Pumping up the volume.

Yeah, I finally got published on funny-games !!! F.U.G now available on the site ! (with flame and bot comments, of course, but still ^^)

A quick eye-candy showing lastest upgrades in King of Porn City :
- redrawing of dude hands, feet and arms
- to show you I’m not bullshitting you, a new foreplay pose : standing tit-fuck ! (for MajinSaint ^^)


Note that :
- it depicts the kind of animation you have in the game.
- it’s a unfinished one (no eye/mouth animation for the girl, to say the least)
- don’t waste your time to decompile the file, I delete everything else but what you see ;)

Finally, a question : how do you find this blog ? (you arrived so fast on this site !!)