New game release : Pumpkin Witches!

Far too late for Halloween, or is it?
Who would dare to pass on such lewd entertainment, as reminescence of candies of all sorts?
So take a deep breath and dive into this new collab game (already release since a week but shhhh, don’t tell anyone ^^), from SuperSatanSon!
Yes, that’s right : it’s a game from SuperSatanSon, where I just came (… hum hum) to give a hand on all the programming bits & aspects of what we wanted to concretize!
So, blames and congratulations are to be sent to him directly, hats down for the man! ;)
The rest, you might want to find out directly while playing the game! Enjoy!

Horny Holidays : Pumpkin Witches

How to help the games easily : must read !

Three sisters, a lonely night in a dark wood... what could happen, hu?

Three sisters, a lonely night in a dark wood... what could happen, hu?


Other news? Other news :

KoPC : a few bugs, I know, but didn’t had the time to look at it for now ;)

Sexforge : going great! Several patreons are leaving, lately. Too bad for them, it becomes seriously interesting : new quests, loads of poses, new features and clearer infos, outfits adaptation/extension, loads of new custom options, bug fixing, and even furries! (fox, pony, cat, dragon : it’s going good!) Still lacks some critical gameplay features, but it’s great by the day, just like KoPC evolve from almost nothing to glorious skies!

Other games : still thinking about a better way to do things, to be able to release much more games in much less time. The better the workframe and organization will be, the smoother it will flow afterwards! I got a few ideas on how to do that, I just need to re-focus on “what truely matter” and find the kinky heart to pump up!

I’ll see you on the hentai side!

  • Anonymous1 says:

    Thank you for all the hard you have been putting to making our dicks happy! Keep up the awesome work but you know what maybe it’s time to also make yourself happy and give yourself a small break…to rejuvenate and remotivate yourself again.

    You know, StudioFow just released Kunoichi 2, starring Momiji…

    • Mattis says:

      Thx a lot! Indeed it’s a hard work, and I wish I was better & faster at it, but it’s really arousing fappable material in the end!
      On my very small break, I would like to do some massive action-paced space destroyer flash game, one of this day. That or a real Jedi beat’em’all… or a real 3D fuck game with truck loads of girls. (I got hopes with new “sims 4″ +18 mods that are veeeeryyyyy slowly coming up ^^)
      Anyway, back to work ;)
      (kunoichi 2 you said ? huhuhu)

  • tyrone says:

    bruh…. this one aint even worth it

  • Clifford says:

    Ya know, I’d like to see you try to beat this fucking game yourself Mattis. I’ve been at Level 2 for over a half an hour, but the path is so damn narrow, I’d be lucky to get out of the starting point without making a bad cut. This damn game makes Ninja Gaiden look like Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

  • Clifford says:

    I’m feeling better about it now, because somebody finally figured out the loophole & I managed to get the win.