Pumping up the volume.

Yeah, I finally got published on funny-games !!! F.U.G now available on the site ! (with flame and bot comments, of course, but still ^^)

A quick eye-candy showing lastest upgrades in King of Porn City :
- redrawing of dude hands, feet and arms
- to show you I’m not bullshitting you, a new foreplay pose : standing tit-fuck ! (for MajinSaint ^^)


Note that :
- it depicts the kind of animation you have in the game.
- it’s a unfinished one (no eye/mouth animation for the girl, to say the least)
- don’t waste your time to decompile the file, I delete everything else but what you see ;)

Finally, a question : how do you find this blog ? (you arrived so fast on this site !!)

  • masha says:

    I got your mail. And now you are in real trouble… I am a cyber police bot, and i got you on my hook!! :D

    Keep up the good work. And check your email.

  • l4urie says:

    just arrived to this blog, and I'm really looking forward for your first release of the game… have you thought on also having a female playing character as well??

  • Mattis says:

    masha : lol, not funny ! ^^

    l4urie : not really. Explain me how you imagine it would be, maybe I will be able to find a way to include this…
    (and how you see it : a girl dominating men, same concept but reverse, or a girl fleeing from wandering male characters ?)

  • Lavarosso says:

    Great idea, great concept, great work as far as I can see one of the best stuff in that area the last months… keep on going!

    The girl´s faces maybe could be a bit more dump & fuckable (big / round Bambi eyes stuff, open and round moth / full lips & all that stuff)

    Nice one, turning me a fan of you…

  • Jinx says:

    Found this through your FUG game on funny-games. Great stuff. Any chance we'll see more models for the dude? Would love to have a chubby/Ron Jeremy type like in your first game as an option.

  • Mattis says:

    Jinx : muhahaha, could be fun, yeah ! I will try ^^

    Lavarosso : bambi eyes, I'm not good at it, but I will give it a shot someday.
    For mouth and everything, there's already konashion's game for that ! I'm more on fuck scenes. (at least for now)

  • Arioch says:

    I found your site by the game on funny games ;)

    If you want a beta tester for your new game i'm ok

  • Mattis says:

    Arioch : I'm not so much in beta test stuff, but surely people following this blog will have first access to the game, so keep coming and commenting from time to time ! ;)

  • Is there some way to turn off the spotty diseased penis? Or if not, could there be a way please? It's very off-putting.

  • Mattis says:

    It's not diseased, it's covered with cum, lol !
    And that's a short loop extract from the whole game, "King of Porn City", I don't really work on that, you should directly go to the main game for options and all ;-)

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