Spooky october, KoPC update is here!

Hi everyone!

New KoPC update is out!!
This time, full focus on playable content, with 3 new sets (subway inside, tv show set, and bdsm dungeon), their precious scenarios, and loads of new sex poses and fixes on previous ones!

To be more precise :
- bonus pose “bottle” extended (fit for red, pink, blue and white dildos!)
- bonus pose “lifesaver thingy” (don’t remember the name, lol) extended (fit for rope)
- bonus pose lightpole extended (fit for bdsm brasero)
- new bonus pose whipping (small and tall girls’ version)
- new bonus pose cross (small and tall girls’ version)
- new tall girl regular sex pose : floor back fuck
- new tall girl regular sex pose : stand screw (no leg up)
- new small girl regular sex pose : lotus

- fixes on lightpole bonus pose.
- fixes on “bottle” bonus pose.
- fixes on “stand up front” regular pose. (… I didn’t write down for which type of girl, lol)
- fixes on “stand up back” regular pose. (same)
- fixes on “lifesaver thingy” bonus pose.

Well, that and several coordinates fixes, among other!
All yours to enjoy to the fullest! Without further ado…

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)


How to help the game easily : must read !



Also, as you can guess, tons of Sexforge news!

But not only, as my dear SuperSatanSon hook me up for some quick halloween minigame collab rush!
(which is ending up as a masterpiece, you will not believe your eyes, this guy got da skillz!)

Stay tune for more, I got to go, a galaxy of hentai energy is waiting to be mold!

  • Anonymous2 says:

    thanks for your update, but some bugs are found in the new kopc update
    that the prego sex function is not running normally

  • Yck says:


    And here I was hoping to see the Halloween collab before November 1st…

    But no worries, man, just take the time you need to deliver some great great porn, as you always do.

    • Mattis says:

      Yep, the deadline was too short, + SSS want to do something “too great”, it’s far more complex and kinky packed than a “quick minigame”, lol!
      I just hurted my hand and forearm, trying to meet the deadline.
      I end up beyond schedule, in pain and deceiving people (even just a little) : no wonder I really don’t like working with deadlines & promises, it just bringing the whole thing down without necessity, lol.
      Live and learn ;)
      And the gud stuff will come out asap anyway to savor!
      A party after the party!

  • annon says:

    the virgin option isn’t working.

  • Annony says:

    Can you make a way to make the butts bigger like how for breasts you have the “giganticjugs” code in KOPC?

  • Annony says:

    Also to make the main characters butt bigger too as a female/futa and will there be anymore updates for KOPC?

  • Pheebor says:

    Possible bug: in the main game sequence, some buildings claim to have more scenarii than they actually have. Ex: Porn convention shows 3/5 scenarii when all the content is complete.

    Request for feature: ability to clean up the look of the cock. It always looks a bit gross and possibly diseased. :)

    Request for UI improvement: the scenario-specific chat button should only appear for animations that have a chat. Also, depressing that button should gracefully clear away any previous chats from the protagonist and then put up the correct chat without word reversal, placement weirdness, etc.

    Request for feature: As a possible buyable toggle control, have a setting where orgasm continues until stopped by a button press (the button could be at the spot normally reserved for End Bonus Pose, though renamed Stop Cumming – or alternately just to the left of where that button would be). For simplicity, after the womb is full, the orgasm would just consist of the cock and ball quake loop, unless you want to be really fancy and make the womb grow. It would still be *very* hot even without the fancy part though. :)

    Request for feature: Allow sex to progress up to and through orgasm in those Bonus Poses that have penetration, toggled back to regular sex at the appropriate stage with the End Bonus Pose button. If it goes to orgasm, and the feature from the previous RFF was added, the orgasm would continue until the Stop Cumming (possibly renamed *from* End Bonus Pose) is pushed.

    • Pheebor says:

      Sadly I cannot edit the previous post, but I should mention that, in the final RFF, when I say “penetration” I am talking about cock penetration, not, say, pool cue or something. The RFF only makes sense if it still a position that could result in a creampie. :)

    • Mattis says:


      Well, first, a little terminology detail : I don’t really do “requests”.
      KoPC is a personnal stuff, that I shared with people for absolutely free, and on which I invested ten thousands of hours of my time and hard efforts, blood and sweat, for the fun we were having all together and still 0 money needed for everyone to enjoy, just global good atmosphere and gratitude for delivering so much to supporting fans! ;)

      So, “listing requests” sounds like it was a professionnal project produced by a whole cold team of business-men having done the least amount of work possible, and whom you paid a small fortune to be able to profit from “customer services serious suggestion box”.

      Doesn’t work like that, lol ;)
      Dude, it’s january 2016, you can say “hi” and “happy new year!!”, and tell me what you liked in my games. I worked hard and alone behind my screen, it’s gonna be appreciated, I can assure you of that :D
      And then you can do just like everyone, me included : make “wishes” we hope I will have time and ideas to program one day! (after all, they often happens, if you have enough faith! Even if sometimes that can take a few years, I admit, looool) I’m in the same boat as everyone else, anyway : I got thousands of ideas for each of my games, and just soooo limited time and energy each day before the sun sets to realize them!

      Join us and make wishes, lad :)

      (and for all requests for stuff that “should” : yeah, they should indeed! You can bet that if it doesn’t work like that, it’s because I wasn’t able to make them work like that! For now :p)

      • Pheebor says:

        Ah, fair enough! Think of them as wishes then, because the game is -fantastic-. I love the creampie/pregnancy angle, which is incredibly hot, and really not done that much. I love the ability to be man or futa, and the incredible array of customizations in terms of dress, shape, etc. I also love the wide variety of scenarios available.

        What I have done, because I think the game is great, is just list some things that I think would make it even greater, clear up some interface issues, etc. So consider them wishes, because believe me, the game is already great! If I seem to point to flaws, its only because its easier to see flaws in a diamond than in gravel. :)

        • Mattis says:

          Thx for the appreciation! xD

          It doesn’t always “goes without saying” in our era where everyone’s a critic, and no one is a “satisfied lad”.
          Which alas went so far small hentai creators almost completely disappeared from the web, resulting in barely a real new game a month, all hentai websites combined, where a decade ago you had 10 new amazing games per week, it was impossible to play everything!!
          But criticism became so popular, so harsh, and raising standards to such high levels it became a habit to ask for more, point the flaws and flame the game before even saying “hello”.

          I don’t say that for you, don’t worry, I understood you like the game, I just like to remind us all, from time to time, what it led too : amateur hentai games are almost extinct, as creators got exhausted and demotivated one by one by constant passive little harass. (try posting something on newgrounds.com, for example : you got to have balls of adamantium to endure the furious flaming feedback! ^^)
          People always say : “well, that’s internet, you can’t control everyone, it’s a realm of chaos”.
          Well, yes, admittedly, but now we almost don’t have anymore hentai games. Does MASSIVE and COMPLETE domains of awesome stuff have to disappear because no one wants to play for the “bigger picture”?

          Hell no, and people proved right here on this blog they can be nice and supportive, admitting my work is really flawed and amateurish, “but nice and somehow enjoyable”, and with potential, if watered with enough care and patience.
          The result? More than a dozen really nice hentai games of all sorts + massive projects made flesh like KoPC, Sexpit or Sexforge.
          Still not perfection, still not pro, but daaammn, that’s awesome results for just a few “I really like your last game/update, thanks for your work!” and personnal discipline on “shit, it’s lame, could be so much better…”

          I don’t say that for me, I don’t say that specifically for you, it’s just something we should all keep in mind while trying to restore Jedi Hentai to the web galaxy. ;)
          (I don’t exagerate : 10 games a week!! We HAVE to try to restore that state of mind, welcoming ANYTHING free and even remotely looking like drawn sex, lol!)

          Anyway, I’ll try to implement some of your stuff in next update.
          (dialogs or bonus creampie interface might not happen right now, though, it’s been a long lasting problem I have with the KoPC engine :/)

  • Pheebor says:

    Almost forgot, one more RFF:

    Clicking a bonus pose object should function correctly, even if already in a bonus pose. Put another way, clicking any bonus pose should reset any bonus pose in progress, and then apply the new pose, except in cases when the pose builds (i.e. more girls or more guys).

    This simple change would make the interface *much* easier and less annoying to deal with.

  • A.G.G. (a grateful guy) says:

    1st: thks 4 the awsome game.

    2nd: I guess it got lost on all stuff you and Pheebor where talking, but the sets showing more scenarios then available is a bug or are we missing something that unlocks then?

    • Mattis says:

      1st: thks for appreciating it ;)

      2nd: it’s not a bug indeed, they are special scenarios that can be unlocked through patreon supporter reward codes. (nothing game changing, though, but I thought it was only fair :D )