already worked on, so it would mean another completely new game, and I already have hard time finishing those ones I started !

    Solution : you begin to learn how to draw and/or program flash hentai games, so you could do your own games or help on existing ones, or find a project already looking like what you want (creators of sister o'malley, for example)

    On that note : if someone want advice on flash programming, I would be happy to help ! I'm not good at all, but maybe some are even worse than me and could profit from my previous efforts !

  • raddae says:

    looks great! I really like the way you draw the girls. You should add some more clothing options to this aswell, like your filled up girls game.

  • ok no problem! i understand what you're sayin! and i like your idea! so let me give you my emails! and please give me some help so i could do my owns flashgames! what type of programm should i get? how should i do? what and were should i download? i need that so i will start! and as soon as i'm ready i'll show you'll! this is my email: joyce_n.megnier@live.fr
    you told about sister o'malley creators! that's a good idea so could you also tell me how could i get helped by their game so i could do my own version? i think this will be great!