Because volts!

Hi everyone!

So, what’s new? Well, several things!
First being : my electricity is shut down at home since a week, and for all this week too, “a priori”.
No internet, no food (electric cooking devices), no refrigator, no lights, no-thing. Good times ;)
(it was quite some time, since last problem of that scale, no?)
Anyway, I juggle with temporary solutions during that time, but it ain’t easy, for sure.

That aside…. v1.1 patch for Jessica’s game. Still some small problems left, but it’s definitely better.
Also : started a new KoPC update! Yeah!!
And finally : the harem building module for Sexforge is done (at least the core engine and base quests), and seems to work! So, really good thing too!

No wonder September seems like a freakingly long and hard month! Marvellous things everywhere!
Enjoy, and see you soon for more sexy miracles!



  • rabbitwolfx says:

    hi man, i have become a patreon to sexforge game because of how big of a fan i am to you, i hope i get access to any version soon am really excited.
    Love and regards!!!

    • Mattis says:

      Thx man, it’s always heart-warming to see everyone’s excitement for those big ass projects! (and smaller ones too :p)
      Sexforge accesses are being sent today, as indicated on the homepage, so check out your e-mails and spambox, if you have been charged for september, it should be in by now! ;)
      Have fun!

  • rabbitwolfx says:

    well my friend i have checked but guess i got nothing :/
    anyways i am using same email as mentioned in this comment info if it helps.
    if i am messing anything let me know please and sorry for bothering on the wrong place mate.