New game released : Jessica’s Flesh for Porn!

And there she is, after a long struggle!

Thx to SSS and WC Gordan (teamwork, yeah!), as well as patreons, gamcore and your support (double teamwork, yeah!), and to my cup of tea, my fork, the bakery, trees, life on earth, and…. ok, I got a little lost, there.

Steaming red hot Jessica, that’s all that counts! Enjoy the sexyness!

THE LINK : Jessica’s Flesh for Porn

How to help those games easily : must read !


  • Cawi says:

    Hey there, man.

    I’m a gay guy, and your games are among the very select list of straight porn I can fap to. I wish I could donate to your patron, but I can’t, so I can just wish you keep up the good work.

    PS: How do I get the third ending? :P

    • Mattis says:

      For the third ending, I let people search a little more, I’ll probably explain it in a week or so ;)

      About gay or any “non-hetero-focused-on-girls” things, I massively invite you to look into my Sexforge project!

      I was able to improve the KoPC engine premisses to allow any kind of gender (and role!) combinations, it’s a must!

      If you want to help the effort (or even just access Sexforge for example), you can donate using the paypal button on the right column of this very site. (if for Sexforge access, please indicate so on the written note going with the donation)

  • Christopher says:

    Sorry to ask this here but how do you get the third ending? I’ve gone through the game 5 times already and cannot figure out how to get it.

    • Mattis says:

      I would like to keep it secret a little more, so everyone can come and play the game first without knowing.
      I’ll probably reveal hints about it as time passes ;)

    • Kenji says:

      Pssst, try to not piss her off at all and maybe you’ll get lucky with that 3rd ending if you pick the right thing to say to her at the end. I respect Mattis and his work but this is the best hint I can think of

  • BloodAngel says:

    Every time i get the third ending the game won’t let me play back through didn’t know if any else had this problem

    • Anonymous1 says:

      Playing back through is just getting to skip the button mashing mini-game. Mattis has since updated the game (V 1.1) which now includes the code at the third ending which pretty much skips the button-mashing mini game even with a completely new game. If you can’t play back after getting that third ending, I suggest just reloading the game and input the code. BTW…is BloodAngel referring to the the space marine faction from 40k?

      On the other hand, thank you Mat for fixing the game!

  • Christopher says:

    Great flash, Mattis…. loved the two ‘good endings’ and once I was given a hint to the second good ending, it was easier to find.

  • Anonymous2 says:

    Removing gloves doesn’t work :(

  • Mercurius says:

    Awesome game! Would be great if anal was also an option, or even hidden in the story like ending 3 was. Keep it up :)

  • Flamewind says:

    I don’t know how to get ending 3, I know what to say to not have the anger bar rise but I don’t know how to proc a change.

  • john says:

    This game is so amazing Do you have any more games to update?
    I hope the Pregnant mode has been added Please!

    • Mattis says:

      You got all my games’ links on the right side of this blog, lol ;)
      And I honestly don’t remember if there’s a pregnant mode for Jessica’s, but it could be made, yes.