As asked, I start to work on an alternate “dude”.
So here comes Ron Jeremy, this ugly pork we hate so much !

(and for those who don’t get the “ugly dude” fetish, don’t worry, you will still have the main character to play with !)

So that’s not a lot since last time, but as I say before, I’m a very busy man, I try my best !

  • Jinx says:

    Looks great! But may want to name him something parody-ish. Ron may not take kindly to you using his likeness but it can be protected under the parody rule.

  • idwafb says:

    if you're going to follow Jinx's advice and use a parody name, I've had an idea for a good one: instead of Ron Jeremy, Jon Remedy.
    I think my idea is good because:
    a) it's only swapping a couple of letters around
    b) it's easy to recognise who you're talking about
    c) Jon is an actual name and Remedy has a meaning
    d) it's funny to call someone like him "Remedy" lol

  • Mattis says:

    Agreed !

    But as no name really appears in the game, I don't know if it's gonna be useful.
    But I will keep "Remedy" in mind ;)

  • Deus says:

    I’ve been rereading all posts and trying to look for forgotten stuffs..
    please create a scenarii using the picture above…
    Ive never seen that stage in the game and its pretty good because the background is the audience watching live scenes and I’m searching all your post and looking if there is a way to download this game

    • Mattis says:

      Huhuhu, finally someone ‘explore’ the blog ;)
      No it’s just an old KoPC dusty set, like the swimming pool.

      The reason I didn’t use it yet is because it’s supposed to be some kind of end game, and because there’s constantly so much things to do and so many demands (more like “wishes”, given I don’t want to fall back into “players demands” crappy relationship) that I focus every bit of energy into ‘new stuff’.
      But it may happen, yes. I suppose I am just waiting for people to discover this to see their implication in the KoPC process ;)

      • Deus says:

        What do you mean by you didn’t use it because it’s supposed to be some kind of end game?

        • Mattis says:

          Because it was supposed to contain a scenario where you kidnapped the mayor’s daughter, and impregnant her in public, which was symbolic of the fact you really took control of the whole city.

          After that, given the name of the game, we could argue there couldn’t be anything more to it, which was supposed to lead to next games, like ‘King of Porn Nation’ or ‘King of Porn World’ or whatever.

          But given how developped KoPC was and is, ‘next games’, as exciting and fappable it may sound, aren’t really logical, it would only be a cheap rip-off of the exact same thing, same engine and mechanics.
          As I still don’t have enough time, money, and more importantly ’skills’ to give this path a proper treatment, yeah, I focused on KoPC itself, demultiplying it, and so the unfinished level with a potential ’symbolic end game scenario’ were put aside.
          … + the fact I love people to search for those kind of small stuff from the past ;)