First comments !

Hey, cool, my first potential bots’ comments ! ^^

Sorry people, but as I don’t know how to make difference between fishing bot and real people, don’t expect me to send you e-mails ;)
You will have to wrote comments for some time to build some trust on this ;)

Some answers :
- easter eggs : could be done. What kind precisely ?
- cheats : don’t know for now. Maybe later.
- “have you considered taking donations to make alterations or bonus packs ?” : depends. Not for now, too worry this is a fishing bot’s offer.
- “how about going into android gaming ?”: I don’t know how to program for android, not very good on technical stuff.

Latest improvements :

- “strip” action now works on panties, bras and stockings.
- preloader fixed.
- “visible penis” after foreplay fixed.

(I know, you don’t have access to the game for now, so fix news are useless, but that’s just to keep things up to date)

  • masha says:

    "I don't know how to program for android, not very good on technical stuff."

    well you do not have to do programming. I can do it quite well. All i need is a good graphics.

    I am suggesting A kind of partnership (maybe seperating revenue generated from games.) You do graphix i do coding and we get rich. Or maybe i pay you for graphics. what do you say?

  • masha says:

    and as you can see Я не робот ;)

  • Very cautious Mattis, and wise.
    I assue you i am not a bot or fisher/fake.
    Im a genuine hentai gamer, some of my favourites include the Rock Candy Series, gloryhole hentai RPG, the classic 'sigma vs omega' animations, 'trapped girl', cinderellas ball.
    I think your flash has amazing potential.

    i just want to share my ideas, and potentially dontate to you if use them =)

  • Jordan Vo says:

    Hey man, I can assure you I am not a bot.

    Just wanted to say good work on your flash project, and I hope to see more of your work on 4chan and funny games.

    Good work my friend.

  • Mattis says:

    Wow… that's strange.
    I try to develop contacts with people since years around hentai universes, concepts and discussions, and never find anyone to answer me.
    I contact, comment, propose stuff, ideas, helps and critics in a lot of places on a lot of things, no one cared.

    So I just gave up and continued to develop (very slowly) stuff of my own, like I want them, no pressure, no objectives.

    And now, I open a blog just for fun, without even making advertisement about it (I try to send "F.U.G" to funny-games last week. Not any kind of response), and BANG, it's raining support and feedback !

    It's just weird… I must warn you : it will take time for me to adapt to that and trust you, guys ! Hope you understand.


    So, let's skip to answers :

    - partnerships : too early for that, but it always depends on what you expect, so shot, we will see. (and I could link you with another hentai artist I know, if he's interested by your ideas)

    - "Rock Candy Series, gloryhole hentai RPG, the classic 'sigma vs omega' animations, 'trapped girl'" : yeah, classic ^^ Don't know cinderellas ball, but you can had Reno's games to the list, for my part, I like his art. (and his comics are kinda like what I like to depict)

    - 4chan or funny games : I'm a zero on social virtual context, so there's no chance you find me anywhere else than here, for now. I'm a very busy guy, and not good at participating on a regular bases on big sites.

    - ideas : just shoot. But maybe you're afraid I don't credit you or I just steal you ideas ? Not likely, but I could understand that. Time will ease everything.


    Final word : given and despite the fact the game will not be ready and available tomorrow, what do you want to be me to program next ?
    What kind of stuff would you like ? A lot of locations ? Of clothes ? Of foreplay poses ? Something else ?
    Just tell me, and I will see what direction to take.

  • masha says:

    it is quite simple i am suggesting. You do graphics for your flash games.
    I can describe the game i wanted as good as i can. We together decide the graphics. And you draw them. I do the coding. And we sell the game. Or put an advertisement in it. And split the money 50-50
    For now i simply reproduce flash games for android using some flash decompiler to strip resources. But i have good ideas. Sellable, profitable ideas.
    If you do not want to go in a partnership. You simply tell me the price and if it is suitable i pay it.
    As you can see i am not a bot. So please email me at mashiska et gmail dot com. Discussing details this public is not good for bussiness

  • masha says:

    And feel free to give my email to your fellow hentai artist please

  • MajinSaint says:

    Ideas….. Tit f@#$? Favorite position, and might as well get out of a game what I would like anyway. No need for credit in my opinion, it is your game, and we are just suppose to enjoy it! ~ MajinSaint

  • Mattis says:

    Majin : how could I forget tit fuck, lol ^^
    For credit, I just say, because people can become very paranoïd and egocentric about their ideas.
    Cool if you're not that kind, I'm not either : it's just all about making a good game, in the end ! ^^

    For bot : I just don't forget cyber police too, who are real humans posting on blog and forums to catch big fish.
    As I don't know where to find the laws about what I can legally draw/sell/talk about or not, regarding my country or the place my files are host, I'm just cautious.
    (if someone could tell me where I can find real infos on that, it would be easier to know the waters I'm swimming in !)