September rulez!

Aaannd it’s coming back slowly, despite the daunting amount of stuff and stress I’m under lately.

Jessica is progressing ultra well, Sexforge, at a good pace, and I even had time to figure out “sweat” in SFM (Source FilmMaker software) has something to do with “phong” variable. (but most models I have are broken as fuck, regarding that, so, there’s still mysteries…)

Talking about SFM, an additionnal eye candy :


Everything is going as fast as humanly possible, so let’s get back to it, I was just taking a minute to share some progress and sexy image with you all ;)

  • The one dude without a nickname says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Mattis is once again our man!
    he has awesome skills
    his flash get the the kills.
    SUpport this dude,
    don’t be rude
    greatness include.
    You say “Intel inside!”
    I say: “Mattis inside!”
    YOu earn an award
    for being a .swf wizard.
    Your work make my CPU allways fap
    your work is so much better than so much other crap.
    I gonna salute to your creativity
    Looking forward to more to see

    • Mattis says:

      Can’t wait to deliver,
      Compliments always make me shiver!
      On and off, my productivity goes,
      But my mind is relentless for the cause!
      Some burst in flame, some in anger,
      Mine creativity, get better and sexier!