Kinky curves!

Hi my dear hentai lovers!
It’s been some time I didn’t posted anything, but it’s been (and still is) a hell of a month, which caught me in some IRL storm overload of stuff, + exhausted, travelling, and so on!
It fully disorganized me, damn!

Yet, I was able to do a lot anyway!
Mostly Sexforge, with quite a lot of items, new quests, poses, features and all.
Satisfying progresses, even if there’s still big modules left for my personnal tastes!
But you got to enjoy the road, and what’s done, Mattis, so, yes : good progress!

Also, let’s reveal a little more about the next minigame : it will be some kinky Jessica Rabbit story, in modern porn era context.
Not a big ass massive game, I got enough of those to handle as is, until I can gather a team of people to help me (pose animators, writers, custom creators…), but a nice one anyway.
You know it will be very nice ;)


Yeaah, I lost the NSFW version, sorry, unintentionnal crappy pixels!

So! Without further tchit-tchat, let’s focus the man’s back, hands on the wheel, let’s make some exploding hentai!

  • Jerry says:

    Don’t you even dare make Jessica without stockings :(

    • LoK Follower says:

      Mattis can do what he wants – it’s his thing. But from Mattis’ past games, Jess will most likely be fully clothed like in the movie but will be striped when the fun begins.

      • Mattis says:

        I would like to keep the stocking and gloves, yes, as they are clothes that usually don’t interfere with animations and can go a long way to provide kinky ambiances, but it’s still work in progress ;)

  • Anonymous1 says:

    Hey man take your sweet time. Don’t think you have to keep releasing stuff on a constant basis cause everyone got RL stuff to deal with, even though we love to deal with non-RL stuff more… :P

    On another note…curvy…

    • Mattis says:

      About curvy : huhuhu, yep.
      Try MeetNFucks games, too, it’s curvy’s heavens ;)

      Thanks for the kind words, too. I put myself under too much pressure indeed, some IRL stuff can’t be rushed, just as good games!
      Time need time!
      (just eager to provide xD)

  • The one dude without a nickname says:

    You sir, are one great artist.
    You deserved much more attention pal.
    I really hope we were able to fug her while she can wear her typical sexy red dress
    Would be the first game where ould that.

    Your flashs are great,
    all that awesome stuff made.
    Art with so much style,
    seen by any of single flash file.
    Porn on the highest level,
    in the internet your hentai will travel.
    A skilled guy named Mattis
    created this.
    A hero of the day, we have to say
    Make us allways blown away.
    Not so much hurry
    instead, lets support this buddy.

    • Mattis says:

      The red dress wasn’t plan to stay, alas.
      But I’ll keep that in mind for a later expansion, if SSS and I find a working way to draw/animate it!

      Thank you so much,
      With your delicate touch.
      Compliments are always welcome,
      Helps bringing the ball home!
      The guy behind is human,
      He can be challenged, he can be damn.
      But with support I rise up,
      Again and again, for we fap up,
      Exotic and hot ways, even poetry,
      Hentai for all, and thank you buddy! ;)

  • anonbork says:

    haiku are easy
    but they dont always make sense

  • kalu says:

    Wow bro you are creating this …..i write a comment on wonder woman post about to make a Jessica game wow finally thanks again!