New KoPC May update is out!

And here it is! Brand new, with already a tiny bug I need to fix asap, but hey, full of wonders and sexyness as usual!!

Bug fixed :
- Color for ‘female’ bodytype of main character.
- Warehouse levels backgrounds.
- Pants strippping problem when changing pose.
- Demon horns on head movements.
- “Slapping hand” animation problem.
- Trash/bucket/cake fuck (global engine improved on that!).
- Furry head reset problem.

Big engine improvements/simplifications (that should make the game faster to run!)
- Lots of buttons and re-arranged stuff around. (may be some residual artefacts here and there)
- Human/alien/demon babies coloring, in uterus.
- + attempt at Puppy baby coloring, in uterus. (mikecv)
- Additionnal simplification tweaks for bonus poses with objects!
- Guy’s outfits engine fully redone!
- Orgasm message at end fuck engine do-over!
- Global in-game cycling engine completely redone!
- Brand new zooming/zoning system & tools!! (finally!!)

And for all the new content :
- Tweak in Xray default option!
- New freeplay option : cancel pregnancy!
- Brand new cop costume for main character!
- New bonus pose : pizza oven shovel thingy! (young & tall versions)
- New bonus pose : locker room vibrator! (young & tall versions)
- New bonus pose : park statue fuck! (young & tall versions)
- Bonus pose “beer insertion” : new elements working with it! (like football)
- Brand new y-some pose : “double up” (1 girl, 2 guys + watcher)
- New lingerie shop scenario : SHOPPING WITH LIL SIS
- 9 new various scenarios by Rancid!
- Brand new set : The Biker Bar, along with 2 scenarios!
- 3 new girls’ outfits, going with all that : cowboy, football, and lingerie football! (to be found in freeplay customs too)
- 1 new mysterious scenario, set and outfit, to be unlocked in Code Redeemer!

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)

How to help the game easily : must read !

New bonus poses to be enjoyed!!

New bonus poses to be enjoyed!!

And new outfits and scenarios too!

And new outfits and scenarios too!

Enjoy and have fun! :D

  • Deus says:

    Love your work! Still KoPC doesn’t run out of things to add. I love the most is the new camera system and now we could focus more on where we want to. I just want to remind that the 3 man y-some pose that the girl becomes the young version. Again thank you mattis for all this work I
    appreciate it!.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the regular kind words! Still one of the best way to motivate me to do better and more each time! ;)
      And yep, like I said right from the start : an “evolutive game” like KoPC is infinite, by nature. As long as you can take the frustration of it (and the titanic limitations of other games, lol, even muuuuch better looking), it’s a bless!

      Thx for the 3-some feedback, I’ll write that on my list to check! Good one!

  • Simon says:

    Why is the screen shaking after I upgrade manual ending ?

  • bstunt10190 says:

    OUTSTANDING! I love this update! The dog animations and sounds are great. The manual zoom feature I love. The new codes I have unlocked add add a lot of fun. Keep up the great work!

    • Mattis says:

      Loool, the dog stuff was there since a long time, but it’s great to know people enjoy it! (as it’s one of the stuff I never intended to do, myself, but did to please players wishes)

      For the codes, nice feedback too! I think you’re the first commenting on that!

      Still a great kinky project to improve from time to time indeed!

  • hh7 says:

    OMG!! what is the new code? I can’t find it!!

    • Mattis says:

      It’s for patreon supporters, to reward their support in helping funding the update by providing some little exclusive candies ;)
      (just like blog supporter got lot of very personnal insights about me or the projects coming, and all game links in one place in due time)

  • pdl says:

    There is a bug, when is bought the option of manual ending

  • aztlan says:

    The “ass” humiliation special comments are all blank.

    • Mattis says:

      You mean standard “foreplay” assjob dialogs ?
      Are they popping up, but just blank, or not popping at all ? (or just the little arrow ?)
      Does it do that in several different scenarios ?

      • Renegade says:

        Hi Mattis,

        I have 2 bugs to report.

        Major one is when the ‘Manual ending’ is activated. the entire game screen starts jumping at the end.

        The other one is the dialogues which goes missing occasionally or even gets inverted. only the arrow pops up most times. This happen in most scenarios.

        All that apart great job with the new update.

        (Note: the “park statue fuck!” I couldn’t get it. every time i click the statue the girl’s head is dumped in the water and also the new y-some pose not able to figure it our)

        • Mattis says:

          Hi, Renegade!
          For the park statue : there’s 2 versions of it. “small” girls have their head in water. “tall” girls should be fucked by statue.
          So that should depend on the scenario!

          For the ‘manual ending’, it’s been signalled, yep, and is on my top priority ‘bug to fix’ list!

          For the dialogs, it should be scenario specific, meaning I would need to know which scenarios and poses exactly have inverted or missing dialogs.
          (or maybe I broke a new thing in a functionnal system during last update? I don’t know, those bugs are especially hard to figure out)

          Thx for confirming the bugs, anyway, and thx for appreciating the update, it’s most welcomed!!

      • aztlan says:

        Yes – foreplay assjob.

        Just the little triangle pointing to where the dialog “box” (or cloud) should be appears – but no dilaog “box” and no dailog. Very similar (or identical) to what happens for lick or kiss where his mouth is occupied.

        Applies to all scenarios that I can remember.

        • Mattis says:

          Lick and kiss try to launch dialogs too?
          They shouldn’t… Which one : girl or man dialog?

          For assjob, I’ll try to figure it out, then!
          If it happens with ALL assjob dialogs, it should be much easier to track down and corner, it may be only a missing variable somewhere.
          (the most impossible bugs to find and fix being the one appearing “sometimes” with no visible pattern)

          • aztlan says:

            I’m talking about male dialogs for all.

            The “custom” dialogues fail to play for Ass and Hand but the three standard male lines will (usually) play.

            For lick and kiss I only get the triangles pointing to the (nonexistant) dialog cloud. Her lines do play in most of them. (Her’s will play in all including kiss, except for the 4 suck ones.)

            • Mattis says:

              I carefully noted all that, and will check on it.

              For ass dialogs, it’s very likely to be a variable/call name problem, with that kind of behavior.

              For lick, kiss and suck, though, it’s more likely a problem in the poses themselves (I may have left some dialog bubbles that shouldn’t be there)

              Thank you for cornering those behaviors, it should help a lot fixing the problems!

  • Fatquack says:

    How do you switch off the “manual ending”?

  • Garrett says:

    Hey Mattis, I was just letting you know that with your new update, the virgin options are not working. The button is stuck on “Young Virgin” and I cannot change it, also even the “Young Virgin” option that the button is stuck on, doesn’t work.

  • meac007 says:


    very nice game.

    how i download the game with new update.

  • Mattis says:

    Ooops! Good catch! My bad!
    I’ve sent the wrong file to update to the hoster, lol!
    I’m sending MSG the right new one immediatly!
    (but I don’t know when it will be up, though)
    Thx for signalling it, loool xD