Pump up the juice!

Hi back!

Electricity is here, I finally got home, at last! Just in time for winter cold times (early, this year!), and hot chocolate beverages, yeah!

Regarding news, the KoPC update is going good. Slowly, but good, with lots of new poses and sets planned.

On Sexforge, the first side campaign was released! It was something very interesting to do, and I hope players will appreciate it, lol ;) New bugs, quirks and small stuff around also, it’s a huge project coming together bit by bit.

I’m still struggling to find new collaborators, but also to plan smaller minigames, so I can release more to keep the fun flowing everywhere and for everyone.
Managing all that by myself requires a looooot of neurons and tea, lol, not easy everyday, but definitely so much worth it! ;)
(PS : I also tried to find a good vibe for 3D hentai, sometimes, but am still not satisfied by current forms of it I could work on, so that’s for later, I guess :p)

Little peeks? Ok, little peeks, you deserve it xD

One of the new kinky set, long awaited : the bdsm dungeon!

One of the new kinky set, long awaited : the bdsm dungeon!

First real campaign, introducing new NPCs, and exotic lewdness!

First real campaign, introducing new NPCs, and exotic lewdness!


  • Anonymous1 says:

    Wow you were without electricity for that long huh? Isn’t it great to be back home again with heaters?
    Question, what did you meant collaborators? As in like your collaboration with artist (like SSS) and animators?

    • Mattis says:

      No I got electricity back before the post, but it was just to keep you people updated, and not leave you in the dark like I was ;)
      And yes, it was nice to get back to hot food at least, lol xD
      But I like those moments, where you get back to the conditions most people on earth are living with (not really, still had potable water), just to keep your feet on the ground.

      For collaborators, yes, I talk about artists, or writers, or animators, but people involved in more than just a ponctual help, with whom you can plan/do regular work/games, and save some massive chunks of time for the moment forever locked on some endlessly cycling aspects.
      Just like before, when ‘doing graphics myself’ meant I couldn’t do more than a game every 3 months (give or take), and couldn’t work on more than a game at once.
      Having a ‘regular’/reliable artist allowed me to jump to “1 game a month” (or currently more like “3 games projects in parallel”), saving myself massive time & energy ressources.
      The same way, most animations, or writings, or flash data conversion, could be delegated to other people for most parts, allowing me to work on other aspets, and boost up production as energy to unknown horizon.
      But for now, it’s just weeks and weeks of precious time invested in vain efforts and communications, alas.

  • Dan says:

    Hurrah! A dungeon at last! Well Done

    • Mattis says:

      Yeah, I know, BDSM have the heart of the people, just like Furries, and you all end up with a creator not liking and not good at any of those, looool!
      But we’re getting there, at least ;)

  • claff says:

    I need a little help with main game: I have been endind scenarios as they appeared, but now, although in some scenarios it says that I haven’t ended all they (2 in strip club, 1 in the building, 2 at porn conventtion, 1 at the house, 1 at rich house), it doesnt appear new scenarios to buy.

    Is there a bug or there is a code I need to find? Thanks.

    • Mattis says:

      Shamefully, I… don’t remember, lol!
      The game has hundreds of scenarios, poses, campaigns and features I wired one by one like I could at every step, it’s a monstruous diabolic machine, very hard to follow!
      But I think those scenarios are indeed those needing passwords to be unlocked by Patreons, as in-built rewards for giving us the possibility to pursue the journey!

  • Anonymous2 says:

    hi,there’s one thing for the new kopc update, that the prego sex function is diabled in the new update

    • Mattis says:

      Did you buy back the “see prego” option, activated it on proper settings, + buy the “fuck prego” option?
      (obvious questions, I know, but “you never know”, in truth :p)