So in fact I don’t progress at all in the game.
Got really tired and busy, and I’m not satisfy by some stuff in my game.
1) I thought the system I develop would be fun, but it’s just boring.
2) The game needs the keyboard AND the mouse to be played. That’s not… pertinent. I let you figure why ^^

I have to re-think some elements of gameplay, in order to access sex stuff more quickly and in a more fun/exciting way.
Some sort of storyline or scenarii would be better.
I always thought gonzo was more exciting, because you imagine your own stuff, but as everything, it depends how you do it, and the context of KoPC offers unique opportunities, don’t you think ?

But I will not leave you on this “blablabla”.
Here’s a little screenshot of x-ray view, for K.Peta fan(s). ^^
(got some screen bugs on it, I don’t figure why yet)

  • Jinx says:

    I would definitely try to make it one handed control for the sex scenes for obvious reasons. For others scenes I think keyboard and mouse isn't outrageous.

    Maybe you could try a more freeform objective system so players can follow quests in the order they like. I think a storyline would be cool but try to keep the events more freeform so they can abandon objectives as they please. That's how games like Skyrim have such success.

  • Mattis says:

    But not everybody likes freeform objective system. ^^
    I remember Elder Scroll : Morrowind (or Might and Magic rpg games) wasn't popular at all mainly because of this "open world" concept.
    It's fairly recent, that people start to like that.
    But that's another topic.

    Aside from that, I agree with you, and was able to build something more interesting : every location has a "freeplay mode" or some scenarii attached to it. (0, or 1, or 534 scenarii : no real rules on that)
    Player choose what he likes, after that.
    "Storyline" is more linked to progression, where you have only one location unlocked at first, and must open the rest by building up your money or power.

    Mainly because a game without progression is quickly boring, but also because locations and scenarii just depict a logical progression. (locations can be sort by "less and less privacy" and "more and more girls")
    Without it, it would just appears extravagant and absurd in its display.

    Sorry if I don't make myself clear, it's hard to explain something only complete in my head, for now :/

  • That seems to make sense. You're basically saying each location will have its own miniquests (Get a swimsuit to swim in the pool, for example), but there will be story quests, too (example: convince an executive to give you his business address to unlock his area). Is that about right? I'm REALLY looking forward to this game. There just aren't enough flash games that are actually interactive, these days.

  • Mattis says:

    Yeah, exactly !
    For now I didn't got that far into quest programming, that's just a bunch of short dialogs, with no interaction by the player, but I hope it get as far as you describe !